Paranormal Events S01E01 w/English subtitle

Paranormal Events S01E01 w/English subtitle

August 18, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Here we can sit in this hallway And hear knocking sounds
move through the hallway also There are others that can confirm this.
Many others have heard it too But here , Ellen Salvesens says she always
gets chills when she walks here. (footsteps) I hear somebody walking Two Brothers Investigating The Paranormal World In Farsund Municipality Welcome to Paranormal Events. We are in the south coast,
Farsund municipality. Behind me you can see Husan,
that was built up 1802 by Jochum Brinch Lund and we heard rumors that it is haunted so we are here tonight to investigate the building We start our day with a guide
by caretaker Roy Bjørnestad. To know the layout of Husan, and determine
where the most activity is. So now we are here in “ground zero”
basement. So now we are here in
“ground zero” basement Here is my office,
and the door out This room is a boiler room since the start
and leads up to the street Here we have a old bomb shelter. As you can see there is lot of trash, you
just get an itch, to clean. Here is the old caretaker’s office Here is just storage room and old furniture
from municipality board room. Here we are back to that room I just
showed you. Here are some old furniture from gifts,
but am not sure. Part of the collection have been moved, the most valued books is placed
outside the ballroom So there is quite few old paintings, Some people gave away old collection. Here for example, look how it is detailed, probably used as a
jewelry casket of some sort, there are some personal belongings that I’ve tried and figure
out who it belongs to an old lieutenant, colonel but it has been gone trough for
value items, old pictures there are few names, some old writings
that is not easy to understand from my knowledge it has been given
as a gift or estate heres quite few letters from colonel
R. Eriksen Harstad since it’s here, is nothing of value A gift from China, that was never been used. So here was the kitchen, that serviced
the entier Husan Now it is just used as a storage room. Now this is one part of the old of the
utility room but today they can’t make food here
because there is no possibility but they can heat food up
and make it ready the supplies usually come here, as you can
see, it has been modernized with refrigerators but then they put the food in the
food elevator and then took it up. Parties in morden time, people have used
the food elevator as a lift and then they got stuck So they put the food
in here and it goes up and they use some sort of communication
but that has been removed today So now we are on the second floor here
we have councilman and the mayor Municipality board room, it looks the same
as the room upstairs. The king said when he visited here I’ve been
in two hall room, and he looked up I ‘ll have one of the hall room, and you guys
have the other. Just look at the workmanship on that door. “It’s very nice in here” But here , Ellen Salvesens says she always
gets chills when she walks here. “I got one now” Something has happened. So we have two attics, one here on
the old building but as you can see, it looks like wooden
building but it’s concrete but that is wooden building So after the fire, they made it look like
wooden building, so it didn’t happen again Main section is concrete but
the top is wood we can go to that attic
and later up to the other side “Have you heard any stories here?” No, nothing in fact There has been a massive cleaning and
they have tried to keep old stuff old flask and things So you can see, theres not a lot of
people that have been here in the attic stuff like these they found old news paper they have found old cognac flask It’s fun to see old stuff there has been a big cleanup they have tried to make fire sealing to prevent another big fire. They have found some interesting stuff Yeah, think they found lot of weird stuff Watch your head here have the roof room there is not lot of information here I feel bit weird here, just as
you walk trough that door. So now we are on the top, where the
staircase, that goes trough the building, from the mill hill side so that is the roof room in this part there is a storage room for
ventilation. if you flash your light there,
you can see another canel “So you can crawl all the way?” You can crawl all the way So this was built fire regulations, so it’s
fire prrof, but is not in use,
but looks good enough to use, ventilation room, so now we are back, end of the building so you can see around the building,
intentionly made so you could walk around there was massive leak here before different ventilation way They had this as storage room After the tour with Roy Bjørnestad, We

charged our cameras while we waited for
Tore Haus He will tell us the history of Husan and
the areas with the most activity Wellcome to Farsund town hall, Husan An old house
with many traditions Built in
the 1800’s around 1801 the biggest prestige project for
the richest man in town It has an exciting history over 215 years. Many occupants has lived
here over the changing years Right after Husan
was built in the early 1800’s Then proverty struck Farsund, trading
business went away and the Napoleon War started and it got really bad. And the occupants
that lived here became poor and started to rent out rooms Many tenants came and
rented big and small rooms it was a completely different way of life
then it was back in it’s hayday Next time it was Jens Lund, in 1915.
