Our SCARIEST Paranormal Investigation EVER Goes Horribly Wrong… (SCARY ENCOUNTER CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

September 7, 2019 0 By William Hollis

And since you guys
don’t have anyone with you that knows how to close
something that you might open? Yeah, this is, like, not a
safe situation at this point. I’m saying that to– I don’t want to be on film. Is that OK? Can we not film me? That’s OK. You think she’s up here? She’s in here
somewhere, I think. [EVIL LAUGHTER] Who do you think
she’s talking to? Dude? What the? Someone walking around. They’re not allowed
anywhere here. What is up, evil crew? Today we are heading out to one
of the most haunted locations in the entire world. And you won’t believe
what we experienced. But things didn’t go as planned. Watch until the end to see
everything that happened. Before we jump into the video,
we must give a huge thank you to all of our top patrons and
a special mention to Ody Slim. Thank you to Branden,
howtorock178, Heavy Metal, Clarence, Andrew, Journeyer
John, Rick, Craig, Joshua, Dennis, and Damie. Thank you guys so much. Without you, this video
would not have been possible. Now let’s go. We arrived at our destination,
The Washoe Club, well known to be one of the world’s
most haunted locations. What are we doing? Chilling. Right, Emma? Yep. This is the same exact
building that Ghost Adventures has returned to
investigate three times due to how much paranormal activity
they’ve experienced there. Right off the bat,
something wasn’t right. We had to wait outside while
an angry woman was loading up her vehicle with a
sleeping bag and pillows from inside The Washoe Club. We didn’t realize
it at the time, but this was going to have
a huge effect on our night. We ignored it and
waited to go inside. Are you going to be scared? I don’t believe in
ghosts or spirits. A demon is going to
possess Lily and eat her and then I’m going to
run away terrified. You going to be scared to
go by yourself in there? Yes, I’m going to
be terrified and I’m going to be super scared. I think that it’s going to
be pretty scary in there, but I think I’m going to be OK. I don’t think I’m going to get
eaten by a demon like Audrey’s saying. I don’t know what she’s
talking about, guys. She’s so mean to me. Emma, on the other
hand, she’s a little sensitive to paranormal
stuff, so you never know what’s going
to happen with her. What do you think, Emma? OK, guys. I think we’re going to see some
really scary stuff in there and I’m ready. Are you guys ready? I’m ready. And I think you’re going
to pee your pants, Emma. I’m ready. OK. But mom told me the story
about the, like, place. And are you scared? And also, I think dad’s going
to pee his pants in there. I might. I might, actually. So I don’t think anything’s
going to happen in there, guys, but I’m going in there
with an open mind. We’re going to wait
and see what happens. You guys ready to go? Let’s go. Hey, dad. OK. My name is Zach. (LAUGHING) OK. And the spirits were calling
me here for a long time. That’s why we’re here, because
the spirits called me here. We’re going in. I don’t know if I can
[INAUDIBLE] to this. I feel so stupid. All right. Let’s go. We’re going for the big guns! We were finally able
to enter the club and start bringing in our gear,
but it was 20 minutes late. We had paid to rent the
entire building to ourselves for the entire night. Our goal was to spend 24
hours in this building, but you’ll soon see why
this didn’t work out. We loaded in our gear,
which included a Ouija board for a 3:00 AM challenge. After the angry woman spotted
the Ouija board on the table, she literally flipped out. Unfortunately, we
only caught the end of this first
interaction on video, but this was only the beginning. The Ouija board? I don’t think so. They’re not allowed. We didn’t know that. Yeah, that’s OK. Now first of all,
nothing on the website tells you Ouija boards aren’t
welcome before booking. We didn’t have any problem,
though, with taking it back to the car, so we
thought it would be over. But we were very wrong. We can’t have the Ouija board. So, guys, you can’t
really contact them. We’re just going to
have to sit there. Try to talk to them
through our mouths. Might work if speak
through our noses. And since you guys don’t
have anyone with you that knows how to close
something that you might open. (WHISPERING) Don’t
want to do that. But the one’s that we have
here, we’re familiar with them. And if you want to
talk to them, you can. You can hear them talk to you
sometimes and things like that. But yeah, that’s
not a way you want to open that communication. Too dangerous? Yeah. I mean, it seems silly because
you can buy them at Toys”R”Us. It seems like it
should just be fun, but it does open communication
and invite things in. And it might seem like
they’re not dangerous, but they really are. We’ve already got so, so
many spirits and things here that you don’t want to
have to deal with that. The Crypt. Did you guys hear
about The Crypt? So The Crypt, they call it that. It was an old wine cellar. And back in the day,
when it was– it gets really cold
