Legacies | Favorite Scenes – Matt Davis | The CW

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– [Narrator] Ric? – Oh man, when they told
me they were gonna bring back Jodi, I was really reticent cause I knew it was just gonna be so
emotional to have her come back and then I read six and was so blown away by how great it was. – Are you happy? – I am happy right now in the arms of my demon
possessed baby mama. That was my favorite episode and the most heartbreaking
so I think that moment where he’s gotta say
goodbye to her again was, just ripped my heart
right out of my chest. – Did you know that Hope
remembered meeting my mom? – I had that scene with Landon, he comes into my office, he’s crying, he’s like, you knew about
my mother the whole time. If you’re lookin’ for someone to blame, go ahead, you can blame me. – I can’t deal with this right now. – He storms off. I was like, welcome to Mystic Falls kid. (laughs) We all hurt. (laughs) We’ve all lost somebody. It’s time to grow up.