A wealthy shipowner from Bergen Of the same family that rebuilt Husan.
It was so expensive that people around got noticed, from Copenhagen
and Oslo. And that it was most beautiful house between
Kristiansand and Stavanger. He bought inventory and equipment.built
a ballroom and an amazing dining hall But again life got hard and shipping
industry changed in 1920’s the crash came thus poverty became part
of the lives around Husan again To ensure the house stays
with the Lund family Macody Lund arrived
part of the Lund family,came back. He did not have alot of money but he
managed to get Lund family to do a shared funding That made it possible for the Lund Family
to be the owner of the building and that Macody Lund
could live in the house He did that from the middle of the 1920’s
untill the war came And again he got thrown out and the
germans took over Husan But that came to a
complete stop on November 7 1940 where a fire broke out this part of the
building The fire completely
damaged the whole husan This was the only time that reminded them
of the war in Farsund since the fire destroyed husan
And left it in ruins Macody Lund never came back, his wife
Kristi Lund got a few rooms from the germans to live in but after the
fire she had to move out It left behind a scar in Farsund In the 60’s Farsund municipality moved in. The municipality bought the property after the war With dreams of town hall.
So they had to rebuild Husan A lot of discussions on how
they were gonna rebuild Husan, a modern building. But it was voted to rebuild
Husan but this time in concrete so it would not burn down again. So when they were gonna rebuild this place
as late as in the beginning of the 1960’s they did the contemporary choice of
materials. But at the same time
took care of the story of this place. So to day Farsund can tell that they have
a dignified Ballroom, Boardroom hall and town hall that is furnished with
officesthat’s very diffrent from the original husan bluprints. Nevertheless
there is a lot of history here This was build to the design specifications
of Jochum Brinch Lund for his sons Gabriel and Ebbe Lund they each had one side of the house. They
had one main entrance then walked to their
respective sides of the house By then you could tell they might have
been conflicts at play between them We can also think of the sad stories.Just
after it was modernize when poverty struck might as well had added to them. But if we can focus on the last person who
lived here, that might be the longest and original occupant living here. Fredrik Macody Lund a local celebrity in
Norway known for being self taught historian and
arkitect but also a very outspoken man that spoke a language that dominated the media and his surroundings during his time He was pronounced and spoke against
others that did not agree with him He was also a suspect for the town fire.
But later Farsund may have possibly forgiven
him while he lived at Husan Stories say that he wanted to keep the
place feeling majestic while he lived at Husan But he did not have the wealth or money. The young maid he had that he was
dependent on to have here He meant that it was a great honor to work
for him. Even though he could not afford to pay the maid.
He insisted her to stay the way he made sure she stayed was to
lock away her belongings and clothes. So she could not leave and force her to stay. And work as a maid. It’s also said that his
wife Kirstin Macody Lund Might have planned a revenge after she
was treated badly after she moved out There’s also a possibility that
she still walks around Husan with that being said With stories
like that, in this lovely house yeah, maybe there are sounds, experiences
and activities that people can experience here within the walls of Husan And we not sure what to believe Now were in the kitchen oppesite the
ballroom, and some of original designs are still present to this day. There haven’t been that
many activity in the kitchen it often happens that the municipal
administration have meetings or do preparation for an event the next day
when we work until late in the evening. So we hear a few sounds from here It’s not just your
average sound from metal it’s sounds that makes us wonder
are there really people here Here something is happening, and you can
possibly ask about it. In this part of Husan under ground level So we have to think this
was a basement back in the day. There have been people that are familiar
with the supernatural things who are mediums and clairvoyants
that can feel the energy They have reacted to this part, they
experience very strong feelings here We are not sure, but were under the ground
level, and we believe this must have been also a
basement for Husan in the 18oo’s There we go Now were in the Main basement, but a lot
of it has been modernized we see an old staircase, but This has undergone renevations
in the 50’s or 60’s “there are alot of
old furnitures and things here” Yes. And here we have a painting These can also be from the original Husan. this should definitely have been restored But now we are as low as
we can get under the ground level The municipal decided that they should
not turn Husan in a Museum that means sometimes people discover things that
belonged to the Old Husan we are not actively looking for those
