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August 31, 2019 0 By William Hollis

well hello youtubers and welcome to
another episode of our haunted travels I am your host Sean Donnelly and I’m your
co-host Mary and Donnelly today we are talking about the lincoln home in
springfield illinois our audit routes into host Sean Barie is
gone ah hahahahahaha okay so Abraham Lincoln’s home and
Springfield Illinois this is only home that he ever owned that’s right the only
home that he ever owned this is panic T number one 974 it is
located at 426 South 7th Street in Springfield Illinois and we visited this
location in November of 2017 actually when we started updating this channel
this was one of the locations that we actually visited that that trip but I
think it was like the day after you started redoing this it was the day
after we visited the Lincoln Health yes it was we did the Lincoln Lincoln – that
video is out there and you didn’t like that format of that no I was it the
Lincolnton yeah so we kind of changed things up a little bit yeah
good better hey leave us a comment if you like the format of these let me know
if you know give me some tips I’m winging it folks anyway so four week
where he said this is the only home that Lincoln home later or owned they liked
in Springfield Illinois where he was a inter attorney can’t talk today but we
have a little treat for you on this one actually when we went on tour there we
videotaped the tour guide so right for the history lesson to the Charter to the
tour guide we’ll be right back and we’ll talk about some of the paranormal and
some of our commands and we asked the question of the tour guide we’ll share
that so stay to watch this video very quick
about Abraham Lincoln what state was Abraham Lincoln born in Kentucky very
good what kind of house log cabin are we in Kentucky
oh no that’s because here in Springfield Illinois we focus on the adults Abraham
Lincoln it was here in Springfield Illinois Abraham Lincoln was a husband a
father a lawyer a legislature and president-elect of the United States so
those are the topics that we’re going to focus on however if you have questions
about Abraham Lincoln other aspects of Abraham Lincoln’s life please don’t be
afraid to ask Abraham Lincoln purchased this home in 1844 for his wife Mary and
nine month old son Robert when the Lincoln’s first purchased this house it
was only a story and a half if you’re not sure what I mean by a half story we
just came from also on also so in Abraham Lincoln as he
was growing more successful and as his family was growing house grew with them
the whole second story was completed by 1856
the Lincoln’s lived here for 17 years 1844 to February 1861 and it was in this
home Abraham Lincoln was a proud husband and father it was also in this home
Abraham Lincoln was president-elect of the United States today we are going to
take a walk for man take a walk back in time to the Year 1860 and talk about
what it was like to walk in Abraham Lincoln’s book footsteps in the final
few months he lived in this house kind of a thank you all righty ladies
and gentlemen welcome to the only home Abraham Lincoln’s
ever home the first dream I brought you do wanna make sure we can all fit in and
by the way these that historic whatsoever you can lean against these if
you need to the first room I brought you to is called the formal parlor this is
the fanciest room in the entire home this is the room where mr. and mrs.
Lincoln would greet their visitors and where mrs. Lincoln would make sure the
family’s nicest furnishings would be put on the sleigh the furniture you see here
with the black fabric on it all belonged Abraham Lincoln with the exception of
the front rocker right here and the doors in this room are all original this
room is gonna hold a majority of the original furnishings the next few rooms
it’s only gonna be like two or three objects per ring but don’t worry I
always point out the originals Abraham Lincoln won the election in November of
1860 but he will be remaining here as president-elect Lincoln keep in mind the
original inauguration day wasn’t March not in January like it is today so
Abraham Lincoln is a few more months here as president-elect and already he
has a lot on his plate there are states threatening secession and there are also
states who just are not happy with Abraham Lincoln in the north you may
have been anti-slavery but that doesn’t mean that you were Pro equal rights
Abraham Lincoln said all this political ideas came down to one statement a
statement from the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal
and believe it or not that statement made people nervous in the south of they
are definitely not happy with Abraham Lincoln the south understands that with
election of an anti-slavery president this is the beginning of the end of
slavery now in this room Abraham Lincoln is meeting with people in fact there was
a diplomat sent from Mexico that was brought here to the Lincoln home Abraham
Lincoln welcomed him but an Abraham Lincoln told him the same thing he was
telling everybody else right now he could not make any official decisions
but he will keep he will keep anything in in his mind though when it comes to
any future promises so but I think it’s kind of cool that Abraham Lincoln was
ready to meet a foreign diplomat here in the Lincoln home now we missed it mr.
