MTV Cribs Parody! – Paranormal Activity!? (The Ghost of Dr.Mart)  [English Subtitles!]

MTV Cribs Parody! – Paranormal Activity!? (The Ghost of Dr.Mart) [English Subtitles!]

November 20, 2019 6 By William Hollis

What up yo, welcome to my crib! Come on in, I am gonna show you guys, come! Y’know, my freaking garden! This is it. F*cking delicious water, You know it! Super delicious, super nice. and here, come come come! Come on and look how I— Cut that out. Look at this freaking punching bag! Yeah! a second fountain , two fountains, I’m so rich— No I’m not that rich— no F*ck it, I have gold bars in my room mate! You know, these birds, I taught them how to speak mate. These birds came all the way from Dubai y’know. These are worth gold bars. I swear, I really taught them how to speak. “Piss off man” My jacuzzi, this is my jacuzzi. I can turn that shit on, where are my lights? where are them lights? 39 to 40 degree celsius all the time, no problem mate. I can dive into this every single day. Can you imagine chilling everyday, just chilling y’know I don’t even have to do anything. What are you waiting for, come in. Look, this is my freaking Cool Crib! My freaking sauna you know it. if it’s cold, Sauna, when I’m not tanned enough, tanning bed. Jupiler lamp, drink a lot it’s good for you. We’re going out again. Of course a crib like this has a lot of chicks, come on I’ll show you. My f*cking chicks you know it. I got 5 or so, freaking 5 chicks! Not freaking normal. Come on come on, I’ll show you guys some good shit. Yoo, we’re now in my basement. This thing has been used by my grandfather when he butchered a cow. You can see it here. This creepy shit, You know how all that shit works— I know it can be creepy here but.. F*ck it lets just continue, lets just go on. Okay, I’m now gonna tell you guys about this freaking great steering wheel. My grandpa’s great great great grandpa was a freaking pirate. What the f are you looking at? I swear it shouldn’t get any more crazy than this.. I am slowly going pretty crazy from this. No no this is not nice.. I really find this— stop stop filming. Yoo here’s my Pool table, you know it. it’s under the sheet. it’s pretty, f*cking nice right? Dude dude really.. I don’t know what’s going on here I swear. I just get a sick feeling. I swear I really don’t like this. Okay this was my f*cking basement man, as you can see it all looked super great— Shit Shit shit shit shit! OH SHIT! Come come, shit shit shit! rcome on! F*ck! I just don’t feel nice anymore. Oh shit.. “Tea” What is this?.. Who the f*ck are you guys? Who the f*ck are YOU? Who are you? What are you doing in my back yard? is this your backyard? This is my back yard. This is my crib, but some messed up shit happened. Do you know what the f*ck is going on here? uhh I know very well what’s going on. , My ex partner Mart is haunting this place. haunting… She recently died here.. What do you mean, this is my backyard , what could have happened? So, what happened here? My ex partner drowned in this fountain. but how? Well, with the previous owners, she filled the fountain with Tea cause she wanted to bathe in it. and she after that, drowned in it.. Who does such a thing? Dr. Mart. But you’re saying this fountain is filled with tea? That’s correct. Now it all matches up.. The water already didn’t taste like water… it was tea… it makes sense now, everything is just…f*cked up.. How did those candles get lit!? Oh uh- I just lit those candles. Oh okay then it’s good. What chips do you like most? I think the ones from that italian, in that video where he puts the Dorito’s in sauce— “Lets check in the cards” Lets check in the cards.