Jason Quitt: An Interview with a Dimensional Time Traveler  | Coast to Coast AM Alternative

Jason Quitt: An Interview with a Dimensional Time Traveler | Coast to Coast AM Alternative

September 4, 2019 5 By William Hollis

from Nashville Tennessee this is mysterious matters for those who dare to think ladies and gentlemen today we were supposed to have had on Bob Mitchell Jason quit and jaunty tour the second well I learned just recently actually that Bob Mitchell died he passed away on sep tember the 21st of stage four cancer and Jason quit and I we’ve been discussing this in we’re going to try and just continue the show as we believe Bob would want Bob Mitchell has been a good friend of the show and with that said let’s just bring Jason own all right I’m gonna put my headphones on you’re here with me and john titor we were just talking about mounting a mission to recover aufl but we need the right people where’s the UFO wet we’re not going to say no you’re not going to say but here’s the thing Bob this particular UFO is being on the planet for twenty to thirty thousand years hmm i look at a photo was it sometime back into the sea is it all that’s a missile silo and I said that’s not like any missile silo I’ve ever seen and the truth of the matter is it’s probably as much as 300 feet across this is huge I mean it’s a big spacecraft became disabled and stuck and it’s been in the same place all this time I’m confident that i can even fly it but the problem with flying it is there maybe it’s an automatic course set in it and I could get it started in it would go up a few hundred feet and take us on a course that i’m not prepared to go on how do you know how to fly a UFO is it different than a regular aircraft so much different so what what how did you learn how to fly one I would say that my I earn my wings at area 51 ok I cut my teeth on extraterrestrial terrestrial spacecraft and Jessica’s been riches said the ex-ceo of blocky Marianna and he said we either fly there’s reply ours and we re-engineer there’s but the issue is there’s always seem to fly better you know I actually had a cousin who was in the Air Force is Tim one year and about UFOs what did he know and essentially the only thing you would say was ours I cannot discuss there’s they are crazy that’s all he would say take that any way you want to well certainly if you look at the size of a great alien as compared to that a seven or eight foot Annunaki there’s a big difference in what the controls look like with the seats look like very good and I seen both evaluated both yeah it’s very interesting and folks just so you’re aware there’s a individual that’s missing right now we lost a dear friend last Wednesday I believe it was Bob Mitchell and Jason I know you were very close and I was very close to Bob yeah how are you doing right now it’s it’s really been a world rent it happened so quickly bob was diagnosed with pancreatic liver and stomach cancer about six weeks ago and i was with Bob we went out for the day in mid-july and he was perfect glowing good skin color and you just started to complain to me that recently he’s been getting a pain on his side that’s all he said to me said I’m just recently getting a pain on my side and he went to a couple doctors and one doctor said oh you’re diabetic so they wanted to put them on some type of insulin or something like that and he went on medication but the pain still didn’t go away so we went to another doctor and they said oh you have pancreatic cancer and then he went to another doctor and the doctor said don’t you know you have liver cancer as well basically your liver is is done so basically within four weeks this happened so quickly within four weeks of him even finding out he was sick he was done and the big mystery of this is that uh I know Bob I know his family they tell me that he goes for check-ups all the time he gets blood work he gets scanned and everything because of his age and nothing has ever come back as being wrong so it was a very big shock and and I I i guess i’ll say this on your show this is not me saying this just just to let people know this is not me or John saying this this came directly from Bob and this came directly from his wife basically Bob believe that somebody got to him and his wife believe that too because you know his wife you know has worked with hospice before they have seen cancer before many times this happens so quickly that even the doctors they had no clue they gave him first a year they went to see him a couple days later they gave a month’s couple days later they gave a weeks and a couple days later they gave him hours that’s how fast it happened and I remember he sent an email out to everybody i guess it was in August we spoke several times this month and once i found out i actually just found out this week and I was like what the hell really that is unbelievable I knew Bob had mentioned that he had stage four cancer that he was going to continue doing the show he’s going to continue fighting regardless he was going to go to the very end and he was hopeful that he could maybe cure it but he lost the battle unfortunately that the reason we are here today I just want to bring up Bob because he was such a good friend of the show and a good friend of everybody for the most part of me was just a great guy we lost a great researcher