and mrs. Lincoln did have one rule boys toys and pets not allowed in this room
so in order to talk more about the Lincoln boys we’re going to move to
another side right all right the last person you give me a
wave thank you okey-dokey we’re now in the
Lincoln family sitting room this is a room for the Lincoln family to talk
relax have fun and play games today we might call this room the family room the
Lincoln’s have four boys Robert Eddie Willie and tan in 1860 we
tend to focus a little bit more on 17 year old Robert 10 year old Willie and 7
year olds hat the reason why is because em wear their second son had already
passed away by this point Abraham Lincoln wanted to give his family
opportunities he never had one of the ways he did that was to give Robert an
education he never had Abraham Lincoln only had one year of formal education
that’s it even for him to obtain his law license he didn’t go to law school he
had to self-study and then go in front of the Illinois Supreme Court they were
the ones who administered his bar exam and it very loose we kind of overdone or
labeled now Abraham Lincoln want to make sure Robert received a good education
Robert was sent to a boarding school in 1859 Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire
and then Robert was accepted to Harvard University so Abraham Lincoln was very
proud of his son Abraham Lincoln also made sure his two little boys not toys
if you look over to left you’re gonna see one of those toys that Abraham
Lincoln purchased that brown box right there that is called a stereoscope that
is the original stereoscope abraham lincoln purchased more his children how
it worked was Abraham Lincoln put a picture in told the boys to look through
the iDevices and the pictures would have here is if they were in 3d
that’s a high-tech toy for Abraham Lincoln and his family mrs. Lincoln by
the way was over to our right that little sewing
right there that they belong to Mary Lincoln as mother of the house she is in
charge of all the domestic activities now mrs. Lincoln grew up in a very
different environment than her husband she was born in the aristocracy of
Lexington Kentucky she had 12 years of formal education and she spoke fluent
French Abraham Lincoln loved the fact that he
had a partner who was politically aware and intelligent mrs. Lincoln was an
unofficial adviser to her husband for many years now we are going to be
heading upstairs but it’s hard to imagine paper ahem Lincoln getting a lot
of sleep right now as president-elect in this room he’s distracted by his family
but more and more Abraham Lincoln is hearing that most of the country is
dissatisfied with him and he hasn’t even taken political office yet we are now
going to be heading upstairs when we do please use the banister not just for
safety reasons this banister is original you were going to be touching something
Abraham Lincoln touched as we like to say it’s like you’re shaking hands with
Abraham Lincoln at the top of the stairs to the left you will notice a room
primarily in green that’s the guest bedroom go ahead take a quick look in
there and then I’m going to meet you in the master and it’s also in the master
I’ll have more of an opportunity to answer any questions right follow me
please and everybody gets bigger yes yes over
there yes alrighty ladies and gentlemen we are now in the master bedroom of
Abraham and Mary Lincoln I do want to point out the original objects in this
room the Wardrobe the Chester drawers that Seth and this shaving mirror all
blocked to Abraham Lincoln also the wallpaper in this room this is the only
wallpaper in the entire house that is an exact replica of what mrs. Lincoln
picked out the rest of the wallpaper and there is no carpeting they’re just
reproductions of period-appropriate designs so all of replicas are
reproductions but not all reproductions are replicas excellent in 1860 as we
mentioned Abraham Lincoln is president-elect one month after Abraham
Lincoln won the election South Carolina became the first state to secede from
the union on December 20th 1860 Abraham Lincoln is
not even left Springfield Illinois yet and already there is this session and
talk of war Abraham Lincoln is no legal powers whatsoever at this time which is
why it was very strategic for the south to start the session when they did
Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter to Alexander Stevens the vice president of
the Confederacy in the letter Abraham Lincoln wrote you believe slavery is
right it ought to be extended we leave slavery is wrong it ought to be
restrictive there was the rough as that is the only substantial difference
between us by the time Abraham Lincoln was sworn in
as our 16th president seven of the eleven Confederate states and already
left the Union so we imagine a president elected this room it’s easy to imagine
one staying up very late at night now before we move forward and do an open up
this opportunity for any questions you may have
so far it’s all good now mr. Lincoln is spending a lot of late nights in this
room mrs. Lincoln understands that Abraham Lincoln at this time probably is
a privacy stay up read write letters so she allows her husband is staying here
mrs. Lincoln goes in here to get some sleep
but sometimes mrs. Lincoln difficult didn’t get a good night’s sleep either
because the original bed in this room was a trundle bed and was meant a
nobilion tab so but good news for mrs. Lincoln though Robert leaves the house
for Harvard University and Willie and tad get a big boy room now Robert does
come back to the home in time for the family to make the journey from
Springfield to Washington DC but William Tanner not going to give up the new big
boy room that we’re gonna go see they make Robert stay in the guest bedroom so
sometimes that room is also referred to as Robert Todd Lincoln this bedroom so
we are going to move forward we’re gonna walk through mrs. Lincoln’s room we’re
gonna meet in the hallway when we’re in the hallway feel free to look in the
bedrooms but don’t go down the stairs just yet okay you are now charged make
sure alright so that was I was kind of cool
we actually have the brought people on the tour with us so if you haven’t been
there that’s kind of neat that’s what they do when he doing pour here’s
another interesting little tidbit that tour doesn’t cost anything it’s
absolutely free yes it is absolutely free the place is ran by the National
Park Service who looks at us paranormal people with beefy creepy eyes they don’t
believe in the paranormal yeah I guess it depends on which ones you talk to but
most of them are just hardcore historians but yeah most of the times
you talk to them they’re like oh you’re one of those yeah but it is a totally
free tour however you do have to go to the Visitor Center to get tickets to the
