September 3, 2019 0 By William Hollis

1909-1999 90 years life for a
factory that has written it’s own history with Mr. Kanelopoulos as a
leader a great chemical engineer. And ended at 1999, a lot of
people passed throught this factory refugees, immigrants, proletarians
that left here their sweat and blood. Some people believe in religion,
others in philosophy and others in metaphysics. The reason why Ghosthunters. Mr. Dimakopoulos good
afternoon, or better … good morning because of the time. We are at the abandoned factory
of Drapetsona with a fanatic team … -You started in 2009, with what reason ?
-Actually we started by curiousity. -We heard about Parnitha’s
Sanatorium , were we did our first investigation. As amateur’s with only one videocamera we recorded
some strange phenomena and we decided to get involved more seriously. We decided to buy more equipment. In nowdays we have
professional equipment to investigate more paranormal activities -When we mention the word
Ghosthunters,we mean the hunters of paranormal activities – phenomena ? -What does metaphysics mean to you ? We record strange phenomena, we
investigate at places with paranormal history. …or have been noticed paranormal activities We use professional equipment to record strange activities. -Which we will show it
in the process of our video. You are a team of four people and with some extra people only for tonight. You are the psychic medium,what
is your role in an investigation ? I feel a presence in certain areas and
places, I feel energies and get certain images. At this moment I feel suffocated, I feel my solar plex
tightening and I am getting information from the other side. I feel the same and I can’t explain it. To investigate such activities do
you need to have some special abilities ? The so called insight? You need to be a natural
clairvoyant plus studying some psychic courses. Through meditation and opening the third eye. At this moment… Saturday night we are all gathered in the factory you probably felt something. Last time we were here Panagiotis
felt an energy and he saw a red light. He asked if he was having a stroke, I
told him he was feeling the aura of the factory. The aura of the factory submitted rage
maybe because there was a fire and people died. With your technology can you identify a
certain spectrum which is not visible by the naked eye? We work with IR video cameras
that can record in full darkness. With no light the video camera’s record ability is a few meters. We also have adjusted IR projectors for
the video cameras to raise the recording range. The EVP recorder helps us to record sounds that our
ear can’t hear because of the different HERTZ frequency. I’d like to show one by one some of
your equipment in the process of the video. I’d like to introduce some members of the fan club
that are here tonight that are feeling different energies. Ms Irene Ioannou,Theofillou
Konstantina and Doxa Psilinaki. Friends and fanatic
fans of the Ghosthunters. We are all gathered here tonight to
investigate this place and record any paranormal activity. -We are holding in our hands ready to start
our investigation… is this a laser? What is it? -It is a laser thermometer that detects the temperature of the room. Wherever you hit the laser it
shows the temperature of the point. Here it shows 13C-14C degrees. But
it’s not stabilised, here it shows 11C. It depends on which point you hit. If you
hit outside the temperature will be different. For example at this room
the thermometer shows us 11.7C. Different temperature in different points. At past I’ve seen your videos/documentaries and I observed that three
different thermometers had three different temperatures for the same space. What does this mean? The normal difference between the model of the thermometers
is +/- 3%. When the difference is above this limit, its not normal. What’s the most extreme phenomena
that you had noticed during these years? Have you ever heard voices ?
-We have heard knocks. For example when the investigation
is in process we usually ask questions. We use the E.V.P, if we get
answers it gets recorded in the device. We were in Parnitha’s Sanatorium , we asking questions if somebody
was here, the e.v.p was recording , not knowing what it was recording. We asked if somebody was here with us and we got a response. When we examined the footage the sound we heard ,
the e.v.p recorded also a voice saying ” I’m upstairs ”. Today we will do the same process. Not knowing if we can record a voice phenomena. We will see that when we edit the footage!!! In a previous research in this place we recorded an E.V.P phenomena
we asked a question if we were in danger and we got an answer saying yes. (everybody heard a strange whisper at this point) On the other side of the room the temperature was completely different. The temperature at this point is 11,2c. Across the room at the window we
asked a question and received an answer. At the window where the bookshelf we asked if
something was there to move the wooden shield and the shield moved. The area was closed so
no draft was coming through. I heard a whisper again…the window opened. That’s the air…The air around us. The most precise equipment is
the camera that you are holding. It’s an IR camera.I aim it with the IR
projector shooting light so we can see in the darkness. So at this point we are starting a story with all lights switched off I was say
it being funny or not believe or not believe the fact i to explain the unexplained. This is the recorder. It’s a machine that records the sounds it
records frequencies that the human ear cannot hear. At the reproduction process we have the
ability to hear it through special machines. In case we hear something we clean out any
noises to get a clear result as best as we can. Today we have such technology that can isolate sound
and technical material and great optical material as well. Anything that the human eye and ear can
recieve we can clear it out with technology (Talking among us and joking) You Katerina the person that feels the
energies where do you think you should start from. There are two places where I feeled strong energies. There is a good energy across
the room and a bad energy in that room. We should start at the window shield. The temperature is 12.6 . 12.9 13.1 Is anybody there? Is anybody there? If somebody is there make a sound (noises we can hear around the room). Ask them to make a sound. If someone is there show us or make a sound. (Noise) We are not here top harm you. I feel you are in the room. (noise) The temperature is falling 10.6 We started at 12.8 at the same point and now it shows 10.6. When the temperature falls rapidly and we feel
our coldness there is an energy or an entity around us. Some people cannot
interpate what they feel. Katerina when feeling such energies
they are intangidle there have not temperature. When leaving their world and
coming to our world they open a gateway. They can’t stay for a long time and that’s
how we feel the difference in the temperature. The human then feels an
entity in the room or energies. Say something ask something. Is there a male or
female? Or more than one entity? Nice question There are more than two
entities in the room women and men. If somebody is here please show
us a sign.move something make a noise. Look!!! The window is moving!!! There is no air around us. Thank you You need to be polite The camera is changing on its own Look its changing on
its own.Look at the menu. When we have such phenomena the electromagnetic fields go highwire. They drain energy from the batteries Three cameras are showing the same phenomena We use the E.V.P. to ask questions here. The temt here is 11.2 my hand is trembling. There is a bad energy in this room. (technical instructions) Make a noise, move something. What i feel is a bad energy, a heavy energy in my solarplex. Show me a sign. My hand is trembling. I feel something pressing my hand. Maybe it’s the energy in here causing such symptoms. MY HAND. (E.V.P. sound) Where we are standing, is somebody in here? Make a noise if you can hear me. Can you hear me? I can’t hear anything. Can you hear me? We are here to help
you. Please make a noise. Can you hear me? Make that sound again. (Talking among us) Look at this photo i took. Look
at this face. A male face on the chair. Take the same photo Katerina. Is somebody here? Please make a noise. (Noise) Make the sound louder please. The temt is falling it’s 6.1 We are still standing at the same point. (We are downstairs at the factories document area and we are
reading the files, we are talking about it among us, dated since 1971) (We found electrical generator diaries, dated since 1986) (Temt started at 14C and now has gone to 4C) Is somebody here? Make a noise! Move something! It smells down here like it’s been burned. It’s like directing and living the past again. We are living it again and again. Look at this photo in my smartphone. Look at the same photo in Katerina’s camera. In my photo it shows a face. A male face in the chair. Katerina show and compare your photo. I have nothing!!! The entities did not show their face but our
faces at the end of the research are more relaxed. For me it was a fabulous experience.
I won’t say if i saw or heard something. The only thing i can say is that
everything exists, moves and flies in the universe. Thank you for the experience, thank
you ghosthunters and thank you to my friends. I hope in the next metaphysical
research you can take us to an other level. How much further than this experience?