MAYHEM & MONSTERS | “The Legend Of The School Spirit” ft. Cam Johnson | Sponsored

September 10, 2019 0 By William Hollis

(suspenseful music)
(gasping) (crying) – Hey, everyone, I’m Cam Johnson. And if you didn’t already know, I’m an amateur paranormal detective. And I’m here to share
with you my latest case, the Legend of the School Spirit. (scary music) Helbrook High School,
the home of the Admirals. Helbrook is not exactly known for producing particularly
successful students, but what it is known for as of recently is mysteriously high level of disappearances
amongst its student body. Now the official story is that
none of these disappearances are connected in any way whatsoever. But there is an urban legend
that some believe might be the cause of these disappearances. And that legend is the School Spirit. (scary music) Apparently, a few years ago, a particularly unpleasant
group of students got together and played a prank on an uptight teacher, and she had a heart attack
right there on the spot. Now apparently, from that day forth, she has haunted the school grounds and delivered vengeance to students who have behaved poorly at Helbrook. Most people would
dismiss this as some sort of silly story completely
unfounded in fact. But most people are not
amateur paranormal detectives. I started doing some digging and this is what I found. Jolene Watson, the latest
Helbrook student to go missing. The last anyone heard
of Jolene was Friday, when she sent this video
message to her friend, Lizzie. – I’m about to make this
school look a whole lot better. (laughs) I cannot wait to see Armstrong’s
face on Monday morning. – Jolene’s friend Lizzie
is also a Helbrook Admiral, and I got in contact with her so that we could share
some clues about the case. Lizzie said that Jolene tagged
the school a couple of times, and that she constantly bragged about it. Now apparently, the faculty
had no idea who it was, but everyone in the student
body knew that it was her. So what I decided to do was get in contact with a couple of Jolene’s classmates, who ran in very different circles, to see how widely known
her artistic projects were. – Hey, Cam, I unfortunately didn’t really know Jolene that well, but I did hear her talking about spray painting
Vice-Principal Armstrong’s door. I don’t really like the guy either, but spray painting his door, that isn’t really gonna make
him or the school any better. – Yeah, of course I knew about
Jolene and her vandalism. Even if she hadn’t flat
out bragged about it, she sometimes left spray paint cans in her locker and her backpack. – So we have Brad, the nice,
quiet kid who keeps to himself, and Erica, the president
of the student body. Now if those aren’t two opposite ends of the high school spectrum,
then I don’t know what are. This means that if both knew about Jolene, then this is widespread information. Possibly widespread enough to capture the attention of the School Spirit. Now, our hypothesis is that the school spirit hunts delinquents. (splattering)
And Jolene was a known vandal, that means that she was a target. I asked Lizzie to send
me some more messages, and the conversation
between her and Jolene leading up to the disappearance. And guys, I noticed something very strange in some of the photos that Jolene sent. Do you see that figure? Lurking in the background? I think that might be
the spirit stalking her, waiting for the right time to strike. Guys, the clues add up. I’m gonna do some more investigating, but I think I’m close. Until then, if you have
if any information, any clues, please get in contact. Please share them with me. For now, keep your eyes out, and your heads down, and your ears open. (scary music)
(screaming) – Go, Admirals.
(scary music) (slashing) (suspenseful music)