here in the winter and the ground would freeze. So if anyone passed
away in the winter, the ground was too
cold to bury them. It was frozen. So they would keep
them in the cold areas. So there was one
time that there– I think the most
they had back there were 77 bodies were stored
in there until spring came and they could bury them. It’s busy back there, but a
lot of people find it peaceful. You say you don’t go in there? I do not go in there ever. Normally, I don’t even
like to look in the door because I always feel like
something’s staring at me. You ever experience
anything here? Yes. The most common
thing, because I close at night and the last tours are
either 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock at night, and there’s
a lot of times that I’ll hear footsteps
and talking upstairs like you do throughout the times
when there’s tours going on. But then I realize it’s 11
o’clock and there’s no tour. Or Monday nights, there’s
no tours, and I’m like, it’s Monday and there’s
footsteps and talking upstairs. What was that? Yeah, what was that? Is there somebody out there? It was something on the camera. No, it wasn’t. I don’t normally ever
go in here either. I let the tour guides do that. All right. Well– That’s a good,
interesting start. Interesting start already. That’s a good start, yeah. Yeah. We always have people say,
oh, do you set things up? Or do you rig it to do whatever? We don’t need to. It’s so busy here all the
time, we don’t need to. We did have a bartender who
committed suicide upstairs in 1984. His son and a friend
were out playing and on the other
side of the mountain, there was an open
mine, I believe. I– OK, that’s just the breeze. There was an open
mine and he fell in, and the little boy and he died. And I believe his name is Peter. And a lot of people say that
they see a little boy up there. The bartender’s name was Scotty. So there’s one
room up there where you definitely kind of feel
sad, but it’s kind of busy. There’s a little girl who
passed away and she’s here too. There was an explosion
next door and it killed, I think, 12 people,
I want to say. Woah. Our Blue Lady is Lena, and
she died on the staircase. So anyone that gets a picture
of Lena, it’s always blue. [DOOR CREAKING] That’s just the wind. There’s a lady that goes
in and out of the ballroom quite a lot. If you’re in the ballroom– it kind of adds to the effect
of it there, doesn’t it? Yeah. The ballroom is really peaceful. The second door– [DOOR CREAKING] –is pretty– is
pretty peaceful, but lots of footsteps. And you’ll see things. Drop that. You got to put in in your car. They’re not allowed
anywhere here. As you can see
here, we immediately removed the Ouija
board from the building to be respectful
of their wishes. You guys have bad
experience with them? No. It’s just the only way
Ouija board that’s allowed is the one that’s signed
by Zak Bagans and them, and you’ll actually
have to ask people before you can take footage
of them for your stuff. Oh, OK. My god, this is like
horrible experience. What’s the– why coming
across so freaking harsh? Now we want to make
something very clear. The woman we were talking to
right here was extremely nice and was also very embarrassed
of her co-worker’s behavior. She apologized over
and over again, even though it wasn’t
her fault, and kept trying to make it right. But the other lady wasn’t
finished at all yet. Sounds like she’s
upset because she was going to sleep here
tonight and now she’s got to sleep in her car. And somehow, we’re going to
get the brunt end of that. There’s somebody else
coming right now, guys. OK, so it feels really
uncomfortable now. I don’t know why she’s
coming off so harsh. I guess she was going
to sleep in here, guys, but that’s not our fault
that she sleeps here. We just wanted to
investigate here, guys. But I don’t know. We’ll update you. Somebody else is here. I think she’s angry because
she was going to sleep here and then I guess– I don’t understand though
because we literally paid to be here. So getting treated like
that is kind of unfair. They’re coming back. Oh no. We were waiting to get
locked in for the night and it was getting really
late at this point. We didn’t know it at the
time, but the angry woman was now berating [INAUDIBLE] mom
outside about the Ouija board, even though we removed
it from the building and put it in our vehicle. We really didn’t
care about it though, and we just wanted
to drop the issue so we could start
our investigation, but yet again, she wasn’t done. So I was coming back
into the bar of the club and I had just put
the Ouija board in the trunk, the
banned Ouija board. I see the crazy woman. She’s moving quickly
behind the bar and as soon as I
get in there, she’s letting me know
that she’s calling the manager and the
owner to tell them that we had a Ouija board to
verify that it wasn’t supposed to be there. And she was letting me know
that if we had the Ouija board in the club and
they saw it via camera that we would get kicked out. She then wanted
to know what kind of paranormal investigators
we really were. I’m [? Zak Bagans ?]