and a great friend and that’s what i’ll say yeah he really pushed a lot of information out there and he really got to the bottom of a lot of things and you know who live on he has a very good legacy behind him yes he does now the reason we are here today Bob Mitchell Jason quit and jaunty door i believe all collaborated on a book called I don’t have it in front of me disclosed or what was it Jason it’sit’s to disclose chronicles of john titor the second tighter ok happens pronouncing your name wrong all this time to door tighter now John are you the same John Titor that used to call art bell you know I get get this question all the time and I’m gonna take exactly what happened i retired from the Air Force and because I’m one of the few pilots that knows that apply the at the time my retirement the best in greatest craft the Air Force replying i wanted to live quietly with the woman I’d love for many years and we’re both older but we want to get married live together and you know like i was going to keep everything on the download so to speak I lived under an assumed name I didn’t want anybody to know where I was and I thought I had succeeded and probably within about six months of my retirement I started hearing my name being used on radio shows and our spell in particular and I used to listen to people talk about throwing an IBM 5100 computer in the back of a corset and being able to do time trouble and you just can’t do it that way and I lost you know well a lot come out a little bit i’ll let people see what I look like it so I started posting on Facebook and I had some writing capabilities and always like to write and i wrote technical manuals for the Air Force even and I published in like scientific american Wall Street Journal the Washington Post and The Washington Times and even the periodicals in the UK but i have never had any contact with our bill and so I i don’t know if it was just someone that contacted our spell and said they were me I don’t know what the circumstances were i will tell you that I’m people try to discredit my name ah there’s been a this information program going on I was very afraid because the might some 30 years with the air force that they were going to basically use rendition of me didn’t want me around walking free and because i could confirm that the US has a very successful space program and has spacecraft and we’ve been to the moon mark and and further how long does it take for us to travel to Mars with the technology you’re talking about we currently have with the ER 3d the ability to travel faster than the speed of light you know i recently read about non-terrestrial officers of the military some people have speculated that are non-terrestrial officers on Mars do you know anything about the other one of you i could comment i believe that there are are non-terrestrial people in the military and in government and i would point out the fact that very recently there was a reptilian on the security detail for the President of the United States and he was photographed and that this was a reptilian you can shape-shift but if you call them in the right light he would see has no ears and he has a protruding chin skin texture is different it was nailing up and they’re not disputed yeah that almost sounds like I forgot the name of the movie maybe the two of you have seen it before it started off Rowdy Roddy popper he would put on some special glasses and he could see who the aliens were they live John Carpenter I believe always loved Rowdy Roddy popper hot rod oh yeah now Jason hell did you involved get involved with john titor I know when we last spoke you briefly mentioned him so how did the two of you get involved with John well uh Bob and I work together on the book forbidden knowledge and that because that became a huge success around the planet is being translated in Japanese Chinese German so what we would do the radio shows people would ask us all the time about time travel and if we would know John Titor and you know I was kind of naive back then I really didn’t know who John was and I try to locate him because we were putting on an alien cosmic expo in toronto this year or next year and the theme was going to be a time travel and secret space program so I thought you know let me get John and invite him to the conference so I started to look him up and we started to chat online and i invited him to the conference and he told me to call him and I think the first thing I ever said to John was I’m sorry John I don’t know anything about you please tell me about yourself think that’s how we started the conversation because I really didn’t want to go and read online all these things i want to hear it right from the person and basically he started to share his life story is missions you know what he’s doing now and it was just a fascinating conversation and I said okay well you’re gonna have to talk to Bob Mitchell now because both Bob and I are on the board for the alien cosmic expo and yes to talk to Bob for sure so I caught I connected them together and they as well had a very good conversation and Bob and I had discussed earlier that we would actually go into business together and we had a list of people that wanted us to write their book next but when we heard John and John story Bob said to me Jay let’s do John story first so I he asked