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September 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

People of Furfuri town, give me this city, I would like to make a world class amusement park over here. Then where will we stay? Don’t worry about that, I will arrange a place and build houses for you all somewhere else. No, we will not leave Furfuri town and go. Yes, this city is our heart, we will not leave this city. Why you people want to become a hero, when nobody else is saying something? Brothers, just take care of them. Goons of the builder, how dare? You are threatening us? Here take this. Hey Changu Mangu, I told you all, don’t raise hands on them. Come on, go away from here. And don’t show your face here after. Nothing to worry, I apologize on behalf of them. I liked it that you people love your city so much. About the park that can be build somewhere else, you all should get the best citizen award of Furfuri town. John, I want this Furfuri town, I want this place by any means. Until and unless Motu Patlu and his friends are there, we will not be able to vacate this place. I don’t like to listen no from anybody, here take this and vacate this place by all means. But see to it that my name doesn’t come anywhere. Work will be done, it will be done, nobody can stop to vacate Furfuri town. Not me also, bye bye. With so much money, I will become super Don!! Wow! In my devilish mind, some devil idea has come. What is that idea boss? I will scare Motu, Patlu, Tea maker, Jhatka, Ghasitaram and Chingam by becoming a ghost. Once these people runs away, rest full city will also run away. Then everything will be ours, John will become the Don!! Wow boss!! What an idea!! These people are protecting the Furfuri town. If they run rest everybody will run, then the full city will be empty. Who is it? What is happening? We need some vessels to cook food, hope you don’t mind. If you want, you can also join us. We are ghost from black mountain. Ghost!!! Hey Motu Patlu, open the door!! Ghost!! Why are you making so much noise in the night? What happened brother? Where did you see the ghost? Ghost is there outside, they took my vessels, they are partying. Haha! Like a child you are scared of ghost. Hey brother, don’t get scared, there is no ghost. Haha!! You must have seen a bad dream. Who is playing this music? It must be him. Oh, god! He has come here also. So far I was saying in different language or what? Help!! Ghost!! Run this side. No run that side. No, neither this side nor that side, where will we run? Ghost!! Motu Patlu, ghost!! Look there. Brother, we need little sugar for the tea. Sugar is finished. Run!! Now Chingam and Jhatka are left, let’s go and finish them too. Why fear? When Chingam is here. I will just check, where the ghost is. Motu Patlu, don’t get scared, I will catch the ghost and will meet you at Jhatka’s house. Sir, you are the hope of this country. You are not afraid of ghost also. Who is taking my jeep? Without my permission. Hey, stop!! Swear you on law, swear you on mother India. Oh my god!! Jeep without a driver? Oh my god!! There is a ghost in the jeep. It will come here, quickly, hide. We know that there are no ghosts, somebody is trying to scare us, now relax and think who? Who will get the benefit, if we run away from this place? It is only the builder. So with the help of John, he is trying to scare us away from here. Motu, my brother, my friend, if they are scaring us by fake ghost. Then we can also become fake ghost and scare them. I have got a powder, If you put it on your body, your body becomes invisible. Idea! We will scare them so much that they will accept their fault. Listen to my plan. You look very happy, I think you have succeeded in your mission. Motu Patlu, Boxer and the Tea maker are so scared that tomorrow they will not be seen here. Along with them Jhatka and Ghasitaram will also run away. Then there will be no one to support the people. John, please save me, there are ghost in the city. Seeing them Motu Patlu and Chingam got so much scared, that they died and returned as ghost. What are you talking? We scare the people. Big brother don’t run. Oh! John is also here, we will take them also along with us. We will make them ghost and take them along with us. They are really ghost!! Hey John, it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, but now you don’t worry. We will make you a ghost and take you along with us and we will live together as ghost happily. No, don’t turn me in to a ghost. Mummy!! Help!! Why did you scare them so much that they all became ghost? John has not scared us, ghost has come in Furfuri town. Now we all will make you ghost and take you along with us, you all are very good people. No, we are bad people. John tried to scare you people, this was his idea. So that you people will run away from this town. Forgive us. Forgive us once, please!! Don’t feel bad, before making you all ghost we have to dance for a while. Don’t dance, please don’t dance, stop it. Chingam sir put us in the jail, but you yourself are a ghost, where is Hera Feri? Please call them. Ghosts have forgive you all, but Chingam will not forgive you. Because, it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. This is cheating, you all have cheated innocent people like us. Hahaha!!!