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October 10, 2019 0 By William Hollis

[train alarm clanging] Is the train really coming? [eerie music] Holy [bleep] Just keeps rushing back to
the house, over and over again. I said, stop! No, no, no, no. My heart was racing. It felt threatening. We’re Amy and Adam, and
this is “Kindred Spirits: Inside the Investigation.” [dramatic music] This investigation took
place at the Crocker Tavern in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Our clients were Kate
and Joe, which are actually dear friends of yours. Yeah. I’ve known Kate for 18 years. They had mentioned that they had
bought this piece of property. And for a couple of years,
have wanted me to come and kind of give my thoughts. They have been having
weird activity, but it ramped up when
they started spending more time there with their child. So it started when my son
was in the Pack and Play next to the bed. And I was just about
to fall asleep, and I saw a figure
running towards me and towards the baby. And I said, stop! No, no, no, no. My heart was racing. It felt threatening. Right. And I have my child here. That’s what scared me
most, with my baby. At that point, she didn’t want
to leave the kid alone to even take a nap in that house. There’s been a lot of legend
and folklore around the place because the house was
built in the 1700s. So they had no idea
who was in the space, and why this activity had ramped
up, and what was happening. Well, we started going through
who had lived in that house before.
– Right. I mean, the house
was built in the 1700s. It was very old. A number of families have
lived there, not just Crockers. But we started
with the Crockers. As we were looking, we
discovered this tragic train accident that happened in 1926,
where a woman named Wilhelmina Crocker was killed, along
with two other women, as they attempted to
cross a train track. I wasn’t sure how
that would have any connection to the house. And for some reason,
we brought up Wilhelmina Crocker and
that train accident, we started getting responses. Yeah. When we get this
response, we immediately go, well, that’s the only thing
that anyone’s responding to. Every time we
bring up the train, every time we bring up
Wilhelmina and the accident, we’re getting so much
activity and response, so let’s just see
where this leads us. So then we decide to
do the experiment. We want to find
out if the activity increases in this
house based on what Amy is doing at the train tracks. The tracks are right there. I’m going to move over here. I just want to keep
changing my location just because if they’re
not going to come– holy [bleep]. Did you see that? Holy [bleep]. That light just
came on by itself. So we were doing
this experiment. And the light flashed, and you
were driving over the tracks again. And then, at one
point, you pulled off, way off to the side,
and got out of the car to do an EVP session. And, at this point, I’m doing
the spirit box experiment. I know there was
a terrible accident. And I feel like one of you
might be looking for help. My friend is waiting at the
Crocker Tavern right now. He’s waiting for you. Hi. [eerie music] I’m outside. Why did you go there? Who was there who
could help you? Help me. There’s a scream at 2229. We did an EVP session. And as I’m playing it back, I’m
standing next to the tracks. And all of the sudden,
the lights come on, and the train
alarm starts going off, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding. Lights start flashing. Oh, Jesus. [train alarm clanging] Keep going. Wait a minute. This is what you see when
a train actually comes. [train alarm clanging] Ow, 2439. [train alarm clanging] Is the train really coming? [eerie music] Like it just stops. Stops. But the thing
is, at that moment when those lights
started flashing, Adam heard through
the spirit box, Ow. Yeah. He said, ow, at
that exact moment. Just no matter
what, the correlation between the activity that I
was experiencing in the Crocker Tavern House and the
activity that you were experiencing on the train
tracks was absolutely insane. [eerie music] We were trying so
hard to figure out why– why Wil– we thought maybe
Wilhelmina lived in the Crocker Tavern at some point, or
that she and her husband lived there, because it was a
boarding house for a long time. And so maybe they
didn’t even have any association with
the Crocker family that lived in that house. So what we do is we just
start asking people questions. We went next door to
the Historical Society. We went over to the library. And then the Historical
Society person said, oh, if you want to
learn about the Crockers, you’ve got to talk
to David Crocker, who knows all about the family. Right. And so we contact him. And he comes on
down to the house. And we’re chatting. But he doesn’t know
just information about just the
Crockers, he knows information about the entire– Right. –town. His wife, Wilhelmina, there
was a big train accident. Oh, Wilhelmina Jones? [eerie music] From next door? From next door? There was a Jones next door. Really? So Wilhelmina Jones– Yeah. [eerie music] It was insane. Right. They lived next door
in the house that is now the Historical Society. Yeah. That’s where her
grandmother was. And she would have been
there all the time. Yeah. We had that aha moment,
which was very exciting. But then it also
boiled down to, oh, but she was looking for help,
in a time of desperation. And that– that’s hard. But what we do think
happened ultimately is we think it’s one of those
replays where we don’t think Wilhelmina’s really there. We think she just
kind of keeps re– that moment was so
powerful and profound, that it just keeps replaying. And that energy just keeps
rushing back to the house, over and over again. And we were able to trigger it
by going to the railroad tracks that night. We had to tell Wilhelmina
that she had passed away. There was a tragic accident
that happened up the road. You, unfortunately,
didn’t make it. We don’t know where
you’re supposed to go. But what we can do for you is
help you in the current state that you’re in until
you figure it out. Mhm. It says, I’m going home. Mhm. It’s one of those
things where it’s like she didn’t know because
the experience was so traumatic. And so giving her that closure,
and leaving the tracks, and keeping the train thing
over there, and now that space, I think, is– is a very positive space
for Kate and for Joe. I think they were completely
floored by the evidence and what was– what we caught.
– Yeah. Absolutely. [dramatic music] Thanks for watching. And keep up with “Kindred
Spirits” and more behind the scenes action
on Travel Channel Go. [eerie music]