Ghosts ‘n Stuff Inc. – Web Series Trailer

September 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Nope You’re cutting us off?!
Jinx. Jinx.
Wait. Jinx. Mom Up until now, our clients have been wiling
to pay us to tell them what they already know about their homes. And your house is haunted as shit. That’s it? Are you kidding? Yeah—no? Imagine how much more people would pay if
we actually did something about their ghost problems? How do we make money? We’re gonna work for it. Are you feeling okay?
C’mon, guys. Seriously? Ooh, I’m a scary ghost. Oh no. My place is haunted as shit. Help. Is your house and/or business haunted as shit?
Then you’re watching the right commercial because We are Ghosts ’n Stuff! Ghosts ’n Stuff!
God dammit, Felix Nailed it.