and I’m back. I wasn’t sure how to respond. And then she started demanding
that I name the top 10 locations we’ve been to. I, again, wasn’t
sure what to say. When I didn’t answer,
then she started shouting, give me at least one! I was kind of, you
know– at this point, I was a little scared of her. She was really acting
off her rocker. And I couldn’t
think of one still. So I was speechless. I then mumbled
something about, we only go to certain locations,
and I walked away. I was done. One thing we found
ironic is that there was a display case
with a couple who died during a domestic dispute. We can’t tell you
any more details or we will get demonetized,
but next to their picture, there were two or Ouija boards. All we wanted her to
do was leave so we could get on with our video. Then this happened. They open portals
here and then we have to deal with the aftermath. Sorry if I was
harsh about that– It’s OK. I don’t mind. But I heard that you thought
I was being harsh with you. Well, just over– because
you said I was filming here and you kind of, like,
freaked out on me about it. It’s no big deal. Well, you just
have to ask people if you want to film them. That’s the way it kind of
goes with a lot of things. But if you ask, it’s cool. Don’t you get filmed all day
with the tour guides, though? No, I don’t get filmed
all day as a tour guide because when I go upstairs,
that’s when they start filming, and I say you can use
camera, you can use photos, you can use video, it
is allowed on my tours. This isn’t my tour. This is my spare time. I’m not even getting
paid for this. I stayed here so I
could show you guys the ropes on my own
free time, you know? Like, I’m not trying to
be a jerk here at all. I’m trying to help you guys
out so you guys can stay over the night and know what
you guys [INAUDIBLE].. Yeah. Usually, it says in
a private business, you have to have
permission to film. And I asked for permission
and it was OK and that’s– For her. –the whole reason we’re here– You asked– –is to film, you know. If it’s that big of a
deal, let’s forget it. It’s not a big deal. Let’s let it go. Is that the– Well, I don’t want you to
have ill feeling about me when I leave because I
literally stayed here so I could do stuff
for you without getting paid so I could show you guys. I was even going to do
a tour, but, you know, everybody’s upset
at me right now and I just feel a little
bit bombarded about that. Because the thing is is that’s
the only Ouija board that’s allowed in this building
and when I brought that up, it was kind of like a sour note. And it’s like, you should always
ask what equipment you bring in here, if it’s allowed, before
you come to a haunted place just because a lot of people
have stipulations with stuff that signifies witchcraft. It was nothing
[INAUDIBLE] child’s play, but what I was thinking is if it
was, you know– if you’re going to come ghost hunting, you would
be able to use ghost hunting stuff to hunt the ghosts. But a lot of
investigators actually don’t use Ouija boards. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That was his first time
ever coming here in 2004. And I’m just letting you know. Ever since then, whatever
they did up there with the Ouija board wasn’t
good for the building itself, so they asked– [INAUDIBLE] We just keep it there
with the signatures on it. Nobody’s playing with it. There’s nobody touching it. It’s clearly just a
kid’s toy, but it’s OK. I don’t even really
care about that. I just think there’s a nice
way you could say, hey, you know what? That’s not allowed. I’ll just say, oh, no big deal. We’ll get it out of your way. And if there’s something
like that then– I– said that. I said this isn’t allowed. No, you didn’t say it like that. You said it extremely– How did I say it? The Ouija board? I don’t think so. Grab that. You got to put it in your car. Sorry. [INTERPOSING VOICES] This is really, really stupid. Did she sound extremely rude? Did you guys– did she
sound extremely rude? We don’t even want
to argue with you. We’re trying to make a video,
but you’re kind of, like– Well, I mean, OK. But we did just
drop, like, $520. Yeah, I know. I know. And all this talk of
staying here for free, I don’t know, man. I mean, if we knew it was
going to be this big of a deal, we probably would have
just called it off because it’s put a damper
on the entire night. I’m just trying to
apologize to you right now. And it’s going completely sour. I think that you’ve
had a few drinks and you’re feeling a little– I actually have had one drink
tonight, my after-shifter. I finished at 7 PM. It’s OK. And then I stayed
here to help you guys. We don’t come here to
argue with people, though. That’s the thing. We come here to try to
have fun with our family, and you came off
extremely rude about it. And that’s all it was. And it’s not a big– I don’t have any ill will– But I’m just coming to– I don’t have any ill
will towards you. But I’m literally coming
to apologize to you and you’re getting mad at me. No, no. You just– I’m sorry. No, no. You just came in
here being rude. I don’t understand. I don’t have any
ill will toward you. This is a really
strange environment. Yeah. We’re literally dealing with
drunks here at this place. [INAUDIBLE] I know. Can we get a refund? Have you talked to the owner? Um, no. The owner didn’t answer. We tried to talk to the owner. We have to do a
chargeback on that? There’s no reason
to have ill will. No, she’s coming in here
looking for an argument. This freaking idea of a– I want to leave. I don’t even want to stay
here and do a video anymore. It’s ruined the mood,
like, completely. I know, man. No Ouija boards
allowed, no big deal. Just say it on your website. We don’t care about the– [INAUDIBLE] just really
came off the camera. [INAUDIBLE] after I
asked if we could film. And we’re here to film. That’s the whole point