things because Husan has a new function today and has to function as a town hall But sometimes we receive gifts here are some of the things from the original Husan we even have some dishes from the old
Husan moved in the year 1801 “I just heard something, I don’t know if it could be
people on the other side or above us” Here i heard a very low
sounding knocking sound I thought it might have
been somebody outside but later when we analyzed the video we managed to capture a weird
sound on the microphones You will hear a grunt sound two times Unexplained Sound on the other microphone we capterd
a knocking sound and an EVP That says “Don’t take it” (ikke ta) you will hear the voice just
before his breath “Don’t take it” (ikke ta) “Don’t take it” (ikke ta) “Don’t take it” (ikke ta) “Don’t take it” (ikke ta) The voice says don’t take it, a few
secondsbefore the voice came I was pointing at a jewelry casket Maybe the spirit didn’t want us to take it again “There you have a
jewelry casket that somebody gave” Yes, There is a jewelry casket there “I just heard something, I don’t know if
it could be people” ” on the other side or above us” There are sounds in this house,
but also in many other old houses But I have chosen to believe
these sounds are good sounds But should there be any spirits or ghost
i’m pretty sure they are happy spirits So old houses can have their
stories with them Here you can see an Orb,
this is not a dust particle while we were recording we saw a lot of
dust but the camera didn’t pick it up Here we managed to capture dust particles,
as you can see it’s very different from an Orb, it does not look like a
ball floating

Dust Floating Here we can sitt in this hallway And hear knocking sounds
move through the hallway also There are others that can confirm this.
Many others have heard it too how and where the sound originates
we have no clue But today this have been completely
renovated and fully furnished for office use for the town hall Now we’re at the very highest
part of Husan the attic I think we have to go up while
you guys are still filming, yeah. we can walk in here You can’t get any higher up
then this on Husan right under the roof ridge. It’s dark and tight spaces that’s
not easily accessible also and a lot of cobwebs But it really excited to elxplore
Husan this way too So if you guys gonna have
a long night to investigate I would like to wish you guys a goodnight

and I hope you get to capture
some evidence “Thank you” After a nice talk with Tore Haus, we
started our investigation to see if there is any spirits simply to see if Husan is really haunted in the ballroom nothing happened
even we had EVP session later we analyse the video and
saw we captured a orb Here you can see the orb coming from the
sealing and down to the window sometimes you can capture a EVP
when you see a orb but in this case
we didn’t capture anything As i said I have a program called EVP recorder
and we can recored your voice It has a microphone you can speak into
and we can listen afterwords a live EVP session Recording now. How many of you are here? What is your name? Has there been lot of parties here? Going to listen from the recording. How many of you are here? What is your name? “a car driving outside” Has there been lot of parties here? After that one orb we captured, there was
no activity the 40 mins we was investigating, we then
continued to municipality board room Here we going to try and use ITC
then we can hear them in realtime ITC stands for instrumental tran communications is used by electronic device to
create sound to communicate to the spirit world using a morden device can we capture
spirits and ghost sounds and picture I have a application here that can
get voice out of nothing a spirit box so if you are here you can speak trough out this speaker Try and use this to speak trough What is your name? Am going to move away from this
so you guys can speak trough the speaker What is your name? What year is it? Try and speak trough this Use that phone to speak trough Don’t be scared Can you speak trough it? Oh it’s freezing here, where i am
you can try and stand here “It’s cold” am getting the goosebumps now I heard you, try one more time Come on you almost did it. I heard few times norwegian words I heard few times norwegian words
when we started What did you hear? some norwegian words Yeah i heard some also, but its so fast We might have captured something
we just have to check it out later I can go to the end, and setup the camera Ater we done in municipality board room
we continued to our next location where we will
investigate the office hallway Benjamin had turned down the volume
of the spirit box but it was still recording
and we captured a voice “That prest got a stupid pakage” I heard it but i was very faith. After we heard the tap sound
we captured a orb that was going by here it is again in slowmotion If I count to three, can you knock? Two times on a door Like this You can do that 1 2 3 “water drop” “tap sounds three times” I heard a knock sound inside the room Here in Tore’s office Are you inside the office of Tore? Try and grab the door handle
like what am doing Can you do that? “knock sound” Did you hear that? I heard some weird knocking sounds I dont know if its the second floor