me if I was game and hundred percent I’m game for that story and we we went on the basis of we know that there is a john titor that came on the rfl show we know there’s a lot of stuff on the internet but John story is so completely are John Titor two stories so completely different than the original that we decided to just forget that the original one even happened and just go right to John and say John tell us your story and this book yeah I know I’m part of it I’m biased but it’s just riveting you can’t put this book down once you start it you gotta finish this book John Jason just mentioned the original john titor i’m aware the other individuals listening to this program will be this john titor as in you might be just capitalizing upon the fame of this other person what would you have to say about that i think that there has been this information ok to discredit me and at the same time I think that some people and try to capitalize on the name and at the time of my retirement I was trying not to tell people in the air force even where i was going to go that wasn’t afraid that I would be held somewhere and not allowed to walk around free and some of that is because of the things that I have encountered during my military career i’m one of the few people that was actually been to the planet Nibiru I flown of our best and fastest spacecraft and I have personal friends that are aliens this particular extraterrestrial he’s a great and WeChat frequently no that’s nice what do discuss just which individuals pissed you also then go into the duc tomb or what you know the whole thing is extraterrestrials have been visiting this planet on i think probably for 30-40 and is almost as soon as the lava cool and there were oceans this look very inviting to some species and I have some archaeological records of this that would make it more than evident that the one thing that is clear is that the extraterrestrials some species are very timid as the grades are not more like for the most part of welcome to defend themselves if provoked but otherwise they’re not trying to hurt anyone or up dust people of that is not to say that other species don’t because there’s been abductions and has been cattle mutilations and the one thing i want to say about mankind as a species we are observed and reported on were the sound extraterrestrials all we are in classic experiment you know that’s what I’ve always believed you know as more time goes along and we have theoretical physicist such as dr. michio kaku coming out pro claiming that the universe reality physicality as a whole is an illusion it makes me wonder whether or not as you said we are an experiment someone or something is manipulating us on some level that none of this is real it’s an illusion we’re inside the matrix are you familiar with dr. kit thorn I am a little bit and he said some time ago that were in a computer simulation and that whoever is running the simulation may be absent or stepped away to get coffee but you know I I i would have to say that I’m a firm believer that mankind does have a destiny and I think there’s a humongous who see the destiny of mankind has tremendous potential and we wish to do good and we wish to be good but we have to learn not to make war on each other to keep here is all our people the fact that we have homeless people and and people that go hungry or people that organized medical care for way this is a travesty it is now Jason I don’t want you to feel like you’re left out or anything did you want to share anything as far as a the rama physicality or do you want to share I know you’re an interdimensional time traveler on occasion I don’t know John knew that or not but have you been able to travel back and forth to see what’s been going on with the different John titers well but first we’ll talk about the the physical nature of reality and I’ve seen the holes in it my whole life sometimes it’s like a dream sometimes it’s mixing dreams and reality uh so there’s and I I don’t say this but it’s almost like I’ve seen the glitches in the matrix and they’re so obvious so we can definitely be physical but what is physical physicality is not even physical to begin with so enter everything is i would say projection of the mind and then are we the projectors are we projecting or is there something else projecting for us so these are the questions of the nature of reality that that I’m trying to figure out and go through and the thing that drew me to jon was uh you know john is a the military man he’s physical where is my experiences are all you know outer body i would say us in the spiritual realms of things but what I learned from my traveling into the future into the past uh John had those same stories and same experiences so there was a type of collaboration where you know John would speak about some year in the future and he’d say what he saw there and I’d be wow that’s amazing because when i went there it was 30 degrees warmer in 2048 because i was there i was i was asking people about it and when I went to 2048 I was basically living out of the back of a car in some type of forest and it was so unbelievably hot that I just had to be in the shade so that was my journey out there to around 2048 2049 and John had basically the exact same description is what i saw in my vision mm so he checked out in a lot of my