Ghost Stories with Ninja

September 24, 2019 0 By William Hollis

You have any ghost stories Paranormal experiences or unexplainable things that have happened in your life Dude, okay, so this is something that, I have a couple I think. One of them, one of them was Jess was gone. My wife was gone. She was in Florida I think with her friend, with her girlfriend, but she loves to hang out and I was with the dogs I was alone just finished streaming went upstairs, and I’m like okay, it’s time to go to bed Turned off all the electronics Like everything, went upstairs had the dogs in bed and like when one of us is gone like they’re super sensitive to like a lot Of like sounds and stuff, but it’s also super sensitive when music starts playing in the middle of nowhere downstairs on our speakers Yes, this is what happened. I’m home alone I’m already freaked out right and out of nowhere I start hearing a song that had never heard of that’s just playing on my speakers Why? I turned everything off, what the hell is this? I go downstairs I’m checking my phone to making sure I have all my Bluetooth off. I’m going downstairs to my computer making sure somehow That’s it so, I literally like I shat my pants man. I’m like. I have a katana. You had a fucking katana? I have a katana man, I pulled it out [H3H3: Ninja downstairs with a katana] Yea man, I pulled it out, I was on the phone with Jess I’m like, “Baby, this just happened,” It was the creepiest shit ever man Turn it off, so what was it you just turn off the sure enough that I just turn off the sound system again I already did before I went to bed, huh It was loud because that is a place here and now mm-hmm has a ten-cent has Nevin since And then um dude jess has Jess actually I think she has two dude. She’s all about that shit. She’s really I Think one of the creepy one of the creepiest things that ever happened to me was Like it was like a like a like a demon thing like weird thing like the the our the whatever It’s called the witching the witching hour well III I’m I woke up one time and I didn’t like smell burning I smelled something fucking weird now And I woke up on the dot at 3 o’clock, and it was after I already watched like a movie and I literally never felt more scared in my life like someone was watching me as I was staring and I stayed awake for like 3 hours straight. Oh god. It was it was forged up I like it was the most insane thing in the world Oh, here’s the story as well, so it didn’t happen to me, but my wife’s friend her name is Morgan She literally has a cousin or someone who stayed in a house and 1 million It was like legit like 1 million percent like there was a good spirit there they he had a name They talked all the time and the and she said that the never felt threatened unless her husband was home And what her husband was home so we were something that like the spirit was like dude Was like the male and so like when the husband slept like in the room. He was like dude He like he could never sleep in the in their house And they moved at and I end up having to move But uh there would be unexplained activity would literally talk to him and be like and like with Morgan like there and be like hey Like yo, what’s up, Frank or some like that? Can you like open the blinds and the blacks like shudder like should you know? Man well dude. I literally I was freaked out for like a week because it’s just from the story Yeah, the story alone because it because it wouldn’t use that she swore she swore like honor like well. They move So yeah fast well how many times before that stereo keeps popping on till you bounce one more one more time? That’s it. I’m out. Yeah, not the question good I don’t watch it that like my dad Was in college using a paper on like it was like possession and stuff like that And it was one of those papers where his professor said once you pick your topic you’re done like that’s it you have to do It and he literally started and said as he started to read into the Laura possession didn’t even says stuff like that that he felt that Stuff like around him and like oh he was kind of like it’s like it’s like a gate right you open You start now if you like I’m more aware you become more aware you’re opening yourself. You’re believing it. No no it is possible Yeah And so he literally went this professor and was like I will literally fail this if you don’t switch like I can’t do it like He’s like he wasn’t able to sleep. He was having nightmares. He was – what was he sitting in school It wasn’t studying. It was just a pro. It was just literally just a paper like a research paper Oh, so it wasn’t like he was like studying that no it was simply just like you which is like great. I’ll pick this topic That stuff you have to to you, but most importantly do you use a katana for home defense? Isn’t that both steel There’s this company called it know I know my my one of my moderators got it for me. That’s like He was like my longest time. I use it like seven years. He was something like seven years my dad He came over and visited and brought it and those gifted. Oh, yeah