Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 48 – Full Episode – 20th January, 2020

January 24, 2020 0 By William Hollis

We’re so stupid! We’ve been looking for a date
for Ambar everywhere but there’s one right here. Actually, I’ve liked Guneet
since I first met her. Me too, she’s a great person. Guneet and dad? Are you guys mad? They’ve hated each other
since their first meeting. In fact, they’re the perfect
example for people who are extremely wrong
for each other. I’m sure one or the other will
be killed on a date together. They’re two people who should
be in one city.. Actually no, one country.. Even that seems less.. Not even on the same planet! Actually, you’re the only person
in this whole planet to be friendly with Ambar. You’re right.
– That’s true. Tell me.. Guneet helped get
your dad to the hospital. Things should’ve been better
between them after that. It’s not about fighting. Their personalities
are a mismatch. Everything is well as long
as they avoid each other. When they come face to face,
it’s a war. How sad! You’re right, you know. Guneet is too sweet a person
for your dad. Shut up! I believe someone like mom,
a soft-mannered person will suit him. That woman will at least
talk to him calmly when gets mad or stubborn. Guneet wouldn’t do that. She’ll get mad at him instead. And then they’ll fight. She’s right. Guneet wouldn’t be
scared of him either. I’m telling you, she’s
too smart for your dad. Hey.. She’s just like father. Why haven’t you guys left yet? Just a bit.. – Yes, because
you’ll be styled. No..
– Yes… Why am I involved
with these clowns? Come on, styling..
– Come on, we’ll get you ready. Oh, Lord! Guneet, where were you? My mobile phone’s
screen broke. What? How will you receive
Anurag’s phone call? Have you decided on time
and place of the meeting? You can use my mobile phone..
– I’ll think of meeting him after getting my mobile
phone repaired. Think? What do you mean? Look, you’re not trying
to cancel this meeting, are you? Don’t even think about it!
You have to meet him today. What would he think of you! Are you listening to me? Where are you going? I’m going to a mobile centre
to get my mobile phone repaired. You were going to go to parlour
to fix your face, though. Oh, yes! That doctor
will reject me if I don’t get my face fixed! He’s not that KK, you know. He wants to marry you. You’ll regret for all your life
if you lose a man like him. Guneet, if you don’t meet
him today you’ll me dead at the end of the day. All right, I’ll meet him. I’m going to get my mobile phone
repaired before that! Do meet him, though! Oh, God! What do I with her? Hi.. – Sir? – Yes? – This
is a women’s parlour. You can’t come in here.
– I know. I understand. I just want to talk to someone
for a couple of minutes.. This isn’t right.
This is a women’s parlour.. This is a matter
of life and death.. Guneet..
– Hey.. I’m sorry..
– What are you doing? I’ll be forced to call
the security guard. Please don’t do that.
Guneet.. You! What are you doing here! Guneet! That’s Guneet. Hi.. I wanted to talk to you, so
I decided to come here. What! No! How could you enter! I’m sorry.
I won’t look at anyone. I’ll put cucumber on my eyes!
– Is he a relative of yours? Yes.. Excuse me
for a couple of minutes.. I won’t look at anyone,
all right? Thank you.. – What is it!
How do you know I’m here? Ma’am.. – Who?
– Your mother! Sit down. She said that you were
had to go to parlour and your mobile phone broke. I’ve brought your
mobile phone with me. Here you go.. Did you get it!
– Yes.. He said he’d repair
it in two days. I paid him, Guneet. Money makes everything possible. Put your mobile phone
aside please.. I’ll check someone out..
– You can do that later.. Listen to me, Guneet.
– What is it? I’ve been thinking about
you ever since I met you. I met him a couple
of days ago! Yes..
– He’s younger than me. He loves someone else. She’s my teacher, I’m her pupil
– Yes.. Listen, your voice has been
echoing in my ears ever since I met you. ‘Randeep, you’re in love..’ What do I do now
that I’m in love? Just do what your heart
tells you to do. I don’t know what
it says, though! Let’s find out. You’re going to answer
my questions without thinking. Rapid-fire!
– Okay. If this were the last day
of your life who’d you like to spend it with?
– With Niya. If you get a chance
to go to the USA tomorrow would you go or stay here
with Niya? I’m doomed. I’ll choose to stay with Niya. That’s it. Why are you wasting
your time over here? Go and be with Niya. What should I
go and do over there? What should I tell her? This is the problem
with your generation. You guys fall in love
but are scared to face it. Stupid generation.
Idiot. You’re absolutely right. I-I’m an idiot. I’m the idiot, right?
You’re absolutely right. I’m an idiot. What do I do? I can’t do
anything at the moment. I’ve to get ready
and go to meet someone. You’re going on a date?
– Yes. My mom fixed the date. With that arrange
marriage guy? Randeep,
I’m feeling very nervous. Don’t you worry.
