November 8, 2019 0 By William Hollis

So hello guys This is our 6th study and maybe this will be shorter As we talk we gonna keep goin on to Paranormal events in this study we gona spoon bending Guys there are many different ways to bending spoon A friend asked me from facebook that if i use Gallium while i bending spoon. Actually i did not know what the gallium is.So i thanks to him from here to teach me the Name i knew the element of the Gallium but i did not know that its using for spoon bending As i see many spoon benders use the gallium element when they bent Gallium is an element when you touch it melts But now we dont do that trick cos as you know we dont care about cheats By the way i wana say that i dont care if someone watching me on youtube or not Or dont say if i do videos for my Ego.No i dont care Ego,either.People want to watch me then i dont care rest And as you know many friends succesed many things after these studies So everybody please relax! As we said everything is energy in the life like water air etc You know Quantum theory which the science dont want to accept it is ‘possibilities’ Cos quantum examines more subatomic things its all about the possibilties in Quantum.Nothing is certain but here the Einstein’s theory collapses cos cos of his idea God does not play dice. Maybe later he will be right but now he is not Right now all we now is everything comes with possibilities You know some eexperiment of the quantum, if u throw the atoms from 2 points to some place like curtain, when u observe them as normal they create straight line But when you dont observe them then they place to curtain as WAVE it means that there is no left or right before you observe it i mean there s no hologram if you dont observe The matter becomes real when we observe but not as a ready form..anyway and little smoke yes :)) We said all is energy.As u see i ve real spoon and i got water for testing Gallium U can see if there is Gallium or not Cos the spoons with Gallium strart to melt when u put them to water Lets dry it All you have to remember and believe is everything is your part.whatever you do as Telekinesis,Pyro or Aerokinesis blah blah İ feel like i hold myself when i hold the spoon So i can move it like my head or hand Hold the spoon and feel it,feel its vibrations By the way u can check its hardness and check its robustness its ok i think You ve to test yourself first And focus here.So when u hold it u have to feel something here And when your chakra says i am ready it s my part then bend it like your part Now i say its my part and as so happy i bend it like i dont hold anything in my hand Sure there will be some heat after that it is normal.And now its so hot This is last status if u touch it now u can understand how hot is Cos of the energy Directly Believe Dont make yourself tire Focus on your belief Your energy will come from somewhere if you believe more