October 7, 2019 0 By William Hollis

what’s up guys. I’m here to talk about
why the Illuminati isn’t putting cameras in robotic house flies to spy on the general–
hey can you please expose Moe Sargi and OmargoshTV? yes you definitely
need to do a debunking video on— *incomprehensible requests to
debunk Moe Sargi & Omargosh* Mooooo so I guess we’re just gonna talk about
those guys then. all right so obviously you guys have
been spamming the hell out of me to make a video about these guys and my first
impression on these channels just seems to be another group of guys who every
time they turn on a camera they encounter a ghost or a demon or a serial
killer right meanwhile to the rest of the world ghosts are just completely
invisible and even the people who believe that they’ve encountered the
ghost will very rarely claim that it was moving around things and
scratching them and whatnot right if that happened all the time then ghosts
would just be scientific fact at this point so if you’re aware of that then
you should probably already know that these guys are faking their videos for
entertainment purposes another thing that I’ve noticed is that all these
channels started their channels by doing prank videos and as we all know 90% of
the prank channels are just faking their videos with like paid actors and stuff
and the other 10% are dangerous sociopaths who probably should be in
prison or something and to me it doesn’t look like Moe Sargi and Omargosh are
dangerous sociopath so I don’t know before we start I want to give a quick
disclaimer I don’t hate these guys I don’t think issue with their success I
just want you guys to know that their videos are not real I’m also not here to
show you how every one of their magic tricks is done I’m just gonna show you a
few of their videos and explain some of what they’re doing it’s not freaking
cold okay so you’ve got a murderer who’s very
carefully cutting a hole into the side of the tent that you’re not on you know
they have their lights on right based on that light he can see that they are not
on that side of the tent and then he continues to just pull out his chainsaw
so he doesn’t cut anyone while they’re trying to run out and just hide right
and that’s not even mentioning the matter of how and why someone would have
chainsaw manages to find them in the middle of the woods right I don’t know
maybe he just works for Apple and they left their location services on and you
know one thing leads to another and serial killer goes over there with a
chainsaw everybody dies who even if you believe
that it’s not their buddy in a silly mask there was obviously no intent to
kill it just looks very much staged so if you ask me I’ll put my money on
completely fake and then they run out and as they are running the guy drops
his backpack first rule when someone is you know chasing you with a chainsaw
don’t pick up your goddamn bag if you drop it actually drop your bag you’ll
lose weight and have more chance of survival it seems like they’re more
afraid to lose their equipment than to lose their life I wonder why hmm
and after running for about 30 seconds they just stopped to finish up their
video rather than oh I don’t know calling the police because you know
there’s a guy with a damn chainsaw after you might be a bigger priority so yeah
either this video is fake or the human race should have been extinct very long
ago if you think that this is how people react in such a situation the acting is
just very unconvincing even for a group of people who are just constantly
exposed to this like assuming that it’s real it just doesn’t add up right this
is not how a human brain reacts to such events if you like scary
it’s a very good channel but it’s just it’s just not real and as usual there’s
a number of people who do believe that it is real but on the bright side I’m
happy to see that some people in the comments point out when they make
mistakes and you know they don’t take it too seriously either they just enjoy the
videos for what they are entertainment right it’s interesting to watch right
and it’s presented as real so some people just won’t bother questioning it
or maybe they do and then they justify it with “why would they fake it” or
something along those lines right well for one thing they’ve run a successful
channel on YouTube by doing so right so it’s not like there’s no incentive to
fake these videos and again I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch them I’m just
saying you should be careful when mixing reality with fiction because throughout
the course of human history it has lead to some very bad things so just be
careful but anyways that’s enough for that video so yeah next I want to look
at some other videos on their channel and I just sort of realized that pretty much
all of their videos go something like– *Ghost says boo* what is that… what is that…
what the heck is that? is that… holy hell!? oh my god… what is that!? Ghost: BOO! no… what do you want!? i did not spend 30 years in Iraq just to chase people in a white sheet what? I’m out okay bye so yeah that’s literally the amount of
