PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Christian’s Comrade

August 31, 2019 0 By William Hollis

losing a life while serving in the
military can leave a lot unsaid with no preparation to leave the physical world
fallen soldiers have been known to travel across continents to get a
message home person interview take-home I joined the
military in 2006 and I did deploy to Afghanistan with Task Force 110 in May
of 2010 I was I was excited but scared the idea of going overseas to me is why
I joined the military and it’s kind of in my family my as far as my name goes
back there’s somebody that’s been in the military on the 24th of May we were
doing a normal resupply mission I was the bridge security for the
vehicle so in the kroombit raid we call it the get that guy in back he stands in
the back of the vehicle watches out of the rear and my vehicle ended up
striking and I Edie the explosion would have a lasting effect on Christian I was
ejected about a hundred and twenty feet or so from the vehicle after that all I
remember is yelling for my driver and I got no response Christian’s driver had
been badly wounded I remember doing first aid on him
and then I lost consciousness due to shock he unfortunately was killed that
day because of my injuries I had to come home early and my daughter was born
November 11th so I was I was able to witness the birth and see my daughter
born and I remember holding her for the first time it was the best day of my
life after the trauma of combat Christian was grateful for the
tranquility of family life but the calm would prove to be short-lived I start
hearing knocking that you kind of just brush off cuz he thought it’s your house
creaking or expanding and it’s just intensified that’s all I thought somebody was in the house and I have some kit from when I was
overseas Christian Dandrea had recently
experienced the death of his friend while on duty in Afghanistan quickly
followed by the birth of his daughter his instincts were on high alert when he
thought he heard an intruder in his home I freaked out and just grabbed my gun and a walkthrough around my house and
there’s nothing there I kind of just tried to brush it off and
ignore it but the events were not so easily
ignored one day I was talking to my neighbors
I think mean my neighborhood’s having a cigarette we’re just talking and I asked
him like what time you putting the girls to bed and mmm you just just so could
they’ve been in bed since 6:30 7:00 and how’s this ago it was why I said well I
keep hearing banging and running order from your place
and he said the same thing he said well I thought you guys were fooling around
or whatever because I can hear the same thing and that’s when I started thinking
that there’s something else there one of Christians friends also had strange
experiences in the house what she told me is she saw three things standing
behind it and then they all turned and walked away
and when she turned around there was nothing there I was like okay well
you’re over-exaggerating so she went over next door and got my
neighbor and he came over and searched my house and there was nothing there she
was scared to be in there if I’m in the base if I’m walking past the basement
stairs looks like there’s someone standing at the bottom of stairs and I
look in there’s nothing there but you can hear footsteps legitimate footsteps
walking up and down the hallway I thought someone was in the house I don’t
even know how to explain it you can feel a vibe of like somebody else is in those and that bothers me like he have that helpless feeling when you’re dealing with something that
I like to term as a phantom draft or a phantom vibration it’s a lot different
you feel a sense that not only is your spider sense is tingling but that’s
something’s there and you may catch something at the corner of your eye when
it gets that strong the indications are a good percentage that you may be
visited by an unknown entity I was in my house alone as follows with her mother
for a weekend and I was laying in bed and it sounded like someone was actually
punching the wall behind it from the room behind me my headboard actually
shook and smacked up against the wall a few times at first I was scared like
what what’s going on who’s that one does that the force went from shaking the bed
to pressure on Christians chest disabling him I can’t move y’all I can’t
talk I can’t do anything and it stands it feels like some sitting or standing
on my chest it almost looks like someone’s so kind
of standing in the room watching I guess I wake up a little while later I’m just
scared like you just what just happened to me a lot of time the Spirit will
appear at nighttime and I’ve dealt with many cases of spirits go and hovering
over somebody’s bed or beside them a lot of times it is to give a message and
that theme is always reoccurring it’s it’s there for a reason what that reason
is is hard to detect but usually it’s to give a message to tell you something
maybe full one you have something or simply to say I know you can see me what
are you gonna do about it the events were escalating Christians
daughter became scared to sleep in her bedroom she said there’s a man in my
closet there’s a man in my room and I asked
like okay does he hurt you does he touch you does he talk to you what does he do
and she all she would say he talks or he stands her and it scares her it’s dark
I actually thought somebody was coming into my house but my daughters are
always long you have to walk through you have to walk past my room to get into my
to get to Isabella’s room and it was winter and so I looked outside and there
was no footprints leading up to her any of the windows and while the doors were
still locked in morning I took the closet door off
and actually I put a camera in her room to see what was going on and I caught
nothing I mean I thought I was sleepwalking so I would put baby powder
in the door or in the hallway things out of my door nothing nothing was ever
there so I thought okay whoa something’s going on after returning from a tour of duty in
Afghanistan Christian Dandrea had been experiencing strange events in his home my mom was she was sitting on the couch
Isabella was at daycare I believe and I picked her flew off the wall so it was
just okay she called me right away I came home I locked well she didn’t touch anything she left
it there so I could see it and it was a picture of Isabella about three and a
half feet from the wall and my mom said it just came off and Katie Turner is a
paranormal investigator with the Petawawa supernatural Research Society
as soon as you’ve been walked into the house alone I felt like I wasn’t
supposed to be there whoever it was did not want me there I was getting pain in
my arm and I was getting pain in my head I was getting a very bad headache I could feel I could hear I could see an
entity as Katie started to make contact with
the spirit she was guided downstairs to the
basement we have a psb7 spirit box and what it does is it sweeps through radio
frequencies at extremely fast rate and it is able to pick up it’s almost like a
phone for the spiritual side so they are able to talk through it and we can hear
them in a real-time so we ask questions and it will answer and as soon as I got
into the basement I knew right away that’s where I picked up Christian’s
friend she asked are you attached to the house or are you attached to the family
and to your family what do you think of Christian he’s a good man
are you worried about him yes she said it was someone that’s someone
that you knew I could feel an entity she was very standoffish he did not want
us to be there he was nervous it wasn’t as if he was evil he just didn’t want us
there in that area was some kit and equipment that Christian had and I
believe that there is an attachment there to it Katie told him that the
Spirit was his friend and Driver the day of the explosion in Afghanistan it was a
lot to take in at once a little emotional but it felt good at the same
time knowing that it’s not some random man it’s somebody I know who I know was
a gentle guy a gentle man meant out no harm to anybody just wanted
attention and now he has Allah he was a yeah
a warrior on for this country so you may be gone but he’s still here and it just
proves that they’re gone but not forgotten now that Christiane understands the
presence in his home the violent episodes have stopped and he knows that
his fallen comrade remains by his side you