Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | The gang of thugs | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | The gang of thugs | Wow Kidz

November 25, 2019 100 By William Hollis

Motu sir, will you take this shampoo? This is a special shampoo, once you purchase this and it will never get over. You crack a good joke. No, I am not joking, I am saying the truth. Just for once purchase it and see. Why are you putting dust in my eyes in daytime? I am not going to get fooled by your talks. Go away from here and let me take the shower bath. But at least for once try the sample, take it just use it and see. Big brother this is not washing off only, what do I do? Get over with this. had told you earlier only Motu Sir that this shampoo will never get over. You just had to put one drop only on your head but you poured so much out of it. Then what I will have to stay my entire life like this with the shampoo suds on me? No, it is nothing like that, you just wash it off properly for once. Wash it again and again then you will be washed away. Big brother, the shampoo is really wonderful, for how much are you selling it? Not much only two thousand. Because today is your lucky day I am giving it to you in two thousand only. Patlu, I have purchased this shampoo in two thousand. Someone fooled you. He has become a fool or are you thinking me to be a fool. You never like any things I purchase, go away I will not talk to you. Come, take the flutes which can make things fly. Traveler, where is your mind here is the magical flute seller. Don’t recite poetry brother tell everything clearly, what can these flutes? And how can it do that? Just show me a demonstration. Hey very good big brother, did this hat really fly from the tunes of this flute? You are a strange man, you do not believe what you see with your own eyes also. No, I do believe but the hat can fly up due to the wind also. Will you please give me one of these? Yes, why not I am here to sell these only, tell me which one do you want? The small one is for five thousand and the big one for ten thousand. Then give me the big one only but will it work or not when I play it? Why not? If your day is good it will surely work. As such if you want you can play the flute and check for yourself. Even a car blow by playing big flute. Now I will show this flute to Patlu and he will be very happy. Boss, I cannot understand how come people cannot see the ropes tied to the car? These are special ropes, they can be seen only through special type of glasses. Take these glasses you will be able to see the ropes. Let’s pick up this plastic car and get away from here quickly. Patlu you don’t listen to me, just for once try this shampoo. This is a never ending magical shampoo. It means you will not accept it unless I use it, bring give me, I will use and see it now. Now has the mind’s door opened or still it is locked up? I think this shampoo seller has really made me a fool. But this flute works for sure, come with me I will show you. Brothers and sisters, look at the miracle of my magical flute. I will make boxer brother’s car fly in air. Hey Motu! Is your mind defective? You will make my car fly in air. Come-on make it fly and if it does not fly than I will surely make you both fly in air. Now I will show you the real magic of flying, take this. Hey why do you purchase all these wrong types of things? And get me also beaten up along with you. Saw Patlu? You are flying due to the tunes of the flute. Hey I am not flying because of the flute but because of the Boxer’s punch. Still you haven’t understood that some conman has fooled you. My brain does not work on an empty stomach, you only think of something. Idea! Let’s go to Dr. Jhatka. This gang has looted half the people Furfuri town. Swear on my patients, take this flying horse and this is its remote. You just find out this time around where he is setting up his trap. Hey this horse flies, if I get this horse then I can become the richest man on Earth. Brother, your horse is very nice, it can fly also. Will you give this horse to me? No, I cannot give you this horse this is only for needful people. Who do not have proper transporting to reach anywhere. Then you please give me this big horse, I am really in need of it. I live on the other side of the mountain, my parents are very sick. I find lot of trouble in coming and going to bring their medicines. Big brother your trouble seems very big but you cannot even purchase this horse also. I had purchased this horse in one billion. If I give it to anyone I will at least take one billion from him. But where will you get one billion from? Yes I do have one billion, I will bring it right now. Take this brother, here is one billion Ok big brother form today this horse is yours. Just sit on this horse and say “Go horse, fly ” and it will fly Now I will also fly, I mean I will also leave. Go my horse, fly. Go my horse, fly. Go my horse, fly. Boss it seems these wings are made of metal. Hey this horse is robotic, catch, where is that man? Boss with him all your life’s savings has also gone. Boss, this man is more smarter than you, you a conman and he is a big conman. You are destroyed. I will not leave that conman. Stop it, stop distributing my money to people, you conman, you sold me a fake horse. I will not leave you! Conman brother we are distributing the money to those people. Whom you duped by selling shampoo and flutes. The name is Chingam, inspector Chingam and it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web. You are under arrest. No, first we will make him fly without the tune of flute. And we will make suds on him without shampoo. Than you take him to prison.