of us being here. I don’t want to stay here. [INAUDIBLE] Maybe should just get
our money back and leave. I feel sketched as hell
because she’s totally drunk. Who knows what she’s capable of. I could smell the booze. I mean, I’m trying to be
nice still, even after. I’m just trying to explain. It’s not like we’re
trying to be rude at all. We’re trying to be nice. Even now, I don’t really
care about the Ouija board. I honestly don’t care. We dropped it. We already said
it multiple times. Yeah, this is not a safe
situation at this point. This guy Zak Bagans is coming
here and doing his little Ouija board, you know what I mean? He paid probably the
same amount as we did to do his Ouija board. Dude, we paid $520 and now
she’s going to keep telling us how she did something
for free for us. I don’t understand what
the argument’s about. It’s not our fault the owner
doesn’t pay her for this. How is that our fault? Yeah, I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. It’s a really weird environment. This is really not a nice
environment to try to– we’re supposed to make videos, man. Yeah. And we can’t have
people freaking out on you about filming. Now I’m thinking they’re
going to be outside sleeping in their car, you know I mean? It makes me feel so
uncomfortable, so uncomfortable. Did she get the
owner’s phone number? No. She messaged and gave my phone
number and said to contact me. But he’s MIA. That seems really
unprofessional. So this is like the most
unprofessional experience I think I’ve ever had. I mean, you don’t
have people pay that amount of money and then– Treat them like garbage. Yeah. Can we leave before we get– What’s that? [INTERPOSING VOICES] Well, I know the other
lady was upset with her. But the other lady’s only
been here for two months. She was actually the
nice one, though. I felt bad for even putting
her in that position. Does that lady have
a key to this place? I mean, can she just come
in whenever she wants? I don’t know. [INAUDIBLE] if you call Scott,
Scott, the owner, will let you know the rules, if you want
like [INAUDIBLE] told me. About the Ouija board? Do you need to talk to him? [INAUDIBLE] what do you
think about everything? Well, if you want, you’re more
than welcome to call the owner and talk to him. I called the head
bartender to tell him your [INAUDIBLE] about the
stuff that was going on. I said that I took
you guys upstairs and I showed you
everything and that you were upset about the
way that I talked to you and also about the Ouija
board and I left a note. We’re not upset about
the Ouija board. I know you’ve said it
[? multiple ?] [? times. ?] Totally don’t care
about the Ouija board. Not even caring about
the Ouija board. Really don’t care about that. We just– The Ouija board is a game. We just think it was
just something fun. It’s literally just a
kid’s toy, we think. So that was all it is. We totally weren’t trying
to bring the Ouija board in, do anything bad. But now you’re making
a film out of this and it’s like this is
my personal well-being. And I’m a volunteer
here from Canada. I just volunteer my time
here and I help out. And I really do not
want to be on film. And I’m saying that to– I don’t want to be on film. Is that OK? Can we not film me? Thank you. Chill out. You said it was OK. I’ll give you my permission. That’s fine. That’s totally cool. See, you’re doing it again. You’re literally freaking out. Just chill out, dude. Why are you so freaking angry? I’m not being angry right now. Yeah, you are. [INAUDIBLE] I know, I know. Oh my god. I don’t understand. Just chill out. There’s really– let’s just– [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yeah. I really don’t
feel comfortable– Does she have a key –knowing that she’s– No. –going be sleeping
outside here and stuff. I mean, she’s
sketching us out, man. I mean, big time. She’s drunk and who knows
what, you know what I mean? I made her feel bad, I’m sorry. Because I was like
[INAUDIBLE] not OK with that. [INAUDIBLE] to be a
better [INAUDIBLE].. No, it’s not your fault. Yeah, she’s not
your fault at all. She’s looking for a fight. She’s drunk. I smell the alcohol. I could smell it. She said she had a drink. I don’t drink, so I
could totally smell it. She’s drunk. And that’s OK. There’s no hard feelings. I have no hard
feelings towards her. I don’t know why she’s got
to keep getting aggressive. I guess [? she’s ?] drunk. Yeah. She’s totally acting drunk. She said we could film her
just a second ago after I [INAUDIBLE] she said I don’t
really care if you film me, so I filmed her. Now she’s saying she doesn’t
want to be filmed again. It’s like, what the heck? That’s what we’re here for. And then she keeps coming
in here while we’re filming. To make a video. Yeah. We can’t film in a place
that we rented the film? I mean, at that point– And every time she comes in
here, we’re already filming. We’re filming each other because
we’re trying to make a video. And then she comes
in here and we have to stop filming every
time she comes in here? This is the worst
experience I’ve ever had after dropping $525
to film this place. How about I lock you guys in and
you’re back to a fresh start? Do you guys need snacks? Well, it’s the least I can do
is set you up with some snacks. No, we’re OK. We’re OK. No, it’s fine. It’s OK. Yeah. Thank you, though. You’ve made up for
her anger by far. We have no problems
with her at all. As long as she doesn’t
have the key to the place and she watches us and gets
mad and comes and takes us out. So we decided to go on with
the investigation anyways and got locked inside one of the
world’s most haunted locations. However, the angry one was
still lingering in the bar and wouldn’t leave, and we knew
she had a key to get inside if she really wanted. So this investigation was
