PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Unfinished Business

September 1, 2019 0 By William Hollis

when a person passes away without
standing business to take care of that’s often enough of a reason for them to
stick around in the physical world until they can give their message story ten take one my mother and I and my brother moved
into the home and I was about five years old that was probably in 1957
my great-grandfather built the home he ordered it through Sears catalog put it
together by a number followed the directions I grew up there went to
school there have still friends and family in the neighborhood it’s a
fabulous house but many skeletons live in that house my mother and I were
sitting in the front room and it was about ten o’clock at night on a school
night my daughter was in bed she had been there since like eight o’clock and all of a sudden she comes flying
down the steps with this scared look on her face saying the stereo came on and I
just kind of yeah okay and I says something must have started it and was
about 20 minutes later after I had tucked her back in again it just turned
on by itself she said mom I’m not sleeping in there coz the stereo turned
on in I thought well maybe the plug was jostle you know I I just kind of wrote
it off I didn’t think any more about it but the stereo switching on by itself
turned out to be just the beginning it was after that that I started hearing
things in the kitchen I worked afternoon so I would come in to
relax unwind watched the news and I would hear things jiggle like when
somebody opens a refrigerator with the bottles cupboard doors same thing I hear them
open I have a magnetic strip that holds them shut and I’ll hear a click like
somebody opened it I’d go in and refrigerator door was
closed nothing’s moved nothing’s changed
everything’s the same a day or two later I was upstairs making sure everything
was ready for the next day of school and I came down to the steps from upstairs
and the kitchen cupboard doors there was three of them open and I went to check
to see if my son had been up in the kitchen and he was them and I shut the
doors went back and sat down I was doing some homework myself and the door was
open and I didn’t hear it open and I was sitting there and then when my son was in the basement
he made the basement his bedroom and I had gone to the basement steps to say
goodnight judi speaker had lived in her family
home for decades when she started noticing strange events the incidents
started to occur more frequently and became more frightening and I turned around and there was this
dark image right behind me it was not black but almost a dark gray and I
covered my face I would tell people my stories and
they’d all look at me like I was crazy oh it’s just a imagination thing you
know nothing like that happens there’s no such thing as spirits or ghosts
Judy struggled to understand the weird incidents I’m sleeping one night and
then I I could hear something but I I wasn’t sure what it was and I could feel
like somebody walking with their hands and knees up the side of me I could feel
the indent in the mattress it was scary at first I thought it was the dog movin
and I noticed the dog was in the same spot and then I was thinking it was the
cat because I have two cats and there was nothing there I have a streetlight
that that comes in through the window and there was nothing there but I could
feel the indent the bizarre events could no longer be ignored
judy needed help my sister-in-law introduced me to Ken so
that we could find out if there really was something or it was my imagination when we first got to Judy’s house the
overwhelming feeling in the house was that the presences that were there it
did feel like family during the investigation we kept getting in you
know a series of EVPs call Beth Beth Beth we’re very emphatic it was definitely a
man’s voice when Kenan told me I was flabbergasted I didn’t I didn’t know
what to say because I hadn’t thought of Beth in years Beth was married to my
brother Mike who had passed away Mike had died in the late 1970s in a farming
accident leave that they may tap around person
that they want and go to somebody else because maybe they can communicate
better with them maybe that can be more of a I’d like to use the term a
validation of who it is and then that person could take the message over and
it’s easy to hear that way sometimes I went on Facebook to see if I could find
her and luckily I I did Mike and I were married in December of 68 we had four
days to plan our wedding we had ten days together honeymooning before he left for
Vietnam so January of 70 was when he returned and we filed for divorce
because when he returned he was so so different than he was when he left a lot
of years I carried a lot of guilt because I didn’t stick with him like our
vow said Beth was not the only one with unsettled
emotions was at this point is pretty clear that somebody wants to get a
message to Beth so I went to the investigation and it was after midnight
in my mind I was more concerned about what does this spirit want with her in
the first place and I kept feeling cold breezes on the
back of my neck or the hair would stand up on my arm what I sensed was that there was a lot
more energy in the room Beth heard something that blew her mind we could hear mic same Beth I love you
oh it’s dog goosebumps Beth’s dead ex-husband Mike had made
contact I believe entities can come back if they
have unfinished business especially if they direct died tragically they can
come back to give a message my whole body
got that sense of being shocked I mean for my fingers to my toes and all the
hair on my body stood up and it was like a jolt of electricity shooting right
through me hearing from him and hearing him say
that that he still loved me and it made me realize that he wasn’t angry at me or
that I could let go of the guilt I’ve been carrying around and I just gave me
so much more peace so that was important for me to know that he wasn’t like mad
at me or it’s oh my I felt like he was still hanging around because he needed
to get that message to me because he could see all these years I was carrying
around all this guilt for not staying with him Mike wanted her there for a
reason he wanted to make a closure I believe of what was going on with him
and her he wanted her to know that he was okay and that done was the right
thing and how do you feel about the house now I always feel comfortable in
the home I love it and I just wish I could figure out who’s
crawling up the bed you