or third floor or under us It was a knock sound Okay? Am not sure if this is normal
for a printer to turn off and on We found that this was normal for the
printers to turn of and on after 20 to 30min, as we saw this in our
static camera that stood here 3 hours I just want to say thanks for knocking am going to the other to try something I heard you guys knocking on a door here am going to knock on a wall, door or
a window, and you can knock back ok? Can you knock back? Here you can hear door opening or closing
and after someone is breathing what was that? what did you hear? sounded like someone saying ugh it wasn’t you who made that sound? No, am not making any sound at all We can go down to the ground level where there is reported most rumors most acticivty I heard it here, that ugh sound That’s why I was asking if it was
you who made that sound No it wasn’t me and you didn’t hear anything at all? I didn’t hear anything weird we’ll see later
when we check out the videos is there anybody here? Do you know what year it is? is one of the Lund family here? we didn’t hear anything, but our spirit
box captured a voice that you can hear We have heard stories that Lund family
lived here and the sons shared where they live After this we didn’t camptured anything
more, so we continued to the wardrobe how is it on the other side? can you make a noise
so I know that you are here? “tap sound” is there something behind there can you make three
knocking sounds on the wall We have a device that you can try and use
to speak, then we can hear you Try and use this device to speak trough
so we can hear you do you know what year it is? what year do we live in? “17..18” sounds like I heard 1971 , but …. After about 30min here in the wardrobe
we didn’t hear anything else so we decided to go to the roof room So now me and Quirino
going all the way to the top It was here he felt something yeah am feeling it now
goosebumps everywhere yaeh am feeling it too you do? yes am going down again mhm, it went away
the goosebumps went away maybe there is a draft of wind or something I don’t feel it as a draft of wind am going to show you my arm and there comes the goosebumps be careful do you want
me to go all the way to the top? we can try here little bit I’ll sit down here Can you film that door
and I take the other door yeah that door behind you okay I just
saw a orb passed by my screen in the roof room I saw two orbs but I was so excited that it was just dust
from the chair I just pulled out throughout this period in the roof room
and the attic, we didn’t capturing anything, so we head backdownand charged
our cameras and went solo to see if we get
any response captured I’m in the ladies room
in front me is the storageroom Think i’ll setup the camera here after I setup the camera I went back to
see if I was in picture then a orb was flying by The time is 01:19 am a fan just turned on I’m going to use the EVP recorder hello? are you here? am I talking to the same person as before? my name is Benjamin, what is your name? After we analyse the sound we
heard someone said hello Are you a man? Are you a woman? “door closes” I heard something,a bit far from me “footsetps” I hear somebody walking am not sure if it’s my brother above
that is making that noise As we saw Benjamin heard someone walking
in the hallway above,but as you can see on my screen, am sitting perfectly still
and listning throughout the room am going to play
the sound again but enhanced Can you make knocking sounds “tap / knocking” here in the toilet “tap / knocking” am hearing sounds throughout the
building but am not sure can you close one of
the doors in the toilet room I heard something outside wardrobe
someone that is walking all the time Benjamin didn’t hear this but the camera
picked it up sounds like someone is coughing again with enhanced audio, listen carefully while we are investigating, you can hear
someone is touching the camera but here is no one there in that room
am in the PC room and Benjamin on the ground floor someone is curious and touched the camera we are going to play the recorded sound
rom my phone at the same time as the video so you guys can listen in realtime I know you here Don’t be afraid to tell me your
name trough this phone Could you do me favor and make some sounds could knock on a door, table or the wall Think I heard something on my left That was the church bell Here I was thinking to say can you knock
on 1..2..3.. but you can hear someone knock, before I say it can you knock on something Try and gather all the energry, from the
pc, try and use that to make a sound on 1..2..3. Like this..1…2..3. now it’s your turn 1..2..3. how long have you been here? in Farsund 18 I know your here Don’t be afraid to tell me your name
trough this phone Could you make some sounds if I count to three 1 2 3 It’s very faith but you
can hear a girl saying 18 I went o the storageroom and i don’t feel
anything special but I took some pictures and lets see if I captured anything I don’t feel anything here, but I do hear
someone is walking trough the hallway so am gonna move the camera Heard some noises here
in front of me, weird really weird You can try and speak through the phone
