Power Out at the Lafayette Hotel – Paranormal History

November 6, 2019 0 By William Hollis

hey I gotta keep turning this time one
thing – yeah alright so sorry for the creepiness here
my hair looks so we’re here in Marietta then the power went out I do hope your
sister touched you she was up and she said like flicker and then it went out
and she’s when she texted me and said hey was your power out like we lost all
our power and I said I said yeah or is this out – I heard the like click from
the what do you call it the message because it’s like silent in here we have
like nothing like you can can’t hear anything else
so it actually woke me up I was sleeping yeah
so fallen angel so EVP session yeah it’s going on two hours now actually about 15
minutes okay two hours the powers been out so what happens when it’s like early
in the morning like this rain gets quite chatty so she’ll probably not going back
to sleep oh yeah so we’re right on the Ohio River at the Lafayette hotel yeah and I said hey let’s just go live
let’s see who’s out there awake if he’d fallen Angelz away yeah what are you
good what do you got going on just I don’t know what time zone you’re in but
yeah it’s a little I don’t say creepy it’s awful
yeah it’s really quiet I never sleep I look out in the hall I’m sure it’s just
somebody to check and make sure go and watch the cameras on that side I’m gonna
open this window it’s getting stuffy okay anyway you can see where I ripped
the skin off my lip don’t tell anybody so yeah we we tested the door to check
it out and see what was going on you probably start hearing all the ducts now
cuz we’re like literally right on the river and there’s a whole bunch of them
they’ve been floating around there all day so yeah we’re we just saying that we are
in a haunted hotel where the power just happened to go off about two hours ago
now ten minutes or so it’ll be about a half about two hours so yeah with time
we just kind of pop on here live see what’s going on look at my bag yeah we
did a quick little well wasn’t little as a half hour so we played some of it back
didn’t hear much of anything but didn’t have headphones did wake it up so what do you guys got
going on fallen angel was here she said she never sleeps yeah we didn’t really
have any type of plan or anything about a topic or anything yeah we could do
another session oh yeah we could do another session you
guys could see if we don’t have a spirit box or anything but well we do I don’t
know if we have neighbors I hear sounds out of that room every now
and again so like earlier today okay yeah talks in the camera there do you
have a digital recorder you can see if anyone comes through yeah we heard some
some tapping over here in this room the are we’re like in a suite so the bedroom
is over that direction and then this is like a city
so over here we heard this a little bit of tapping and like a creek on the floor
but weren’t a fifth floor so we’ll tell them the room number after okay and so
this is it’s like a long room any history of the place but anyways I know
that mr. ho egg is seen here throughout the building and especially in the
gunroom which surprisingly is we stayed here
last night too and well the restaurants been closed for private events the
entire time we’ve been here even for breakfast and everything so
that’s interesting but he’s supposed to be seen in there he’s supposed to be
seen wandering around the building he’s supposed to whisper to like his
employees like eat in their ears and stuff like that so I was thinking that
maybe he’s about doing that right now whispering in their ears as they check
on everything that would be my guess and now what else there’s a I think things
go missing luggage gets turned out upside down empty shampoo bottles get
placed places there’s a spirit of a little boy in the basement who hangs out
by the women’s restroom I was just checking check rods haunted
adventures this Wow Huntress of the unknown is here and says
hi this place is free that’s called the Anchorage clip-on legs why you can’t
hear us well we’re trying to be quiet you know we didn’t you guys have a hard
time carrots they have a lot of haunted places yeah at some point so no maybe
the conference will be there soon here Mourad says they can hear with us fine
dipole foxes I can lip-read a bit well you can’t so what’s everybody doing up but
insomnia if you’re in a eastern time it’s about 2:30 where we are too much switches positions on me
hundreds of the announced unknown is in California so definitely not hotel in
1924 when the man we call mr. Hogg was a teenager over the next several years he
learned the ins and outs of the hotel business watching and helping his father
manage the property the young man eventually became the
proud owner and manager of the finest hotel in Marietta
he was an astute businessman and an excellent hotelier under his guidance
the lafayette blossomed into an elegant hotel and a very successful operation he
oversaw all the details frequently walking the halls in the middle of the
night to make sure everything was in order
maybe he was he wasn’t heard walking or talking and all he discovered a if he
discovered a burnt-out light bulb he called maintenance to fix it did you
tell him about your sister I did not so Mary Ann’s sister Joanne and Mark are
here too they actually heard their door open and as if somebody walked close and
then heavy footsteps she texted me and told me I don’t know sometimes we go with these