You helped me, isn’t it? Now, it’s my
turn to help you. How are you
going to help me? Hey, I’m not
experienced in love but I’m an expert
when it comes to dating. Really?
– Yes. Get ready soon. Hurry up and finish everything.
Remove everything, okay? I’ll wait outside. Thank you, bye.
Thank you! Remove it.. Sir, see these shirts. This colour
will suit on you. This will look very good
for your skin colour. The lady will fall for you..
– Horrible! Those are horrible colours.
– He always wears those shirts. It will not at all look good. It’s a simple shirt. How
do you expect it to look good? Sir, you..
Listen.. – No. Sir, wear a t-shirt and a blazer
you will look very young. You think he is
going for a wedding? ‘You can’t even imagine
what is happening to me.’ Correct..
– Those colours are not good. ‘I have to go
out in the evening.’ Everybody, move aside. Sir, you wear a kurta and go. Kurta.. Dress up decently with
a neat hair style and apply oil. I would say..
– Apply oil? Yes, he will look decent. Hey, he’s not going
for a veneration.. – Oil? He is going on a date. – He is
not going for a veneration. ‘I can’t figure out
what should I wear.’ ‘I’m going crazy.’ ‘Could you help
me out if you’re free?’ Dad, honestly
wear checks shirt. You’ll look slim in this. Hey, this also looks good.
– Hey.. You wear checks shirt
every day, wear this today.. He is my dad.
– Wear green kurta. Quiet! There options
are horrible. Hey.. So you are not
going to wear anything? What?
– What? I mean from these options. Dad, you will try on. Dad, first
try on this shirt. I’m telling you that
it will look good on you, come.. Welcome.. This is the right way
to enter the house. I can come for you but
it’s dangerous over there. One day you will
have to come there too. Hurry up or else we will
be getting a sound beating. You’re my guest. You don’t have to worry
as long as I’m with you. Welcome. You’re coming now? Dear, I had asked
you to bring her soon. But you
also made it late. You put him to work too? Wow, Mom.
You’re talented.. Would you like to have
some coffee? – Yes, sure. There is no time
to have a coffee. The doctor must be waiting..
– Ma’am, relax. He is a doctor
in his clinic. For us he is the man
who is going to get lucky today. It’s because
Ms. Guneet is one in a million. We would make him wait,
even if he was Amitabh Bachchan. But this is their first meeting. This is the aspect. They are meeting
for the first time, correct? Yes. It’s obvious
that she must look good. But..
– No excuses, just listen to me. You want that
guy to be flattered when he sees Ms. Guneet, right? Don’t you wish that? Yes..
– Yes? He should become
impatient to marry her. – Yes. Then how can we let her go
until she looks gorgeous? We won’t let her go, okay?
Done? Give me a fist bump. Do this
and give a fist bump. You know how
to charm girl very well. Yes, I do.
But the one who is supposed to get charmed
is not getting charmed. Charm?
What are you talking about? Nothing..
Come here.. – What? Make me a nice cup of tea. It’s my responsibility to dress
her up. All right? Let’s go. You’re going to help
me dress up? – Of course. Show me all your dresses.
Where is the wardrobe? It’s here.
– All right. Bring out all your dresses,
suits sari’s, sandals, everything. Bring out everything.
– Okay. – One by one. This is one of the dresses. Wow.. You want to wear this
and go to a spiritual discourse? This one.
– This is also nice. This looks like the
table cloth that’s outside. The one which was outside. After wearing this it
feels like “I’m such a beauty.” Look what I’ve got for you. It’s a beautiful sari. I wore this sari when
your dad had come to see me. He didn’t see any
other girl after seeing me. Ma’am, this sari
looks 40 years old. Wear this jewellery
along with that. It looks very good,
I’ve worn it too. Here you go. Ma’am,
are you showing the amount of dowry that you’re
going to give? It doesn’t feel
complete until Punjabi’s are dressed from head to toe. Even they should feel
– Correct. that she is from a good family. Yes, this is perfect..
– Matching jewellery. You haven’t prepared
tea for me yet? I’m preparing it but.. Make her wear
the ear rings too. Go and prepare the tea.
– Guneet, wear this only.. Yes, she’ll wear that.
– Make sure she wears that. Horrible.. He’s looking good in it.
– No, not all. No, it’s not looking good. I don’t like dark colours. Go inside.. See, I told you that
this will suit him. – Horrible. No..
– It’s horrible. This seems
to be a bit heavy. Let’s try on some
other dress, wait a second. What happened?
– Phone is not working. Forget about it.
Y-You are busy with your phone. I’ll get it repaired
by tomorrow. By tomorrow?
– Yes, it will be done. I’ll get it repaired.
I will deal with him sternly. You should get ready.
Come on, go. I’ll go on this date
in my shorts and vest but I am not trying
another outfit. But, Dad..