journeys as well have you ever encountered john titor in the future no know about my journeys are more personalized to myself oh ok yeah but do you think your journeys your time-traveling experiences models will be a holographic illusion absolutely absolutely yes can anybody do that uh i would say i would say we all have access to it but i would say most of us are shut down in those aspects i believe it has something to do with the chemistry of our bodies the chemistry of our brains and the state of our energy fields it’s almost like when people are very sick and let’s say even dying they start to unravel their chakras or unravel their energy bodies and most people coming close to death they will see things in the room the hallucinate they’ll travel out of their body they’ll get visions and people say that’s the process of dying but you know people that get very sick in this life they can actually experience that as well and then get better so i think yes has a lot to do with the actual physiology of the body because it will we just mentioned we lost Bob Mitchell physicality isn’t really physical but an illusion would have been possible that the collective consciousness me you John Titor Bob Mitchell’s family we could have done a collective consciousness and helped Bob he’ll I mean instead of Bob dying like he did could we have prevented it i would say that it’s definitely possible and we we tried everything we really did we I have a long list of specialists and doctors and and people in the industry that I know from my work and it seemed like what anybody tried to do he just actually progress faster mmm it’s like someone or something had honed in on Bob and just wanted him out the picture for some reason this is this is coming from Bob I spoke to Bob like a couple days before he died and this is what he said to me he said he said Jason somebody got to me that’s what he truly believed and you know what the thing that working with John we have a lot of stuff in this book and he believed that or something in this book that wasn’t supposed to be out in the public that’s what Bob believed and he said that originally we were going to release this book after the election in November that was the due date and then we said you know what we gotta release it faster this is before we knew bob was sick we gotta release it faster so we put the date September 31st as the release date of the book if if we would have released the book when we were supposed to release the book the book would never have been finished it would never have been released we actually didn’t tell anybody and we decided between the three of us that we’re going to put it out September first and we didn’t tell anybody but Bob got sick in late July and August and he basically finished the book but he we really had to go over it and do the finishing touches for him because he wasn’t available at the end so if we originally planned to release it in the election this book never would have been released John what is there in the book do you think that might’ve caused a government agency or whoever might have been to target Bob just a lot of things or are you in what one of the things that I view is ah i go live under the main jaan fighter and the reason is because I i try to keep a very low profile and i’ll explain the reasoning on this uh I was probably at the height of my military career has been promoted to brigadier general and a Marine Corps general at the Joint Chiefs gave me a mission and he says I want you to do a series of time-travel missions I don’t want you to do yourself I want you to pay your best people to do do it and I was conducted under the Admiral secrecy and you told me the same time I think there is a mole in the organization and we’re trying to tracking down and what the series of missions were we went back and look at a series of assassinations and we cover these assassinations with people that were trained to observe report photograph and basically write everything down afterwards that they saw and they looked at the assassination of john candidate Bobby Kennedy Martin Luther King Malcolm X and William Colby and I got all reports back I digitize them i sent them off to the Marine Corps general and within two weeks he was dead and the next thing I knew I was undergoing an article 32 investigation by these two very tall over 7 foot pale complected blonde air force officers who might never seen before and they grilled me for the entire day and want to know there are other copies of the reports and I told them now and I was afraid for my life and I’ve had everything on thumb drive in my pocket and stuff oh you know I i basically i walked out of my office that they never to return uh they basically doesn’t like me that evening that are has been relieved of command and the next day I guess orders basically demoting me to the rank of colonel and uh i SAT around my officer quarters for about two days and then my next set of orders were that I was report to a language school in Monterey California but the thumb drive was put on an escrow account with the bank and the primer might get will be disseminated at that time I know it was long time ago but did you ever give a copy or anything else to Bob Mitchell Jason quip i have you killed conversations with Bob ok alright at and I I think I told him the nuts and