going to be extremely sketchy. She was drunk and
acting crazy and we overheard that she
was having issues with her boyfriend that night,
so we weren’t sure if she would try anything stupid. We were wondering if she was
maybe just having a bad night, so we went to the reviews and
we found review after review mentioning the same lady being
extremely rude to other patrons at this bar. So this lady was just a very
angry and extremely rude woman. Yeah, I think she’s
going to probably end up harassing us at night. She’s going to probably
come from up there. And I also think– do they have cameras
here all over? I bet you she goes through
them looking for anything we did wrong, you know I mean? Guys, if you come
to Washoe Club, realize you’re
going to be dealing with some pretty nasty stuff. Yeah. Anyways, I would not
recommend coming here for a freaking ghost hunt. We decided to ignore
the angry lady who was still inside
the bar and headed into The Crypt, the
location the nice woman said she’d never enter. This is the start of
our investigation. All right, guys. We are going to go in here. This is the location
where they kept all the freaking dead bodies
at one time, supposedly. Look. It’s up there. Now, some reason, from up there. This is where the crew
that– what are they called? “Ghost Adventures”
was at, remember? Yeah. And this is where
they said things were falling on their heads. I’m not seeing
anything, but there’s a camera staring right at us. Oh, wow. Look at that. Guys, I’m going to go
into The Crypt on my own. OK, guys. It smells pretty stinky in here,
and it smells a little stinky. Um, yeah. That’s scary. OK, guys. We’re going to be going
in here, The Crypt. And we’ll see what happens. Pretty freaked out. Oh, there was a noise. No joke. No joke. The heck was that? Well, bye, guys. [INAUDIBLE] scared? I don’t know. OK, guys. It’s a little small in here. There’s a camera right there. Someone might be watching us. Really stinks. [NOISE] Woah, did you hear that? Yeah. Did you hear that? Yeah. OK, guys. We’re trying to listen because
we just heard something. Look it. There’s stairs up there. [CLICKING NOISE] Oh! What the fudge? Oh my God. Did you get– are you filming? Yeah, I’m filming. Do it again. If you can see us,
ghosts, do it again. What the fudge? [CLICKING NOISE] Oh! Holy crap. I wonder if you could
catch it on the GoPro because that’s crazy. Do it one more time. OK, we’re going to leave. Just one more time. Well, I guess it’s time we left. [CLICKING NOISE] Oh! Do you hear that? [CLICKING NOISE] Do you want us to leave? Do you want us to leave? [CLICKING NOISE] OK, guys. We’re all going in. We’re going to see what we have. We have this, the
ghost detector. We’re going to see
if we catch anything. Let’s go. It smells so bad in here. See, did you hear that? [INAUDIBLE] and the
crew were getting rocks thrown on their heads. Can you throw a
rock at our head? [CLICKING NOISE] See? Did you hear that? They keep making that noise. Do it again. Well, I think the
ghost only likes you. OK. Great. Ask another question. Oh, OK. Ask the ghost a question? Yeah. OK. Like what? Whatever you want. We don’t believe in ghosts,
so if there is a ghost, show yourself. Yeah, we want to believe
in ghosts, so show us. We came here to
become believers. Feared ghost, make
a weird noise. Kind of hard with
that stupid camera pointed right at us, though. To the owner, bad placement
of the camera, buddy. You should put that right here. [CLICKING NOISE] Don’t you think? Hang on. [INAUDIBLE] noise
with the camera? Yeah, I think so. [CLICKING NOISE] Is it taking pictures of us? Yeah, maybe it is. That’s a camera? That’s a camera. [CLICKING NOISE] I think that is a
camera taking pictures. Supposedly, there was 70 bodies
stored in here in one time. Look at all this
nastiness along the walls. I wonder if that’s
leftover from the bodies. Is that why it smells
so bad in here? I swear, that’s just the camera. Do you think that is? I don’t know what that is. [CLICKING NOISE] You really think–
that’s not the camera. How’s the camera
making that noise? Yeah, why would it need
to make that noise? It isn’t like it’s
an old school camera. [CLICKING NOISE] If you us to leave,
make that noise again. [CLICKING NOISE] Oh, I guess that
want us to leave. Do you want us to leave? Do you want us to stay? That camera includes audio. They have an audio
cable running out. Do you want us to stay? No, shh. Do you hear that? No. What is it? I hear, like, a clinking. Let’s hear it. Let’s be quiet. [CLINKING] See? Sounds kind of like
a bell ringing. Or someone tapping on the pipes. That looks really
disgusting in there. That looks really nasty. [CLICKING NOISE] If there’s any spirits, come
here next to this reader. Yeah. If you’re a spirit,
come over here. Set this thing off. If you’re a spirit, two of
those weird noises for yes. Are you spirit? Are you a demon? Are you a camera? Hang on. I feel like it’s every time
you shine the light on it. Yeah. Actually, it is. That’s the infrared turning off. Yep. All right, guys. So we figured out what the
source of the noise was. It actually is the light. The camera up there, every
time we shine a light at it, it makes that noise. Debunked. Debunked. OK, well. But that other noise,
that clinking noise is still kind of weird. So let’s go see. Let’s go. [INAUDIBLE] He’s by the door. He’s talking to someone. Oh, this just went off. That thing just went off. I think I might
have caught that. I think I might
have caught it, too, because I have my GoPro on. Yeah. OK, guys. So we’re about to
head up and we’re going to go scout this out. And we have tons of ghost tools. We’re going to show in a
minute because we’re going to find the freaking ghosts. Yeah. We got to do a spirit box. We’ve got everything
we’ve got to do, guys. Yeah, but we’ve got to be
