Ghost Town – Schererville History – (Hartsdale Indiana 2019)

January 24, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Hi everyone, it’s Bill Port your local
Real Estate Broker in Northwest Indiana. Today I’m in a very interesting spot. I’m
in an area, in Northwest Indiana that was once called Hartsdale. It’s basically
a Ghost Town! It was a town that was set up in the late 1800’s, where two railroad
tracks, crossed. One going from Joliet, East to
the other side of the country. The other right behind me, going to Chicago and
then East to the east side of the country. So this was a kind of an
interesting little spot. The settlers had congregated here. Aaron Hart was
one of the early founders. His farm was just up the road a ways here behind me. Now we have Interstate 41 which goes over the top of this very
little spot, which is now basically a ghost town. There’s no longer any houses
here, there’s no industry, in fact for a while there was a Hartsdale
interchange where the railroad cars could interchange from one track
to the other, but that’s no longer here either. So basically what’s interesting
about this is that this town, Hartsdale which was basically just a little
village. Was in existence in the 1880’s and it grew to a population of about 250
by 1911. In 1911 it was annexed into the Town of Schererville, IN. When
they first incorporated. So what’s kind of interesting is if you go on any map
right now, maps are still list it as Hartsdale IN. If you go on Google Maps it’s still
listed as Hartsdale. Even Facebook has a page for this little community. Just a
little tidbit of information in my quest to learn every community in the area. I
stumbled upon this one and I thought I’d share it with you as well. 360 view of Railroad Tracks This is looking to the southeast at the abandoned Pennsy Greenway. The track in
front of me is the EJ&E, which still runs today. Back to the North going
toward Chicago, is again the abandoned Pennsy Greenway, which is under
construction, to be a Bike Path, scheduled to be complete by 2020. My name is Bill Port. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Northwest Indiana, Schererville, Indiana,
or any of the surrounding communities. Give me or my wife a call at 219-613-7527. Make it a great day! Be sure to watch our other videos about the cities, towns, subdivisions and neighborhoods of Northwest Indiana. You can see them on our YouTube page or you can see them by going directly to our website where we display them all.