– Don’t do this.. – Please try.. Okay, let’s do this. Let us make a final decision.
– Yes. – No more trials. Do whatever you want.
I feel irritated now. Let us decide. Stay out of this.
– Not your cup of tea. Yes, this is not
your cup of tea, Seriously!
– Let us take care of this. Wow!
– Wow! Amazing!
– You look so good, sir. Dapper! How does she look? She looks very pretty. But she isn’t wearing the sari
that I gave her. Come on, ma’am! It doesn’t matter. You look lovely. That’s more like it! My child! Sir.. – Oh, God!
– Look at his attitude. You look amazing! Sam, shouldn’t we add a red.. Are you okay? Yes. You know, today she must be
very proud of you. Thank you so much, Kabir. Thank you. It’s okay. I never get a reply
when I need one desperately. Otherwise,
you are always available. Sir, you look amazing! So good..
The girl will be impressed. Get your beard trimmed
just like Virat Kohli. Give it a good shape,
you know V-shape. We’ll dye your hair
and give you an undercut. – Yes. Perfect! Just get yourself
a nice pair of shoes. Yes.
– Is it? Yes.
– Yes. Bring them for me. Me?
– Yes. Okay. From where? Some of the pairs
are on the terrace. – Okay. Some are.. Do you see that? Open this, you will definitely
find some pairs there. Then, look for them
wherever you like. Go. Come on, go. So, I was saying.. Will I wear just one shoe? No. – Then how will
the poor girl find two shoes? She is a girl.
Go and help her. Go. Yes. Oh man! Indeed you look handsome. The other day you were asking
about chat history, right? Is it someone important? I can help. Niya had sent
some random messages. Oh, Niya! I just wanted to delete those. It was nothing important.
It’s done now. Shoes.. Should I go for black or brown? Brown.
– Okay. If it’s not someone important
then focus on your date. If you divert your attention the entire rehearsal
will get wasted. – Yes. My focus is always on the target. Always! Have you been spreading wisdom
ever since you were a kid? Time to go. There’s something that I’ve
always liked about you. You are very intelligent. And I very much know
how much you like me. So, best of luck. What are you doing here?
– How did you enter my house? He is my guest.
– How did he enter my house? He is my guest. He is here to meet me. I am her guest. Really, he is the guest! Listen to me, I..
– Look. You cannot..
– Just ignore. – What? Let’s go. – How can he..
– No. Why? He is always in a bad mood. After extreme difficulty
this date was fixed. I hope
he doesn’t scare her away. Even if I scare her away,
why do you bother? Why date will be spoiled.
Why does that worry you? I don’t care about you,
I’m concerned about these kids. They have worked so hard
for this date. No.. You were going somewhere.
You should please go. Of course, I am going.
I will surely go. Why are you spoiling your mood?
Let’s go. Ms. Guneet, are you all right? I hope you aren’t hurt.
– What was that? If someone is falling, you’ll
stop the fall with a chair! I could have got injured. Really! If I hadn’t placed the chair,
you’d have been badly injured. If she cannot thank me at least she can keep quiet.
She cannot even do that. Thank you, Mr. Sharma.
Thank you for saving me but this was no way to do that.
There are many more ways. Stop him, he’s creating a scene.
– I was about to fall. How could you place
a chair in front of me? It could injure someone.
– What are you saying? What else I could’ve done?
Should I brought rescue jets? There’s no point talking to you.
Your actions are silly. No, I don’t want to hear
anything from you. I beg of you, please go
wherever you were going. You never understand anything.
– Look what she’s saying. You never get it.
– Is she mad? What is this man doing here?
I just don’t get it! Speak softly. This is..
– What is this? I have made a chit. If you face any problem,
you can go through this. Do I need to mug this up?
– No, you don’t have to. Don’t spoil your mood.
You look so good. Exactly. – Every time
I see that lady.. – Relax.. Relax, Dad.
– Calm down.. – Relax.. Chill! Wait a second. Randeep, I think
that Niya and you.. Just concentrate on your date. It’s your special day. The rest will be
dealt with later. You will surely mesmerise
the doctor. Come on, sit. Surprise the doctor! Thank you, Randeep. All the best. Give me a minute. No.. Don’t go there. Better? This smile should last
the whole evening. I can smile the whole day.
That’s not the problem. What will I talk about? It was you who did the chatting.
I don’t even know her. So what? Once you meet her
ask her whatever you want. Okay? Dad, it’s good. At least you will have
something to talk about. It’s okay. Women are good
at judging people. Okay? So, just relax. There is nothing
to be afraid of. And I am there for you. As soon as you call me up
I will show up. Why don’t you join me? You can sit on some other table. She won’t get to know
that you’re my daughter. On a date?
– No. Relax.
Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out! Breathe in. Breathe out. Okay? Okay then..