tour and they are timed tours so why is it free well your dad Todd wrote Robert
Todd Lincoln he he said that he wanted to give the house to the people
basically but no one can ever no one could ever make money off a stove soda
to State for $1 with the what’s the road condition condition that nobody would
ever be charged to see his father’s home yes as long as they kept it that way
boom right and the state of Illinois honored that and
they made it a visitor center a landmark people could come to until the state
couldn’t afford to run it and the National Park Service took it over right
yeah they’ve been purchasing all of the homes in the in the area around it and
so they have the alt Lincoln’s neighborhood and you can walk through
the streets as if you were walking I think the Abraham the tour might have
mentioned this but say it again I’m sorry if you’re gonna click because I
know I haven’t watched that they did mention that so the the Lincoln’s they
lived there they loved living there in Springfield and then of course he became
president elect there right and they left there and went to Washington so
none of them actually lived in that house again after they left and that was
one of the questions that we asked the tour guide is well if they owned it well
when they left what they did is they rented the house out right and it became
a rental property but they still owned it and a lot of their furniture and
stuff were actually it was still in the home but when he passed away and the
funeral train came into Springfield and stuff they kind of made a spectacle of
the house they did decorate the house and funeral and they brought him in
front of the house and things like that Robert didn’t like that so that’s why he
had that condition Mary Todd never moved back into the home and that’s the
question that I asked the tour guide is why and this kind of it kind of makes
sense you know this is not a chauvinist thing but this
is how it was back then the house didn’t go to her and with the Robert and Robert
was Robert Mary weren’t kind of like getting
along at the time because she was having mental issues you know we all know oh
yeah Mary Todd she went nuts well she was having a hard time her or she had
children that passed her husband just passed she was right next to him when he
passed you can imagine what she was going through and it just yeah so when
she actually moved back to Springfield stead of going through that house she
moved in with her sister yes and yeah so that was kind of sad because she
really liked living there and so did Abraham Lincoln so let’s talk a little
bit about the paranormal of course the National Guard’s they don’t want to talk
about so we couldn’t question Park Service yeah yeah no National Park
Service thing I want to talk about it so we couldn’t interview anybody but there
are reports of people seeing a tall skinny gentleman and a little boy
getting around that house which could have been Abraham Lincoln and that’s one
personally Willie yeah but they’ve been seen in other places clearly in the
White House and things like that which kind of makes sense because it was
around the same time period okay Willie and President Lincoln did come back and
pass in front of the house and they’re both buried there in Springfield so
those are the claims I haven’t found anybody who have done
any research we did get one EVP in which I will share with you but while we were
on the tour you probably heard it and didn’t know you heard it but I’m gonna
cut it out and play it for you right now and then there’ll be a separate sub
video that explains it but it’s a giggle and it was in the room when they were
talking about the children playing with the stereoscope yes which it was what it
was actually Lincoln’s own possession it was Abraham Lincoln’s really cool
Oh so if I don’t I don’t know if I’m gonna
play right now or follow link to it decisions decisions decisions
I’ll link to it so here a bailing it’s a giggle so okay and by the way
there were no children on our tour no no it’s a child no children so I just like
the fact that they went through the privies and things like that and they
pulled out things and they’re actually in they’re actually in the visitors
center where you can see all kinds of yes but there’s all kind it the ones
from Lincoln House are actually in the visitors are the ones next door from
some of the other houses on the block well where were the inkwells the that
was I think that was all at the visitors center maybe maybe there was fine ink
wells that were actually used by Abraham Lincoln how cool would that be to own
one of those guess where they found them and the toilet folks and then the privy
that’s where people through their garbage are you hear a lot of
archaeologists thank you those digs where they go and they dig up the
pervious because that’s where people throw their garbage right so there’s
different shells of different oysters and things like that
there’s TOI broken pieces of toys and things like that from the from the boys
and they’re all on display for for everybody to see so it’s I think those
are things are really cool because you get essentially are there things effects
they might be broken or a garbage but they actually didn’t belong to yeah very
cool I’m glad you brought that up because I forget about that but yeah
great so if you’ve been to the Oh one morning are you gonna show them pic
pictures or did they have pictures on the one we did before are you gonna give
them more pictures I don’t know all I know is the kitchen yes is actually
bigger than the entire house that Lincoln
actually was born into yes so I thought that was really cool well show a picture
of the kitchen right now in case I didn’t so yeah this is actually bigger
than the entire house that Lincoln Lincoln was born yeah so it was a big go
for him to own that house of buy that house and he actually when he bought it
he bought it from the minister that married them they added on to it so the
the second floor he he paid to add on and he bought additional property so
that’s a pretty good achievement for somebody who was a poor boy from
backwoods so American dream yes yeah and then there’s the the room upstairs I
think it’s on the second floor it’s down the hall from from their bedroom is
where the maid or whatever yeah she was the same thing the nannies that she was
hired help she was hired and have since they had her he hired the home yeah he
paid all of his help yeah lived on the same floor with them just down the
hallway yes interesting place highly recommended if you’ve been there please
leave it in the comments if you were you know kind of like us it’s not good
recorder and there caught anything let us know that yeah all right all right so
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