Paranormal Videos: Ghost Evidence Caught at Haunted Kiln? (DE Ep. 6)

August 30, 2019 0 By William Hollis

This week on Dead Explorer. We start our EVP
session “Did something happen to you. Is that why you are still talking to us?” and
start experiencing strange activity. “Whoa, did you hear that?” The ghosts of our past.
Forgotten places, people, and history. Armed with a camera, I am the Dead Explorer. Right
now we are in front of the large limestone kiln chimney and we are going to perform some
EVP recordings, that’s Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and some people believe that you
can captures the voices of the dead with electronic devices. There’s been reports of disembodied
voices here and we are going to see if we can try to capture anything. First of all,
I want to know is anybody here? Limestone kilns were very dangerous worksites and I
had to wonder if the kilns notorious past could cause paranormal activity. Were you
a worker here at one point? Were you hurt on the job? Did something happen to you? Is
that why you are still talking to us? And in an attempt to reach a kiln worker, I got
a response that sound like a steel hammer. Whoa, did you hear that?Whoa, did
you hear that?Whoa, did you hear that?Whoa, did you hear that? We are actually
near a neighborhood, so it could possibly just be somebody who lives close by. Was that
you? Did you just make that sound? Can you make it again? At this moment the camera caught
another bang in response to a question. Was that you?Was that you?Was
that you?What are you trying to tell us? And again after this question. Did you
hear that? There’s a loud bang just now. So, so far we’ve heard a bang. If you listen
closely you will hear a sound at the exact time I said bang. So, so far we’ve heard
a bang. So, so far we’ve heard a bang. So, so far we’ve heard a bang. Every time I
ask if there is somebody out there who’s wanting us to hear a sound or if that’s
them or if they want to tell us something, we hear something again. Well, I’m not hearing
anything anymore. I think the activity has died down. I don’t know if it was necessarily
paranormal, but we’ll see if we caught anything on tape and we’ll go back and see if we
found any evidence. But that was definitely very cool. We heard something for sure. Coming
in April, we explore ghost towns of the old west United States. “It’s just amazing!”
Make sure you tune in for more Dead Explorer.