Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries invites us into her home in  LA | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries invites us into her home in LA | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

December 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Bonjour Vogue, welcome to LA. I’m getting ready
for the Louis Vuitton event tonight. Come in! Welcome, this is my home. “Let’s get started” My favorite thing about living in Los Angeles
is the weather. It’s a stereotypical thing to say,
but it’s a stereotype for a reason because the weather is beautiful and sunny. Fashion in LA feels a little bit more relaxed
and laid back than everywhere else. There’s something about
going to Paris or New York that feels a little bit more sophisticated to me and I definitely put
a little bit more of an effort in, it feels more right to wear little baby heels
when you’re walking the streets in Paris. Okay, so now we’re getting ready for the event. As you can see, I have big hair rollers in my hair and we’re going to do sort of a simple,
clean, fresh makeup. There’s a lot of beauty products
that I carry with me. I always have powder
and a lip depending on what the lip color is. One of the many makeup tricks that I’ve learned
over the years from makeup artists, I have become obsessed with using
these little sponges. When you wet it and then put the foundation on it, it just looks a little bit more natural,
in my opinion. And it also puts moisture back into your face
along with the product. I’m so bummed, my dog is at the vet right now
and I really want her to be home. So I’m going to call and check on her
and see where she is. I’m on my way back,
but I’m like probably 10 minutes away or less. Okay, great. We’ll see you soon.
We’re really excited for Maverick to come home. My dog has her own Instagram
and I’m going to show you. “She’s beautiful” “She’s my little girl” Cheesy. For my manicure, I was actually inspired. I stole her nails. When I saw her nails, I copied them. I wish I could take credit,
but this was not an original idea. I’m a thief. To be honest, the reason why I liked her nails
and why I wanted to steal them was because they reminded me a lot
of Nicolas Ghesquière’s collections. One of my favorite things about him
is that he stays true to the brand, to Vuitton, and always has a fresh, futuristic, New Age
and yet nostalgic kind of like ’80s energy towards every single piece that he makes. I think tonight we’re just going to go
for a ponytail. Hey, hey relax. It’s because there are so many strangers. Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re okay. So this is the little troublemaker, Maverick. Bang! Good girl, there’s a good girl. You want a treat? Sit, props, thank you. There’s a good girl. “Ok, we’ve finished with the makeup” Summer in LA… this is a beautiful color, I wish I could wear it,
but I feel like it’s too hot for the summer here. But maybe I’ll steal this for the fall,
put it in my closet. “This is what we’ve chosen” My outfit is futuristic and modern
and surprisingly comfortable. These are heels,
but I’m very comfortable in these heels. My worst fashion faux pas? What I’ve learned in recent years is that it’s not really a mistake as long as you feel good
and comfortable and happy in that moment. That’s what fashion is, it’s self-expression and sometimes you look back and you think
“I probably could have done better, but at that moment, in that time and place,
I felt happy and I thought I made the right decision, so I don’t regret it”. Okay, bye Vogue. Thank you for getting ready with me. I’ll see you at the show. And don’t forget to subscribe.