August 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Look Look at this guys Is it Annabelle? The doll of the movie? Yes, I think Guys, What do you think? It looks like Annabelle You know what? It’s yours. Keep it Do you want it? Guys? They’re scared ? are they serious? I’ll give it to my sister As I didn’t offer her a gift for her birthday What happened ? I hope she will like it What do you want? It was your birthday I offered you nothing But now I have something crazy for you Do you know that it’s Annabelle, What is Annabelle again ? Annabelle, the scary movie It’s gonna happen weird things at home because of you She’s strange Ok ! let me watch this movie Seat here Waw ! It’s crazy Where is it? It’s strange I put you on the chair and in addition you are Ugly What? You saw ghosts ? I put the doll on the chair and now it’s on the bed Are you sure ? I think that it’s on the chair .. are you blinded? You became crazy No … It’s impossible You know what ? I’m going to sleep outside with this doll And nothing will happen Ok, let’s start our evening Let’s go online for A LIVE Ok, I’m online How are you guys? I’ve something crazy to show you I’m with the doll Annabelle I discovered the movie today It seems scary I’m not scary at all I was with my friends and they abandoned me FOR THIS Now I have a challenge I will stay all the night with this doll And we will see if it’s really haunted I’m going to pee I’ll put it right here Guys I lost the doll I put it here You know what? I’m going to stop the live and look for her This dude is strange WTF I’m dreaming, it’s not possible Hey, it’s my room I will sleep with you, because weird things are going on now you are worried about me ? you are strange … The next morning You know what? I hate this girl You will stay here and please haunt her !