Paranormal Videos: Real Ghost Caught on Tape? DE #95

August 31, 2019 0 By William Hollis

This week on Dead Explorer. Is there anybody
up here with me right now? What was that? What was that? Did we catch paranormal activity
at the Gates House? Hello. My name is Alejandro Dominguez. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. Hello is there anybody here in this house with us?
Anybody with the Gates family? We are visitors looking for a place to stay the night. Maybe
looking for a meal. What was that? What was that? I got crazy goosebumps. I don’t know.
What was that a dog? That couldn’t have been, that didn’t sound like a dog man.
What was that? Here. I’m going to play back the recording. Dude. Listen. What is that?
Dude, holy crap. There was talking too man. Holy crap. Listen, listen, listen. There’s
talking. There was some serious talking right there. Hold on, hold on. Do you have your
headphones? No, no I don’t. Dude, play that again. So I asked if there was anybody that
could give us a meal and it sounded like some talking almost like somebody is talking or
moaning. Are you okay? Dog bark outside. It was not a dog and it was over here. The first
part of it is talking dude. I can guarantee if we listen to it back the first part of
it was talking. Dude spin that wheel. Nope, not the wheel. Not the bed. Whoa, that was
so creepy man. Can you that again for us? Can you talk to us one more time please? Would
you like us to leave? Can we stay here, is that okay? Wow that is a low clearance. This
house is made for little people. Whoa, that is super creepy dude. I know I didn’t go
up there. There are just mattresses on the floor and big rag doll and teddy bears. It
is super creepy Roger. Is there anybody up here with me right now? Is this where the
little girl stayed? Are these your dolls? Did you move? Not really, why? I heard a creak.
Yea, I’m sure there is going to be creaking no matter what. Are these dolls, do you want
to play with us? Car outside. Will you grab one of those dolls? Can you tell me their
names? What are the names of the dolls sweetie? What is the name of this doll sugar? Can you
tell me the name of your dolls? Do they have names? I am moving my camera around. If you
get creeped out by dolls, this is the creepy doll motherload. Alright, we are leaving right
now, but we are going to come back. If you want us to stay away, just tell us, otherwise
we will come back in a bit. There are some creepy dolls up there man. Man that was so
bizarre man. Let’s go check this stuff out. Alright lets go. So underneath this house
you think there is an animal? Yea there is a pig. A pig? Shh. I thought I heard a woman’s
voice. Can you see him? Yea I can see him. Damn that is a huge pig! That is not wild
pig. That’s a domesticated pig isn’t it? That big? What is that, a pig or a dog? It’s
a pig. Yea its wild. It’s a wild pig. Nobody said anything in the literature about wild
pigs and we thought were going to sleep in here tonight. Next week on Dead Explorer we
investigate a haunted church. Please make sure you favorite and like this video and
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