bolts of within the information and I’m not sure that Jason was never privy to that conversation but that might have been yet also remember that in the book of John gives a very detailed description of the Kennedy assassination and he names a completely different shooter and I don’t think this information has ever been out in the public yet but when you read it it just makes so much sense and you know that should be front page news of who this person was because you know Oswald was just like he said he was he was just a patsy I’ve always wondered if my course is a distant cousin but always wondering my cousin lyndon baines johnson was responsible i always believed you probably was John was he was a prophet very at stake for this but I’m going to say that he was the man who couldn’t wait to be President that’s what i was thinking as well that that series of assassinations was a horrible time in the history united states i think that people profited in one way or another from these assassinations to is it just a horrible commentary on our government our political system it eats at the values that country was founded on a terrible thing almost year after year after year we had unexplained deaths we had Marilyn Monroe which the Kennedys might have been responsible for we also had JFK a Martin Luther King jr. robert kennedy and several other individuals all assassinated or unexplainably killed themselves i guess just from drugs or whatever else and a lot of those things just never made sense to do you think they’re interconnected well I know that JFK demanded to be taken to area 51 and he was and I know then he told Marilyn Monroe what he seemed there uh I can tell you that when the EMTs arrived very 11 rows bungalow she was still a lot they don’t tell you that much know that they found her and she was dead yeah no she wasn’t she was alive I think that she knew way too much and a lot of it was that if you step back and look at william colby william colby want to go public about extraterrestrials in area 51 and he orchestrated other assassination now one thing I found really interesting when I began to read the book and I could be completely mistaken it happens I have a mind of my own it just creates his own illusions but it happens but I think at the beginning of the book it discusses how John that you really have no recollection of certain years of your life that at some point just popped into beings that pretty much accurate i would say that in 1938 I was awoken at Dulce base in New Mexico and Isis was urged to get up that day by my training officer and get to the mess hall on time and it was kind of a disconnect I have implanted memories i can remember a childhood very well physically but it didn’t seem right didn’t it seem like he wasn’t real and for all intents and purposes it wasn’t the government knows how to do you mind control you know how to implement memories they not a white you remember recalling they came and they do it mm no Jason and I know you’re able to do interdimensional travel you’re able to maybe go into the past as well have you been able to verify through your own teleportation of interdimensional travel etc some of the things that John Titor has been telling us yes and no i think the most interesting thing the most interesting information that I got off of John was that and this is I haven’t even told john s so don’t be surprised John but when we when I looked into John’s energy basically what it said was he hasn’t really spent a lot of his energy is very different than normal human living on earth and I asked okay well why is energy so different and the answer that I got was well he spent a lot of his life not on the planet verified a lot of the stories that he was telling us about him commanding various ships and traveling through space and seeing different worlds and planets it would definitely change the structure of his energy system by doing this and what comes to my mind is John just study once woke up and he had these memories implanted which to him were not real so obviously it brings to my mind that could John be a clone or series of clones John Jason John actually i was told by a good friend of his who is an extraterrestrial and he found out very late in his life I think he was in his forties or fifties that basically he was created at Dulce base by the grace as a clone John expand on that oh I was told by a friend that I was alone when he told me it all fit on my bison 212 as a known from the very beginning we’re always drawn together and we were in up for members beans and we’re being trained just basically to do space travel and we have some enhanced capabilities and these capabilities extend to uh telepathy and how we use our brains and mankind for the most part switch engineer from the very beginning just to use ten percent of their mental capacity and i use almost ninety percent almost ninety percent does that mean you’re also able to travel inter-dimensionally just like Jason I not really tried to be that although i have other capabilities that I can do I have a site i I can see things and sometimes there are very important to me sometimes begin to prevent me from turning a corner that you hated my demise so to speak I’m telepathic i have cognitive and mental capacities that are off the chart and others interesting very very interesting