Ghosts in the hospital?

February 15, 2020 0 By William Hollis

On screen text: Sunnybrook Spooks [ominous music]. Thomas Corse: We are, we’re old, and because we’re old, we have interesting ghosts in interesting areas that we can go to. Would you like to walk down here with me? Let’s see if it does end… On screen text: Legend has it. . . [door creaks] Thomas: I don’t want to spook everyone here, but the McLean House and other areas of Sunnybrook have been known to have ghosts. That’s right, ghosts. And this one in particular likes to reside up in the butler pantry! This is where I really start to get a little weak in the knees. On screen text: The Butler’s Pantry This is the butler’s quarters actually, so let’s wander on up here. So, at the end of the hall is where the ghost resides and it would spook me out actually, like if the door closed. People coming by late at night would see, you know, a shadow move or hear footsteps, etcetera, and they’re the only people in the house. So, it is a bit spooky. [Spooky noises] [knocking] Ghost’s voice: Yes, come in. . . Thomas: Another interesting area at Sunnybrook. . . As we walk down this hall . . . On screen text: The Shooting Range. Years ago, past this door, you won’t believe–on one side was a shooting range for the veterans and on the other was a bowling alley. The tunnel further down here that they’ve closed off, there were two supposedly that would have been escape routes if a war broke out. We do hear stories, you know, here and there about events that may have happened in the past where there’s paranormal activity afterwards with ghosts or you know, doors shutting, or funny noises. [Creaking door] [Long door creaking noise] Thomas: This could be the scariest place at Sunnybrook. . . On screen text: The Power Plant. . . . For me, personally. Hello? Hello. Is there anyone there? This is spooky. On screen text; Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada (PSICAN) reports every hospital in the city has had sightings Thomas: Until it happens you you’re, meh. Has it happened to me? No. Not yet. But I’m waiting. On screen text: Check out my blog at