Paranormal Activities In Borley Rectory   England

Paranormal Activities In Borley Rectory England

September 22, 2019 1 By William Hollis

BORLEY RECTORY England Borley Rectory in Essex was a Victorian mansion
that gained fame as the most haunted house in england
after being noted by paranormal investigator Harry Price. The large gothic style house was build in
1862 and the first paranormal events occured year after. Few locals reported hearing footsteps within
the house. On july 28 1900 four daughters of the rector
saw what they thought was a ghost of a nun. They tried to talk to it but ghost disappeared
as they got closer. Various people claimed to have witnessed a
variety of paranormal incidents such as phantom coach
driven by two headless horsmen. On 2 October 1929 the Reverend Guy Eric Smith
moved into the house. His wife found a
brown paper package with the scull of a young woman while cleaning the cupboards. Shortly after family reported sounds of servants
bells ringing despite their being disconected, lights appearing in windows, unexplained footsteps
and again horse-drawn carriage. The Smiths contacted Daily Mirror. Nespapers sent a reporter who wrote the first
series of articles about mysteries in Borley. The paper also arrange visit for Harry Price
the famous paranormal investigator. He arrived on june 12 and new phenomena appeared. Invisible force was Throwing stones, vases
and other objects,
spirit messages were tapped out from mirror frame. In 1930 new reverend Lionel Algernon Foyster
came to the mansion. Foysters family reported
bell ringing, windows shuttering, wall writing and locking of their daughter in a room with
no key. Marianne Foyster reported to her husband a
whole range of poltergeist phenomena that included her being thrown from her bed. Foysters tried to conduct exorcism twice without
any results. On 27 February 1939 the new owner of the rectory,
Captain W. H. Gregson, was unpacking boxes and accidentally knocked over an oil lamp
in the hallway. The fire quickly spread and the house was severely damaged.
After investigating the cause of the blaze the insurance company concluded
that the fire had been started deliberately. The Borley Rectory was finaly demolished in
1944. Legend has it that a monk to be and his lover
were killed there. The novice was hanged and his would be wife was bricked up alive. Because of its documented paranormal activities
Borley Rectory gained reputation as one of the worlds most famous haunted houses.