and manipulate the sound coming out What is your name? do you have any message? “unexplained EVP” no more voices came out from the spirit
box it was interesting to get the
name Ing Mar Lund we later found out that he was one of
the sons of Jochum Brinch Lund maybe he was the
one that told us his name brother yeah..over shall we continue or swap places
or go to different location ..over yeah..over okay, copy over and out so now we gonna head down to the basement
to see if there is anything there after we placed one of the camera in the
office hallway, it has 15min and the camera captured someone throwing
a stone to the window, behind the camera damn it’s really dark down here Just to show you a demonstration
of how dark it is here you can only see the light from my brother That’s all you can see but when he turns of his light
it’s pitch black turn of your light for a moment now you can see how dark it is
where he is when we try and speak to the spirits
we try in german , to see if we get anything we did not capture anything
but we got some noises instead Heard something on my left sounds like something metal outside of
here, but everything is concrete the time is 03:13 was it you that made that sound? was it you that made that sound? no am sitting still what did you hear? a tick sound not that dripping sound but something else between me and you the camera you are watching is on the
second floor, while we are in the basement and the office hallway camera captured a
voice, someone shouting we enhanced it so you can hear it if there is any norwegian people here.
spirits, could make any sound so if you could please make a knock sound
on the table or the door then we know it’s you, and not dripping sound or the oven heard something on my left, from the outside the time is 03:16 sometime ago, there was a psychic, that said down here was the most enegery, is that true? can you show us that it ‘s true? make a noise
knock on something, throw something it would mean a lot for us was that you? no, I heard it thank you thank you very much
it meant a lot for us some seconds after we heard the tap sound the camera on the office
hallway captured the same tap sound but we are not sure if it’s the spirit or
the printer that is making that noise but 8 mins later another tap sound at that moment I see my brother and
hear his footsteps, but when he stops the footsteps continues to me and then I realised it was not my
brother walking anymore did you hear that? sounded like someone walking sounded like your shoes
but it was right in front of me that’s why I was reacting so weird I heard some noises then
I saw u just sat down no I was sitting here the whole time when I heard it, I was moving backwards can I ask you for a favor again?
could you make a noise by knocking on something could you do that one more time? if I count to three could you knock like
this on a wood or a wall “Dear friend” “kiss me” it was hard to capture it on the camera
but we heard people talking in the halway in front of us, where the old kitchen was
we heard someone walking we are going to play the EVP, where we
heard a man saying “Dear friend” and a woman that sounds like that she
is saying “kiss me”. but we are not sure what she says
what do you think she said? and when we heard the sounds, the office camera
captured a sound that sounds like a cuckoo Clock it’s very faith you can
barely hear it and then a door that closes when he knocks on the doorframe
can you knock after? while were busy investgating, one of
recorders captures a sound outside the room we were in the time is 4 in the morning, and the
activity had clamed down, so we decided to continue to the main entrance of Husan
to see if we can capture something do you want a knock sound or stomp
your feet or running sounds one more time we didn’t catch that was it you we heard? I don’t know if its me, but I can hear
someone is walking upstairs heard some noises downstairs
am going to check it out real quick maybe there is someone outside me and my brother, was just here by
the staircase, and we asked some questions and we heard footsteps downstairs did you hear anything more? no, there is no one
outside or down here weird have you heard anything? I haven’t heard
anything since you left I think you guys love joking us around you guys make some noise, and we go there
then you make noises on the other side bunch of jokers are you guys upstairs? or downstairs? can one of you guys close a door or stomp on the floor or the staircase you are sitting still right? yeah did you hear anything just now? I think I might have heard something
but it was from where you are I heard it come from where you are it looks like, when am down here, and you
up there, they are in between us you guys are bunch of jokers about 20min have gone we heard more noises
but it didn’t get captured on the mics okay we going to be quiet and youguys can try and make
the most noise possble on 1 2 3 There is no doubt that this place is
haunted, but they don’t mean them no harm the ones that work here seems like the spirit are intelligent
and some residual spirits from earlier times it was nice that Farsund municipality let
us investigate here in Husan we thought it was fun
and excited place to investigate and we would love to come back sometime
again to investigate.