Midnight Paranormal Investigation in a Century Old Abandoned Hotel (Ghost Activity Caught on Tape)

August 30, 2019 0 By William Hollis

What’s up guys so in today’s video we’re, gonna be doing something a little bit different, what we’re? Gonna, be doing today is we’re? Gonna, be going to an abandoned lakeside lodge that, we recently explored in a recent video if you want to check that out i’ll link it in the top right or left corner whichever one has the card so what we’re gonna be Doing, today, is we’re, gonna be going into this abandoned lakeside motel that Was built during the 1930s so we’re hoping there should be a lot of energies left here that, we can, try and communicate with we didn’t come here last night and we had a pretty creepy experience I’m gonna Put that footage in here at the video doesn’t get too long if not i can upload it in a separate video But anyways but anyways let’s go guys So we’re currently in the restaurant of this abandoned hotel right here and so this used to be a large slash restaurant, and during the 40s i believe Is what the restaurant closed i could be mistaken but if i am i’ll put it up on the screen But anyways in here is where we’re, gonna try our first dowsing rod session So i’m jonah this is jared my brother next to me and across from me filming is aaron hi We’re just three people here trying to communicate with any entities that Want to communicate with us we are going to be filming it however so if you’re, not comfortable with that or you Don’t like that feel free to not talk to us but we’re Gonna, try to communicate with someone, who Would like to speak to us through the rods wall on video we’re not here to disrespect You, we’re here to learn, well yeah we’re, not here to disrespect. You we’re here just to tell Your story to share your story, so the way i’m going to be holding the rods, is i’m going to be holding them Like this as to not manipulate them at all There’s no draft in here at all because it’s all pretty, well boarded up so Any manipulation should be through the should be through any entities trying to speak to us Please move if there’s any spirits in here trying to communicate with us please cross the rods Let’s say like your brother your brother to the right Thank, you if just so we can ensure this is really a spirit if you could, please point the rods towards my brother he’s to the right of me That was a solid to the right yeah, thank you Also, for the record the orbs being caught on camera are dust particles not orbs were you did you die of natural causes across the rods if so are you a male thank you were you the spirit, who talked to us last night please cross the roads if so i Just got some real hard. Chills right there, ask, him if he’s upset that we’re back no i don’t i think i don’t think, he, would be communicating with us is um How were you and your how? Old were you when you died i’m gonna go up in numbers and please cross the rod when, we get to the General time area so if i say 20s it’ll be like if you were in your 20s Were you in your 20s when you died were you in your 30s when you passed, away 40s your 50s 60s perhaps were you in your 60s please cross the roads if so did you have any children please cross the roads if so Okay, so i want to just double check, and make sure we’re really speaking to an entity here so if you can please point the rods towards, my, brother, again, he’s to the right of me Point both rods towards, my, brother please can you point the other rod towards him too as, well i Got real hard shells and that didn’t. Worry me Where are you currently standing right now can you point the rods to where you’re standing So, you’re just the fourth member so he’s the fourth member of our circle right now Boy, did you pass on did you, pass on at lake mead Were you staying at this hotel when you passed on please cross the rods if so Which way, would you like us to go Towards the office room please cross the rods if you’d like us to go to the reception, area the reception desk Are there any spirits in here who, would like to communicate with us if so please cross the rods thank you Were you the spirit that was communicating with us in the restaurant area if so please cross the rods Can you point us in the direct can. You point us in the direction of the front desk please Point is in the front action the direction of the point does please? How, many entities are living power here in this hotel cross the rods please when i get to the right number of entities? 1 2 3 4 3 young because i think you start crossing into 3 linea, was there forint it Was there four entities here Are you, guys, good, spirits please cross the rods if so That was really quick so i feel a lot, better thank you thank you Would you like us to pick would you like us to figure out. Your name if so please cross the rods All right so we’re gonna do this the same way, we kind of did the way? We figured out? how old you were sir when you died What we’re? gonna, do is we’re gonna go through the alphabet please cross the rods when, we come to the alphabet letter that, your name is If your, name began with. A please cross the rods b c d e there, okay e how, many letters are in your name if it’s two please cross the rods three four Four letters eric Maybe it was your name eric? Cross the rods if so erin Please point the rods towards the aaron in the room Are you here – are you here to hurt us please cross the rods if so Are you, here just to communicate with us please cross the rods if so Thank, you we’re here just to communicate with you as, well we’re not here to hurt you just to learn About you what else you be asking were you married is your, wife still alive please cross the roads if so Are your kids still alive please, separate the rods if so please separate the rods if your kids are still alive That wasn’t gonna seem that was? Oh here he’s separated, no more did you, die in the early 2000s please cross the rods if so Mm, okay, we’re gonna, do the same thing, again, we’re gonna go through 2001 2002 And when it went please cross them one the year that you passed on comes up 2001 2002 2003 2003 2003 did you, pass away in 2003 please cross the roads if so i’m sorry, about that i want to figure out the month you gonna figure out the month – i Know how, do you know, what if he was, born did you die in july? Please cross the road zip so We’re, gonna, go through the month we’re. Gonna go through the, days please cross the roads when you passed, away The first the second the third, the fourth, the fifth the sixth the fifth the fifth July, 5th 2003 which way, would you like us to go Okay, would you like to would you like us to leave if so please cross the rods what keeping him company If you, would like if you, would like us to stay please cross the rods can you, please point us in the direction of the hotel building you stayed in Please point both rods in the direction Can you point the other deraad in the direction There’s a room, back there did you, did you, stay in the concrete room that is behind us please cross the roads if so And then down here empty concrete, box i have no idea what this used to be So here’s the front desk area so this is where everywhere all the visitors would come and check in for their stay All right guys, that’s going to be the end of the video i hope you all enjoyed it and if you Did be sure to leave a like comment and subscribe down below and if you guys, want to see more videos like This i’m gonna have a poll in the top right or left corner whichever corner it is please vote yes or no whether or not You, guys, want to see more videos like this but anyways i’m gonna get out of here now i’ll see you all next video peace you