really quiet going up here because apparently
there’s, what, a neighbor? That if you’re too
loud, she’ll call cops. She’s, like, notorious for that. So we have to be super– this thing’s going
off like crazy. Yeah, look at that. Is it near your camera, maybe? Nope. No. No. That’s not it, guys. Scotty? Who is it, Scotty? Oh! Dude. Are you here with us, Scotty? Right here next to us? Well, what the heck was it? It’s going off
next to the casket. It shouldn’t stop, though. Yeah. It’s stopped now. It wouldn’t stop if it
was electromagnetic field. Wow, that’s weird– Yeah, that is weird. It keeps going off. It’s only around here. OK, guys. Let’s go. We have to be super
quiet, so shh. Keep filming. What– Man, it keeps going like crazy. Dude, as soon as
we open the door. Let’s go upstairs. Let’s go, guys. I don’t know if that’s
a bad sign or what. Maybe he’s going to be waiting
for us behind the door. [INAUDIBLE] All the way upstairs is
supposedly the room, the area, with the most action. But I think over
here is the ballroom. Come on, guys. Up there, she said
is the most activity. Over here’s the ballroom. We’re now in the ballroom, guys. It smells weird in here, guys. It smells really funky. It smells really funky. Shh. Shh. I heard something. Turn this on here and let’s
see if we can catch any EDPs, as they like to say. [BANGING] [NOISE] Did you hear that? Yeah. I think that’s the
crazy lady coming in. Dude, no. Don’t say that. There’s no other way to get it. I’m not kidding. Do you think that might
be the crazy lady? Yeah. Dad! It’s OK. Will you look out the window? Let’s go quiet. Shh. Now let’s watch this. Peter? Is there a Peter here? Is there a Lena here? Oh, it just flashed. Are you serious? Or a Scotty? Trying to see if it’s that. It’s not that. Is this the room where
Peter did himself in? Or Peter’s father? Or Peter was the
father, I think. Anybody in here? Come talk to us. Peter’s the little boy. Let’s go to the third floor
where all the activity happens, guys. Yeah. Let’s go, guys. Every time a car goes by,
it’s really sketchy, you guys. I keep getting a
little freaked out. I have my awesome
GoPro on my head. Looking fabulous, guys. OK, we got this. We’re going to
listen to this back. Should we listen back and
see if we hear anything? Yeah. Let’s do it. Is there a Lena here? Oh, it just flashed. Are you serious? Or a Scotty? Trying to see if it’s that. It’s not that. Is this the room where
Peter did himself in? Or Peter’s father? [SHUFFLING] Oh, creepy. What was that? I don’t know. Or Peter was the
father, I think. What the heck, guys? Anybody in here? Come talk to us. We’ll have to look
into the camera and see if we heard that. Yeah. Peter’s the little boy. Guys, we got to be super careful
not to go near these windows because they’re really
fragile and if you touch it, it will come down and
slice your freaking hand. That is not an exit. Yeah. That’s not an exit, guys. Nope. You can’t get through there. You got lots of
rooms here, but I want to get to the third
floor where she said that most of the stuff is seen. What if you got lost up here? Did you hear that? I swear there’s somebody
upstairs walking around. Shh, shh. It’s the lady. She’s waiting for us. Did you hear that? Dude, it sounded like
somebody talking, dude. Somebody’s talking. Yeah, someone’s talking. Is it– could be from the bar? I don’t know. Shh, shh. Somebody’s talking. I keep hearing– Shh. Shh. [INAUDIBLE] no one move. Let’s go to the third floor. Dad! Where it’s coming from? OK. Keep the camera
rolling, [? Lilly. ?] What? I smell alcohol. It definitely
smelled like alcohol. You think she’s up here? I wonder. Think she’s trying to set us up? She’s trying to– It’s her voice. I don’t know. That might be the nice lady. That’s not the nice lady. [INAUDIBLE] That’s not the nice lady. That’s the drunk lady. Where is she? [INAUDIBLE] She’s in here
somewhere, I think. It sounds like she’s in here. Who she’s talking
to, I don’t know. Dude, she’s freaking crazy. Guys, look at the giant
moose head right now. Think we can get the
spirit of the moose? [INAUDIBLE] we can use. [ANIMAL PLAYING MUSIC] Anybody here can make
that thing go off again. Guys, look it. It’s Freddy Fazbear and
Detective Pikachu’s over there. [ANIMAL PLAYING MUSIC] Oh! Did that thing go
on its own or what? Yeah, it just went on its own. All right, guys. Any spirits up here at all? Peter, Scotty, Lena. If there’s spirits
here, come over here to this gray box with
the green light on it. It’ll supposedly detect you. Not sure if it will. We don’t believe there
are ghosts exist, so if you’re a ghost
and you’re here, our video is going to be
shown to so many people and if you guys show
yourselves, more people will come visit you. [INAUDIBLE] walkie talkie me. Don’t you have it
in your pocket? Yeah. [ANIMAL TALKING] Are you ready to
boogie now with me? Yep, if you could walk
over here and talk to us. You guys OK down there? Oh, look it. Did it do it? We’re here. You OK? Is there noises from the bar? Oh my god. It just went off. We’re OK. Are you guys OK? Yeah. It just went off. It keeps going off. OK, guys we’re going to leave. We’re going to head out. If you’re, you know,
Peter’s father. Why don’t we leave this
up here, guys, and let it record while we’re gone? All right guys. We’re going to leave
this here and see if it picks up any EVPs. Some people believe that
ghost can talk through there and pick up noises through
a recording device. Yeah. I think we came in
over here, didn’t we? No. I don’t know, guys. We are already
freaking lost up here. So this is not a good sign. OK, guys. Back to the control center. Yes, back to the control center. To the command pad. Oh, there’s handprints
on the door. So we decided to
head back downstairs. Meanwhile, this
is what we caught on the recorder upstairs. Let us know what you think