i know a lot of people are going to be comparing what we’re listening to right now to the terminator where you have all these clones and that they’re all setup robotic clones or whatever of each other I could almost imagine there are multiple versions of john titor do you have any evidence that you’re not the only John Titor no I go and the friend is a grey alien and he basically assured me that I was Evie and he was part of the growing team and he was given specific instruction and we’re going to talk about that it has nice but you must miss book’s title gonna be if you’ve got one for it yet i don’t think i don’t think we chosen the actual title yet but it will be a continuation and possibly one of the most important missions that John has ever been on that we’ve left out from the original book because it was just a book in itself so we decided to take that mission out and make that mission the next book mhm is the next book gonna be harder to produce since bob is no longer with us oh I absolutely absolutely i mean Bob you know you had about 40 plus years of experience in doing this but you know Bob and I worked as a team for over the past year now every single day we work together writing together so I I think he’s still helping me from the other side and I’m doing the exact same process that he taught me to do you know speaking of what you just said that you believe he’s actually helping you still I was gonna ask you concerning your ability have you had any communication with Bob since he passed last week yes i have that I’d like to keep that probably why I understand I understand you just tell Bobby you ever talk to him tell him I said hi and that will definitely miss them he knows definitely knows I’ll just I’ll just say this the way Bob is our the way bob was in this life as the go-getter always trying to figure things out and he excels at that in this life he’s doing that on the other side and he’s making a lot of headway out over there no but but but he’s turning around every single stone he can find just to figure out what’s going on yeah because this you know i don’t want to say he is experiencing a lot of the things that he’s written about so he’s he’s aware of a lot of the things on the other side but he’s going way above and beyond just because his curiosity in the way his mind works hmm well John we’re going to come back to you i know you’ve done a lot of great things you’ve said you you’ve worked on aircraft before extraterrestrial craft you’ve been to different planets if there’s one singular event in your life for one singular experience that really either mesmerised you are shocked you horrified you whatever what would it be the first time I saw an extraterrestrial and they tried to brief me for it is that you’re going to get to meet one and he’s going to you measure your telepathy capabilities ok but that that was my experience a bit was an adjacent a similar question for you what would be the most mesmerizing horrifying or whatever spirits in your life with your abilities oh man just sink their event but it’s totally off topic of what this is but basically i was in bed and some type of dark energy came into the room and it was basically the strongest thing I’ve ever experienced and when it came into the room but basically it was like a Mack truck driving up on my chest and right away I couldn’t breathe and I could hear my heart stopping and I couldn’t fight it I was basically paralyzed and I just thought in my mind okay i guess i’m done i’m dead i’m out of here that could do anymore because it’s just impossible fight fight and I remember a medicine man telling me that there’s a fire in our heart that that’s the fire of creation when we die we go back and become fire that’s what I remembered so I said okay I’m i’m going to die I might as well listen to the medicine man and i’m going to go to my heart and I’m going to go to the fire and when I did that district this fire in my heart just exploded and what I mean exploded it exploded right out of my body and whatever was there whatever that energy was basically incinerated instantly but the fire expand ended all the way out through the universe and I became this fire and this fire was basically touching everything at once it was like nearly thought-form really thought that came to my head is now I know what God feels like mm the Holy is it and then I was just fire in the universe and then this fire got sucked back into my body I woke up and I’m like that was probably the most intense spiritual psychological physical experience that I’ve ever had in my entire life that makes a lot of sense because if you are a Christian of your religious that reminds me of the story of Moses when Moses went up to i believe it was melt Sinai or whatever it was he came upon a burning bush and that represented God and to him god was that flame of that bush so that makes a lot of sense that we might be a flame that that’s what we are and John I want to personally thank you for your service here but my father was in the united states army from the sixties for awhile served in Vietnam we lost him last year but you know what he never stopped loving his country regardless of how stupid this country has gotten at times idiotic etc I know that you veterans you love your country you may not always agree with the politics in the BS that’s