Ntsuj Spirit Message for Xyoo Tsiab 2019 (with English Subtitle)

December 15, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Happy New Year 2019 This is Ntsuj Spirit youtube Channel I am SaraLee I am happy to meet you all again for the new year! Thank You all for taking the time to listen to my speech And to learn, understand and open yourself up Open your heart and mind to a world of peace, love and light To bring in the happiness and goodness into your life into the future The year 2018 has ended and the year 2019 has just begun Think about what your goals are for this year…. What are you going to do… How are you going to do it to reach your goals? Nothing in life is easy… It cannot be achieve in a blink of an eye… You have to open your heart, have patience and determination.. Take each step so that You won’t fall down so hard Stay focus and determined to reach it Life is not easy… The road is rocky and long But…look to the horizon.. You will reach it.. For 2019… I just have some things that I want to make you aware of… to keep in mind… For the friends, our elderly, mother, fathers, couples, and our children… Living life, we really don’t know how long Don;t know the day we are going to leave… When the time comes, we have to leave… Don’t be sad… we cannot hold back time, hold onto life… But… But if it is not your time yet… Please be aware Please pay attention To your life, yourself, the road you are taking… So that you will not meet an ill fate and trouble along the way illness and disease death and dying for this coming year… If you have bad dreams… pay heed to them You have to watch out and observe, meaning not do certain things Do not go and do, observe until it is certain to have pass or remove yourself completely from the situation… The spiritual side, spirits are already warning you There is something that is about to go down, which you may not be able to avoid If you do not stop yourself to reflect and take caution If you cannot definitely avoid this issue, spirit will not warn you… It will not show you in dreams.. usually if they did then there is something that you can do to stop it from happening There is a possiblity, a way Or something that can help you to avoid this problem… Regardless, of what you choose to do, you should always be cautious Prolong your life through this year to the next If you are planning to go places, watch your back and keep an eye on your surroundings If it is not necessary to go, just stay.. The world is unsettled at this time Don’t know the time and place Someone not well Someone mentally unstable will decide to come hurt another Even in the home, learn to speak nicer to each other, to understand each other don’t create arguments and problems Don’t go do something bad to others…. your life will be much better and happier There will be no trouble no problems for you If you cannot live in the same house or stay together anymore…let each other go and move on Don’t Fight and kill each other Lastly…. I just want to say… remember to Love yourself FIRST That way you will not be angry at someone If they decide not to love you in return This is for In regards to friendship, love relationships, marriages, parents and children Don’t hold someone higher than you, yourself When they cannot return the love, cannot give as you give them Then you will feel unwanted, unloved, sad and depressed, angry as a result As a human being, we should not do and think that way So that we can live a happier life for ourselves You don’t owe me and I don’t owe You either Happy New Year Sending Only the Good and the light To everyone of You We will meet again… Happy New Year!