different like waves of stuff like different time periods like it’s been
well since the planer has it not the planet house at the barn hazel no what’s
one in George oh yeah since the barn house we haven’t really
got any activity we go in these waves where it’s like you know maybe for like
a year or something it’s like we’re always getting something and then that’s
like nothing for a while and we’ve been like all summer I don’t think we got
much of anything all the different places and I haven’t reviewed that one
cemetery that I I did an investigation and yet it comes and goes but that’s
just how it is and paranormal investigations yeah especially when you
do it as long as we have you have these dry spells where they don’t know know if
the spirits get like anyways were yet mr. Hoek retired and sold the property
in 1973 died eight years later nothing odd about his passing his time had
simply come he did not die in the hotel either but several people have it’s not
only hotel employees who think mr. Hyde wanders the halls many local people who
knew him believe he’s still in his beloved hotel as well they think he
plays practical jokes on guests and staff just as he did in life so
apparently he was a little prankster oh okay so this is interesting there’s
actually people and paragraphs kind of funny it says in the autumn hello it’s
autumn a group of motorcycle enthusiasts checked into the Lafayette for the
weekend they took the ghost Trek walking toward the downtown on Friday night one
of the bikers could barely contain himself during the Lafayette visit you
have to he laughed and joked about mr. ho eggs ghosts the entire time when
Saturday night’s tour arrived at the hotel most of the motorcycle group was
waiting in the lobby they wanted a report on what happened overnight after
hours in the bar they agreed to meet at 7:30 on Saturday and headed off to bed
the man who made the fun of mr. ho eggs ghost was in a single sleep it wasn’t a
single room sleeping alone he got into bed at about midnight before he turned
off the way he double-checked his alarm which he set for 7:00 a.m. he had a hard
time waking up the next morning he was still dark and he is sleepy but he knew
his friends were waiting so he got up showered I went downstairs he stood in
the empty Lobby for several minutes before checking his watch it was only
3:30 a.m. four hours later when he told his friends would happen they suggested
that he was responsible you were tipsy said you you set the
clock for the wrong time he shook his head convinced that mr. Hoek spirit put
him out of paid him a visit at midnight and reset his alarm to pay him back for
joking about it all right so that’s a live chat we have
been out to this day so where were you have you metal magnet those spirity
distractible have you bet ever been up to the Stanley before mehran we’ve been
to Denver twice and I have issues when we go to Denver like on the second or
third day and actually this is yes I investigate it this is actually how we
kind of got to be friends with Colorado Montini who’s in Colorado I met her
probably through puja or something like that and I was asking her questions how
she dealt with altitude when I was out there first time it was like after the
second day I was I was pretty bad I can hardly breathe and then I supposed to
hear because we’re gonna be here for a couple more days they told us to drink a
bunch of we told me drank a bunch of water and it did help but when we went
up to the Stanley like three or four I’m like sucking air bad I can hardly
breathe and moron says they got to investigate the investigate the
Goldfield hotel to you that’s pretty awesome we have not gone we haven’t been
there we have our frogs we always seem to attract via animal life out the
windows anyway you need me by my old channel the
haunted explorers I’ve known you as mehran’s Sean me better is that I know you as
miron’s probably pronounce it wrong are you our young explorers on Instagram haunted explorers yeah so it does
hundred explorers on Instagram too or maybe that’s funny travels I don’t
know I’m halfway I just know miss knots um recently I’m a
terrible person I like don’t go out and about very much on YouTube I’m just not
good at it I was not Sean goes around a lot more
than I do he yells at me all the time oh we’re out of focus big time mm-hmm
very that’s better yeah I’m debating when we come back
again in season 3 which is actually gonna start yeah November will be season
3 for us I’m thinking about another name change for us going back to our honor
travels debating we have our new website that’s up sardonic travel calm panic
these always going to be a part of what we do because that’s the database and
that’s what we put most of the research and things like that but yeah I’m
thinking about rebranding and doing panic dr haunted travels i think
originally we were painting the videos for since 2010 and then I changed it to
panic D videos our honor travels that name was like way too long and
everyone’s like they should be paranormal histories I change it to
panicky paranormal history but you know we’re a little bit we do do mostly
history it’s our haunted travels it’s basically all the places that we’ve been it’s all confusing so many names Mourad says that next month they’re
going to be investigating the Nevada State Prison closed in 2012 at a state
prison point that you that was a rough place okay that desert person in that
desert I had to be rough yeah I’m starting to group things on the
