Hitman 2 – Ghost Mode Gameplay Reveal | PS4

February 14, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to face off against another assassin? Same starting point, same starting time,
same starting targets. In ghost mode, the first player with five
eliminations is the winner. Targets are randomly selected every time, so no duel will be the same. Since you start off with no equipment,
you’ll need to improvise. Find ghost crates and grab disguises as you go. If your opponent scores a kill, you’ll have limited time to react. Will you risk blowing your cover? Be careful. A spotted kill does not count. In Ghost Mode you exist in separate realities. So a messy, chaotic approach on your end
does not affect your opponent. Quite the contrary. While you’re busy cleaning up or running for your life, your opponent is free to advance like a ghost. Be cunning, be creative, be ruthless. Good luck