Kat Graham From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Is a Triple Threat | Ridiculousness

December 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

(applauding) – Kat, so, you’re an actress. – I am. – Okay, you are a witch. – On TV. – Okay, okay.
– Just puttin’ that in there. – All right, you’re
recording an album right now. – Yeah, Put Your Graffiti
On Me, it’s cool. – Okay, okay, so singing, acting. – Dancing, and that’s about it. – Dancing, I’m a big closet dancer. – Are you? Oh, oh, oh, bring it down,
work it out, work it out. (applauding) – Okay, let’s take a look
at some of Kat’s work. ♪ Put your name on it, ♪ ♪ Put your, put your name on it ♪ – [Rob] Here it comes. ♪ Put your name on it ♪ ♪ Put your, put your name on it ♪ That is not in the video, I
do that once, I do it once. – Oh, boy. Okay, how often are you on a red carpet? – Couple times a month. – All right, well we dedicated this first category to your fashion sense. – Oh, gosh. – And it’s called Fashion Crash. I’m lookin’ so good I wanna get hurt. Oh yeah, you know the number one accessory for fashion clownin’, red nose. (exclaiming) Fashion clown down. Oh, a classic game of
shirts verse Snuggies. Uh oh, we got a bouncy guy in a skirt. – I’m all right, it’s part of the show. – No, it’s not. Okay, I got a question here,
when you wear a onesie, where do the farts go? (exclaiming)
– Oh my God. – Okay, now, is this fashion? I think this is fashion,
this is fashion-forward– – No, he thought, if he
became black, he could jump. (laughing) Not happening, okay? Oh yeah, get it. – [Chanel] She is getting
ready to go to the club. – [Steelo] This is after a couple, you think you can do anything. – This is after the
club, after a few drinks. Oh my God, she broke her neck. – [Rob] Little eh, it was inappropriate. – At least she’s wearing panties. – Thank God she’s wearing panties. Look at this little guy,
this is my dream come true. I wanna move like this. – [Kat] I swear, I used to
have a pair of pants like that. – If you did, pause it, wait,
did they have this on it? – The X marks the spot. – Rob, you are wrong for even looking at that X on that little
boy’s booty right now. – Okay. I’ll be real, why don’t they
just go to the next one? – It’s wrong.
– It’s only wrong if you just make it wrong. – No, it’s wrong. – It was fine, it was fine
until you just made it wrong. – Why’d we have to pause it right here? – Go, move. Hey kids, I’m not a creep in disguise. I’m another kid, just like you. (exclaiming) No, go back, let’s just see the impact. ‘Kay, first of all, you’re 45, okay. You have no business out here. This is exactly what you get, go ahead, and give it to me a couple times. Oh snap, bam, one more
time, one more time. Bam, bam, one more time,
bam, one more time, bam. Okay, okay, Kat, you, obviously, have been performing your entire life. – Yeah.
– Right? What was your big moment, when
was it when you discovered, maybe you were six, seven,
eight, and it was a player. – I was backup dancing for Lil’ Bow Wow, and then, after that, I wanted to get into singing and rapping, and that whole stuff. – Oh, you do some rapping, too? – Well, I’m not her, okay– – Battle, right now.
– Oh, oh, we got a battle. – Battle, right now.
– No, I’m not, stop. – We got a battle, we got a battle. – I’m not a rapper now, I’m
not battling nobody, sorry. – Talk to the hand, give him the hand. – All right, I’ll do the battle for you. I’m Kat and I rap, Chanel,
I think you’re whack. Chanel, I’m Chanel, I did the bet, and— – I would never say that. – Okay, look.
– It’s creative. – That was my big rap moment,
that was my big rap moment– – It was good. – This whole category is dedicated to people whose moments didn’t go so well. My Big Moment, check it out. Oh, here we go, time of
my life, time of my life. Oh, I think, I don’t know,
I love being a witch, but I also don’t like oatmeal. – So nasty. – [Rob] I’m tired of
singing this stupid song, so I’m gonna sleep here. Oh yeah, that is the
weirdest haircut ever. Get it, get it.
– Uh oh. – Get it, get it.
– Oh, there’s no where to go. – [Rob] Get it, get it, get it– – [Kat] I’m gonna just stand right here. – [Rob] Get it, plaster it in, (mumbles). (laughing) Oh, this is my big moment,
I gotta pick her up, I gotta run awkward, and drop her. Oh, perfect, and just one
more slap on the back, and push her off-stage. Oh yeah, finally got
invited to the fashion show. Gonna show the world what I got. Nothing but sex appeal, and
a little bit of lazy leg. (laughing) – But he was still walking. He was like, I’m gon’ get my shine on, you ain’t gon’ stop me. – The show must go on.
– The show must go on. – He didn’t see big
girl fly off the stage. (laughing) ‘Cause the ground shook, I’m good. – And work.
– I’m good. – And pose. – Just to get the message out there, Christmas in the park, take it away. – [Rob] Big shot, dressed to the nines, ready to rock and roll, great hair. – [Host] Any moment now. – [Rob] Here we go, set it off. Oh no, oh no, you’ve still got this. Okay, no, no, no, you’re good, you’re good, you’re good, you’re good. Okay, we’re back in this,
oh, it’s over, it’s over. – First of all, you
have to change the sign from 5 Minutes of Fame,
to 5 Seconds of Shame. – [Rob] Oh brother, man. Oh man.
– Oh boy. – [Kat] Her ponytail is fierce. – [Rob] Oh boy, oh God– – And here’s–
– Hold it. – Hold it, hold it.
– Hold it, hold it. (exclaiming) – Oh my God, it’s like a spiral down. (exclaiming) And she’s still trying to wear them. – Pause it, pause it,
what’s happening right here? – I think she broke her ankles. – [Steelo] Have you ever seen
a deer fresh out the womb? – Yeah, yeah. – Can’t walk. – [Kat] That’s exactly
what she looked like. – Just can’t walk, I’m
not even kidding you. (screaming) – I can’t watch that part. I can’t.
– Okay. Oh, okay, oh, oh, (mumbles), the ponytail’s outta here,
man, get ’em outta here. Oh God, I feel so bad for
that poor little baby deer. All right, we will be right
back with more Ridiculousness.