November 7, 2019 0 By William Hollis

hi everyone I’m Diana Palm from and today I’m going to answer your question can ghosts follow
you can ghosts follow you yes they can in
fact that’s the only way that they can actually leave the location that they’re
trapped in once a ghost is earthbound they cannot move freely about to visit
their loved ones or go from one location to the next unless they hop a ride with
you and that’s what I often refer to as a hitchhiker a stowaway or basically an
attachment when a ghost attaches to a human that is the only way they can leave its
location and move into another location a ghost or entity can actually then hop
from one human to another to another to a location typically when people leave a
haunted location they’re not aware that a ghost can actually move with them to
their new residence or to the new building or location that they’re
traveling to it’s entirely possible for a ghost to hitch a ride with you by
clinging on to you or a different family member or possibly even an item in your
house what you always want to do when you’re leaving a location that you
believe to be haunted is to have a spiritual cleansing done on the home sage is
not enough to cross over a ghost or get rid of demons after the spiritual
dimension is cleared the ghost is crossed over the demons are gone then
you can sage the home to clear off any residual energy that’s left on the
family members or the items in the house I’ve literally moved from one
haunted location into a brand-new building thinking that it would be
spiritually clear just to find out that some ghost did tale along with us and
move into the new location there it is actually really really common that they
will follow you to any location that you go to and this is how one person can be
haunted rather than a location a residence or a building so if you feel
like you have a ghostly attachment and it’s been following you from place to
place maybe for decades it’s really really imperative that you have a
spiritual cleansing done in order to clear that ghost heal that energy get
rid of the entity whatever is with you spiritually so that the next home and
the next location that you live in can remain spiritually clear this is
actually why paranormal investigators get so much spiritual activity in and
around themselves their vehicles they take to hunted locations and often their
homes after they’ve done an investigation because the spiritual
energy can hitch a ride with you or anyone else that comes into a haunted
location why would they want to follow you
well ghosts don’t have their own energy so they’re looking to you to use your
energy so they can sustain themselves here on the earthly plane however a lot
of mediums actually recognize that their mediums simply because they’re very
haunted individuals and they have a lot of spirits and ghosts attaching to them
at all times if you’re a person that’s actually had a lot of ghostly
attachments you might also be a medium and not really know about it
ghosts can see your spiritual light and oftentimes they’re coming to you for
help and they want to be crossed over and be released from the earthly plane
sometimes ghosts will move about by latching on to one individual that will
take them to the next then take them to the next until finally somebody
recognizes that they’re there and then they do the healing work to cross that
spirit over and clear the spiritual dimensions if you’ve had this happen
over and over chances are pretty likely that you’re a medium or someone that has
innate abilities then maybe you just need to reawaken and relearn how to use
in order to cross over ghosts and get rid of entities but if it’s a really
really persistent and active haunting and the spiritual entity is really
attached to you it’s gonna really be in your best interest to be spiritually
cleansed by a professional thanks so much for watching have a great day