credibility that these guys have I RECORDED MYSELF SLEEPING IN THE HAUNTED
BILTMORE HOTEL AND CAUGHT THIS ON CAMERA! it’s 2018 so video titles yell at
you so in this video they’re doing a Ouija board session and as you can see
the camera light dims I know you can’t see it but I’m actually making very big
air quotes right now and then some smoke appears and the planchette goes flying
right off the bat that just looks very obviously edited so let’s look at the
second angle provided by Omargosh and Oh would you look at that the light
doesn’t seem to dim there it’s almost like they’re making edits for dramatic
effect hmm and then we get to the smoky smoke part
normally you would expect the smoke to actually move or dissipate as his hand
moves and it creates you know movement in the air that doesn’t happen the smoke
just ran just disappears and you think oh maybe the camera just doesn’t pick up
that because you know his hands moving too fast but no you should have
something of residual smoke floating around somewhere around his hand and
that doesn’t happen on either camera it just looks to me like they just yeah
made the smoke disappear because that’s easier to edit that way and because
everything’s happening so fast no one pays attention to it anyway another
thing to take away from these clips is that you can clearly see that his hand
is moving the planchette and not the planchette moving his hand so I suppose
you could claim that’s because the planchette got hot but he says yeah it
just moves up moved on its own and we can clearly see that that is not the
case here anyway later on I decided to check out
oh my gosh this channel I was expecting to see the usual magic tricks with like
all things disappearing and moving around and whatnot because you know they
got a third person out there with them who doesn’t have a camera and it’s just
like moving things around in the background and all that in their haunted
house in the woods video they claimed to see a ghost right but more importantly
the video is uncut which means that they may have made some mistakes and if they
did they wouldn’t be able to cut them out which means it’s a lot harder for
them to do their magic tricks but it’s also easier for us to spot the mistakes
that they made so at about 18:40 you can see that there are four people right you
can see their locations and you can see oh my gosh moving away from them while
they are talking to the camera but at 19:38 you can actually see that there’s a
fifth person who doesn’t have a camera and suspiciously also doesn’t have a
light as soon as he pans the camera over there he quickly pans it back probably
because he realizes that oh shit he just showed the other person who they’re not
who you’re not supposed to see right but yeah let’s be real that’s kind of a fake
lead right it looks like a person to me but it
might as well just be a sign or something else I still wanted to point
that out because it’s sort of like finding the Illuminati headquarters
except that it’s a guy in a white hoodie who helps people create the fake ghost
videos so in summary they don’t really
encounter a ghost every week they just keep repeating the
same magic tricks and it goes a little something like this look it’s
a smiley on a tree let’s imagine it’s like a satanic symbol or something
right you know sign of the devil so what am I gonna do I’m gonna go over here
talk to my friends turn around a little bit disorient you and suddenly I’m at
the tree again it’s actually a different tree but you don’t know that right same
three guys trust me a claim it’s the same tree instead of the smiley it’s got
a fucking hole in it okay but you know you don’t know that it’s there okay I go
talk to my friends again. by the way pay attention to my phone lying right over
there and the smiley right there okay it’s my it’s Smiley’s back guys so if
all was right there what’s gonna happen next I panned my camera quickly oh look guys the phone moved it’s fucking
magic trust me I’m not there’s nobody else here look everywhere nobody else
magic trick so I’m gonna talk to my friends again disorient you a little bit
so you don’t know exactly what’s going on and yeah as you can see well the
phone’s turned around how did that happen it’s not like I’m standing right
next to it magic trust me guys it’s it’s not
conspicuous at all but yeah oh look it’s a ghost on the phone what the hell was
that oh okay and the ghost having his fucking seizure
yeah I said that too soon but you know you get the message right it’s a haunted
phone trust me so yeah that’s how they do their magic tricks just very very the
usual basic magic tricks that’s all this channel is guys so yeah
that was it for Joe Weller’s haunted mental asylum debunked 4 or
whatever the hell this is please let me know in the comments what you guys think
did you already believe that it was fake or did you believe that it was real and
changed your mind or do you still believe it’s real whatever be sure to
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