in the comments down below. So anyways, I think we should
hide this somewhere in here in case someone tries to
lock us out or something. Why don’t you put it
in your back pocket? Yeah, good idea. Look. It’s going crazy, though. Put it back down so
there’s no interference. Well, isn’t it kind of
weird that it only happens– It was doing it. It was doing it
crazy for a minute there next to this coffin. That’s what’s really bizarre. Oh, yeah. No one’s touching it. We decided to take our
investigation back upstairs to the main building. And as you had heard, there
was some sort of movement while we were gone. We still have no idea
what that noise was. Post in the comments below
if you have any ideas. We’d love to hear
what you have to say. OK, Charlie. You got to go by
yourself in there. This is where they say a
lot of people get scratched. I want to head
upstairs right now, guys, so we can check
our voice recorder, see if we pick up
any phenomenon. Let’s go. Upstairs is where the
majority of activity happens. And we’re going to send
Charlie upstairs with no lights by himself. We’re going to go with you. [TOY PLAYING MUSIC] Let’s listen back to
see if anybody spoke to this while we were gone. I didn’t smell the booze
when we came up a second ago. Hear that? Yeah. Someone walking around. Let’s sit down over here. Yeah, there is somebody up here. That’s someone walking around. Yeah, that sounds like movement. I mean, seriously. Sounds like a dog barking. Right there. We caught something on there. I don’t know what it was,
but that was something. And it wasn’t us because
we were all the way down. Oh, what the? [TOY TALKING] Are you ready
to boogie down with me? Did you touch that? Oh, I don’t think I
caught when it turned on. I have my GoPro on. We have our GoPros on. I have it. Oh. What the heck. And the light went off at
the same freaking time. Again? Yeah. When we went– guys. No. I want to try going back
and then coming back. All right. Yeah. Try that again, guys. What is it? What the? [TOY PLAYING MUSIC] As soon as Charlie said that. Oh my God. Charlie, what are you
thinking right now? All right, guys. We are going to
back away from this and then just walk
forward and just see if that’s what setting it off. And then we’ll just try to
see if we can talk to it and see if it gets set off. I mean, as soon as Charlie
said, I don’t believe in ghosts. Tell them how you don’t
believe in ghosts. Tell them to set that off again
if there’s a ghost, Charlie. Hello. Is this a ghost? I can’t talk. Yeah. Yeah. What do you think about that? Do you believe in
ghosts, Charlie? Kind of. Why? This is kind of creepy. OK. If there’s any ghosts,
any spirits here at all, we are all don’t believe in– [TOY TALKING] Let’s count to 5! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Woo! [APPLAUSE] I have chills. I have chills. You guys, I’m not even
kidding, I feel cool air. No. I’m not even messing with you. We’re getting trolled hardcore. No, I’m not even
messing with you. I have this jacket on. I was hot. Feel the air. Can you feel that? No, I don’t anything. I feel– it’s cool up here. No. It is. Are you feeling OK? Maybe you’re going to faint. You feel it? Seriously. I feel like there’s a breeze. I could feel cold air. Maybe there’s a breeze. Maybe it’s just the wind. What, Charlie? I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like you’re getting
possessed up by a ghost. Oh! Maybe it’s a nice ghost. Does this ghost like children? [TOY PLAYING MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] laugh? This one here, we
can put here, too. So [INAUDIBLE] a little more
interactions here, I think. Can you play the piano for us? Maybe [INAUDIBLE] ghost
wants us to leave. All right. Let’s go, then, I guess. We’re going to leave, ghosts,
if you can’t set this off again, OK? Let’s just ask. Is this Scotty here? Nope. Is this Peter? I guess this is none
of those spirits if it’s not– we’re going to go. [INAUDIBLE] feel like
it’s a little weird. What do you think, Charlie? [INAUDIBLE] You did? Yeah. [TOY PLAYING MUSIC] What’s it doing? Does it work if we
touched a button? No, there’s no buttons to touch. [TOY TALKING] Yeah. It’s going when we move, guys. All right. It’s nothing. Yep. We nailed it We debunked it. Oh, man. I was hoping. I don’t know. Was it on? Yeah. Yeah. It was on the whole time? Yeah. Oh. Hello? [INAUDIBLE] a really old one. No touching anything. Now we can’t touch it. Remember that. Don’t touch anything. Why is that [INAUDIBLE]
going off now? I think it’s because– It, like, rang. Was it the piano? It was that thing. Yeah. I think it was that thing and
it sounded like a phone ringing. Yeah. It was on the whole time. Yeah, it was on the whole time. Yeah, I did press a button
when I was holding it. Why? I swear I heard something. No, you didn’t hear anything. Oh! I think it was a bat. You heard a bat. That’s the lady! We decided to head back
to the command center to continue our investigation. Make the light go
if you’re a boy. If you’re a girl, don’t
make the light go. Are you Peter? If you’re Peter,
make the light go. If you’re Lena, make it go. It’s not Lena. How old are you? If you’re 10 years or
younger, make it flash. If you’re over 10
years, make it flash. Are you under 20 years old? Do you feel like a sad spirit? Are you sad? Flash if you’re sad. Oh, it’s just
flashing like crazy. Look at that. Are you happy? Are you lonely? Are you sad and lonely? What the heck. That is so weird. Are you the same spirit when we
were upstairs, messing with us? Whoa. Oh, all right. If you want us to
leave, flash the light. If you want us to
stay, flash the light. Do you not know what you want? Charlie, ask– Hello. Oh! Are you there? Do you hate all of us? See? Peter, are you still here? Do you want to play? [INAUDIBLE] Nope, because he