going on but but you definitely love your country and is definitely appreciated just want you to know that thank you well I’ve got to come right back to this because this was the opening of the show where is this UFO you’re not going to tell us but what’s so special about this one craft compared to others this year sighs uh I think that it will be retrieved and what I you know like if you can imagine this let’s say we sell it to some group like MGM ok the entertainment group and we say okay it do with it what you will you know or we can do a whole documentary on it but let’s say they stand up for viewing and that people go look at it in Las Vegas I i would say the very next day every flight convey ghus and every road Vegas would be jammed hmm this would be the single most important thing that people want to see in probably up for the entire century yes people just want to come see it put their hand up you know i don’t mean this as any amount of disrespect at all but I’m just wondering i know– the audience would be as well would it not be irresponsible of us to get a craft such as that and then to sell it to MGM for an entertainment aspect and not try to just figure out what’s going on with it and maybe allowed NASA to have it or whatever whoa that they wouldn’t be my first choice ok NASA it’s it’s more like a smokescreen e ok I i use AA would not do that but I would like people to see it and this would be a horrible disclosure for people with you also they have this technology and beyond this technology already available to them it’s not like they’re gonna pull out the spacecraft ago while we’ve never experienced this before I they’ve been reverse engineering and they receive craft just like it from trees in the past so for them it’s just you know a stalled car and in some parking lot how about unveiling it at the next alien expo wouldn’t that be something butbutbut natural here you can unbuild if you got it John will pilot it and and park it and it would need quite a big parking lot for that thing and then just walk out and say okay I’m here for the expo but I’ve always wanted to do is lie in the UFO at the Washington Mall in broad daylight let’s go get it and let’s do it oh I’m not sure would fit in the Washington Mall it’s very large but I tickets between twenty and thirty thousand years old but i think that there may be a situation where this has a free program return flight in so if I crank it up and try to fly it that what I do with the controls could quickly be overwritten and I may find myself on a path to some other galaxies epsilon booties perhaps i’m not sure ya do we know what species this craft might belong to would it belong to the greys that you’re friends with it does not look like it’s one of their designs me and does it look like Annunaki or even reptilian I’m very familiar with those designs and that is not what it looks like but something else alright well folks this is john titor the second not the other one that you’re thinking of John Titor the second and they always lovely and talented Jason quit and of course our friend Bob Mitchell is around us right now I just know it guys is there anything you want to share before we head out because right now it’s open mike say whatever you want i’ll just say that we’re going to continue with the work that we started and john is a wealth of information I mean you know if we just let John go we could probably write two to three books a year no problem and i’ll just come off the top of his head it’s at that’s who John is and I think you know it’s great that this information is getting out to a larger audience and you know even the book disclosed that we put out with John it’s doing very well and people are really really enjoying it and even if people don’t believe one word of what John says they can’t deny that they can put the book down because it’s such an exciting story Bob yet I sorry John do you have anything that huh i think god this was the chronicles of John tiger too people like the book they read it uh we have lots of positive reviews on Amazon and i think is kind of signs are people will refers to the book and there’s a lot of information there we have pictures of extraterrestrial spacecraft of the SR 91 which is the successor to the sr-71 lots of pictures of ours back that mean out of in previously seen there is a history archaeologically of extraterrestrials visiting earth that has been covered us consistently are in museums like government and I think that it’s time that we are acknowledged this information yes and it’s available on Amazon and do you also have a website for that I’m we can you can go to the crystal son . com and you can also go to facebook.com 177 time travel division and that ladies and gentlemen was Jason quit and john titor the second what do you think folks what do you think do you believe the story of John Titor the second do you believe that well what do you believe because i’m not really sure what to believe at this point and i’m still a bit skeptical but I’m willing to land an ounce of belief to the story when folks until the next time we do come back together again i want to wish you all a kind farewell… This has been a Coast to Coast AM Alternative Podcast. Grey Aliens and Alien Podcast. What we have here is the Dr. Pepper of all Paranormal Podcasts. Coast to Coast AM 2016.