Hotel Conneaut – Paranormal History  Profile

Hotel Conneaut – Paranormal History Profile

September 3, 2019 18 By William Hollis

in this video we’re gonna tell you about
the haunted hotel Conneaut their pair of peeps and welcome to another episode of
our haunted travels I am your host Sean Donnelly I’m your co-host Mary and
Donnelly hotel Conneaut we’ve been there twice we happen and we’re probably gonna
be going back a few more times but we have a ton of videos a ton of videos
you’ve been sending them out for like a week or so now yeah well from both yours
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what we’re talking about is panic the number one three one two it’s located at
one to two for one Lake Street in Conneaut Lake Pennsylvania and yes it is
open to the public I see you here I’m gonna have to update
the map because we do have some evidence look at this this is this is videos not
the ones that have been out yet I still got more coming out so the live streams
from there so normally at this point we do the history of the location but what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put a link it’ll be down into the description to of
the history Marion did live last year before the ghost hunt
so why redo it you can actually go what to just watch the history there yeah
from the building right yes better than me just sitting here and saying it to
you I’m also going to put the links to some of the other videos that we have
available for this location you can go check that out
and I’m gonna put a link right here to a playlist that has all the videos in
it so if you just want to sit back and watch a pop hotel Conneaut you can do so
all right all right so personal experiences personal experiences last
year when I went it was the first shadow figure that I’d ever seen so I saw that
in room 302 and I tried to experience the same thing
again this year but I didn’t see it this year they
didn’t come back and visit me but it was the first one I’d ever seen so that’s
pretty cool I’ve got a lot of spirit box responses a
lot of spirit box and you’ll see those in the videos this year is kind of cool
because I get to go out and investigate the amusement park yes which is right
next to it that’s why there’s a hotel there because of the Meuse about part
right so yeah and this year I had a real cool tinging experience in the kitchen
yeah that’s in this year’s Ghost on video so each year I’ve had something
interesting yeah pretty cool so why do you think this location is so haunted
well you know it is there by the water so we do how that water effect again
there’s a lot of people that go through that area to go and you know go to the
amusement park and come through the hotel and so forth a lot of famous
individuals have been to there to that hotel and of course they bring their
clientele as well so lots of people around I think it is a bigan and my dad
there’s been a lot of deaths on the property itself on the ground yes I’m at
the whole town that was there died pretty much most every almost everybody
some Native American possibly a Native American curse placed on the property
possibly it’s no wonder the place isn’t so you know it is very active there are
reports throughout the whole thing did it go stories and folklore about it and
could have kept going and but I had to stop because the video was
getting so long yeah and pretty instantly just that week here that we
were there there was a really nice apparition that was caught in the
ballroom where the event took place before they set up and that was really
really cool I saw the photo I wish that we could have seen that I didn’t see
this I sent you over to talk to the guy you did I did I don’t think I did it was
a busy weekend I guess I guess well I thought it was really so yeah I missed
it I believe it was Joel had it did you ask Joel to send it to us I asked you to
go over and look at it so that you could ask him as the boss okay all right I
didn’t want to have to bat my eyes well this is gonna be a short one we’ve been
putting out videos all week this one cuz we don’t have the history you can go
watch the history after this and I think that’s pretty much it
unless there’s something you like they had I think we covered the hotel in the
music park very well yeah I would just like to at some point be able to get
into the ballroom to investigate there one if we go a little earlier on that
Friday if we well that doesn’t quite work out so well considering we work on
Fridays yeah I know if we’re ready to go alright hey folks till next time thanks
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