doesn’t want to play. Are you a good ghost? [INAUDIBLE] it’s going crazy. It wasn’t doing that earlier. Are you a bad ghost? Oh my god, guys. That is freaking weird. You have to admit that
is freaking weird. May I ask a few more questions? This is going pretty well. Peter. Are you still there? Is this Peter? I think Peter left. Is this Lena? No one’s here. We have no more [INAUDIBLE]
it’s completely silent now. Have you left? Peter? He’s still here. Blink if you’re still there. Oh! It blinked. No, did you hear that? Oh! He’s back. We continued the spirit box
session for another 10 minutes but didn’t catch anything else. So we decided to see if we could
get any more responses using the EMF reader. We didn’t want you
guys to have to listen to 10 minutes of spirit
box, so we cut it there. I want to be a
believer, but I don’t think this little device
can make me a believer. But if you could
make the lights– Uh! Oh, yeah. If you could make the lights
maybe dim in here or blink for us, the entire
lights in the building– Oh, it flashed. –I think I would– you can. If you can, just go
ahead and give it a try because I tell you what– Oh, it’s really going now. If you can make
these– he’s trying. It’s like he’s trying to get
the power to flash the lights. He’s trying to tell
you I can’t do that. No, I think he’s trying
to tell you he got– Can you do that? He’s working at the power. Watch, I think the lights
are going to blink. If the lights blink, if
this entire lights blink, I would totally believe. Not even kidding. Is it too hard for you? And we would come out here
and visit you more often. Are you too skinny? It started blinking at ten and
then it stopped, like he moved. Is life super– Oh. Do you miss being alive? He does. Are you sad? He said yes. We also caught
this clip which has some really weird interference. OK, guys. We’re headed back into
The Crypt and we’re going to do a spirit box
session and you ready? Let’s go guys. I still completely
don’t believe in ghosts. I’m hoping someday
to change my mind. We’re going to keep looking if
you guys want us because we’re hoping to find something. But so far, I’m not
convinced, guys. OK, so some of the things that
happened were kind of weird, but we’ve pretty much debunked
almost every single one of them. Like, almost every single one. There’s still a few things
that were kind of weird. Some of the things
that we heard were kind of creepy,
especially upstairs, like the talking
and the footsteps. I’m still not convinced
that ghosts are real, but you never
know, so we’re just going to keep trying tonight
and we’ll see what we find. We did a spirit box session in
The Crypt for about 15 minutes, but we didn’t catch anything. But we did find out
one thing for certain. Is there any hillbillies? No hillbillies. I’m getting tired. Man, I’m disappointed. [SNORING] Ow. I’m [? Zak ?]
[? Bagans ?] and I’m back. So guys, we’ve been
here for hours now. I don’t think I can
even sleep here. It’s just too weird, guys.
with the cameras all over, how could you even sleep here
knowing you’re being watched? Yeah, I mean, there’s camera. You’re being watched
the whole time you’re here, which really
makes the entire experience not very enjoyable. Well, first of all, if
you shine light up on it, it’s going to start
clicking and you’re going to think you’re hearing
something when it’s really just the light. They’re not just filming
your face, though. They have audio. So they’re filming and
listening to everything you’re doing while you’re in here. I would have to
say I would never recommend coming to The
Washoe Club and making videos as long as they’re going
to survey the people– that’s OK. The battery died. Have surveillance on the people
that are going to be here. Well, because I
think they really are freaked out
about Ouija boards. And remember, they tried to tell
us when we’re booking, guys, I don’t know if we told
you, but they told us when we’re booking that people
do weird things in here. And we were like, what
do you mean weird things? And now when we saw that they’re
so freaked out of the Ouija board, I think that’s what
they’re talking about, the weird things. Yeah, we were thinking
there was seances and stuff. Well, yeah. They probably– but that
makes it even weirder because are they literally
watching us on camera right now to make sure we don’t
have our Ouija board? You know, while we
were here, the owner is so absent that
he can’t even– we were dealing with
this crazy lady who was drunk and works for him,
and he can’t even contact us. He doesn’t even
bother to call us. So we heard that she was
having some arguments with her boyfriend or something. It sounds like
they’re all drunk. So I’m expecting when
we leave out of here, we’re going to have most
likely a confrontation. So we’ll film it if
there are, and we’re not afraid of a confrontation. I’ve been in a few
scraps in my time, so we’re not afraid
of a confrontation. It’s really roasting
in here, too. It’s roasting and you know
that lady and her boyfriend are probably waiting out there. Yeah. They’re waiting for us to
leave so they could probably come in here and sleep. And we’ve been here for hours. Where do they even sleep? They sleep in sleeping bags? Yeah, they sleep
in here, it looks like on the floors, on
sleeping bags, oddly enough. Oh, gross. Hang on. Let me get up close. Ew. Are you haunted? [INAUDIBLE] bug over there. [INAUDIBLE] kill it for us. So we left one of the world’s
most haunted locations early in the morning. As we were leaving, we noticed
that the crazy lady was nowhere to be seen, you guys,
and we went home. This was our crazy experience
at The Washoe Club. Let us know in the comments
below if you saw anything paranormal in the video. Smash the Like button and
smash the bell so you never miss another video. Thank you for watching, and
we’ll see you guys next time.