new blog too that’s it’s gonna be kind of cooler it’s gonna be like we’re gonna
be able to cook live from the studio I have to go and figure out what’s wrong
with in I think it’s actually our internet at the house I was not oh you know why that’s why I’d really
like to bust out of spirit box session but I know and the Ovilus is down in the
car which by the way if you ever come to this place and stay the Lafayette in
Marietta it’s a nice hotel parking horrible
horrible parking they have one two three three parking lots and you go park on
the street and six o’clock last night everything was full way down the street because there’s only two hour parking so
I couldn’t fall asleep we went down and we walked around the parking lot and
found this but it was like I did not this trip so here’s what we’re gonna do
for October this year last year we did this year we’re going to do like
cemeteries and grave sites some popular group sites like we’ve been to the grave
site of McKinley which would be the seventh president we’ve been to oh we
could do Garfield’s – yeah so today we actually went to a mortuary museum so
that would be fitting yeah it was pretty cool
if you’ve ever seen the movie get low I said this earlier on the on the live
stream but though the car that they used the purse that
they used in that movie it’s actually in that museum is owned by Bill people’s
people’s yeah and Chad was the guy that was our trailer guy he was telling us a
little background story about the movie and Bill people’s was actually a
stand-in and actually drove the car because they they trashed it trashed the
transmission of who this thing those purses that they have that had what they
had one two three four like nineteen thirties packard purses they were
gorgeous and then they had like a Packard like was like a family car racks
I haven’t even I’m such a horrible youtuber investigator I hope all that
stuff comes out cuz I know I’ve said it twice I’m like building up this hype and
then my luck like the video didn’t come hours I didn’t even play it back on the camera
well I took about two stills yeah almost feels we got pictures yeah so I’m just
curious okay ray the fam and country go did you just get a notification or did
you see it like I think more on shared it out or whatever because it if this
was like at 30 minutes in and it seems like when we do live streams I don’t
know about you guys when you do live streams it’s like after that first
half-hour you get like new people to come in so I wonder if they you know
YouTube actually like does another push like a half hour in or something I don’t
know gosh mm-hmm yeah it does look like so we
got some footage two of the barges going up and down the river I’m it like we’re
right on the this is the Ohio River here and ask Egon they just converge some of
these barges on this river you got footage of that coal barge right I’ll power out what now like state so it’s about 11 p.m. midnight run the
East Coast Eastern time zone yeah so okay we were yeah I tell you what so
let’s stop we get into we went to the place called the castle today hey didn’t
I get that call before we left the hotel I get a call from work it always happens
every time we go on a trip is always something to work out you know we work
for a school district but I’m the technology coordinator for this school
so I’m responsible for you know all the technology so I need a call the power
must have one out at work from our meeting supervisor
yeah we have water in the locker rooms and everything I go to the phones and
all the phones are coming up with an air thunder let you know so you don’t have a
big problem on Monday oh gee thanks so I’m actually troubleshooting and taking
care and problems of at work down here by phone so we’re on this tour at the
castle and I’m like dealing with this stuff through Texan I missed that whole
and we didn’t record it that whole entry video talking about the castle the
history yeah I was texting people Sunday it’s like I could never just like there
used to it I guess I won’t take this yeah the phone’s being down at the
school we just put in a new phone system that’s
what was bothering me was it’s a new phone system and the airs that we were
getting I was hoping the server didn’t go out because that would have been ugly almost midnight there we’ll get eight people in a room so we
started last week covering Point Pleasant and coming up this week we
might have four videos that we’re putting out the we I don’t have anything
recorded we’re gonna do a video on the State Theatre which we did so we have
four more videos about Point Pleasant we’re gonna wrap it up with the Mont and
because the 21st is actually the Mothman festival down Point Pleasant next Saturday we’re gonna be live with
Kay and Matt from Happy Trails hiking and Laurie Bryant they’re coming our way next week that’s gonna be fun and then
the weekend after that we’re gonna have a premiere for our Saturday show because
we’re in a wedding two weeks ends after that because the weekend after is
national ghost hunting day that’s what we gotta do by the way we didn’t we hit
2,700 we hit since our livestream earlier so thank you guys thank you good
enough sleep on there it’s time to sleep for like the rest of your life so we’ve got about 45 minutes in here ready fam I’m almost at 1,300 that is
awesome curious to see how long the power’s out
and if they have any reason for it later I think they’re just banking on the fact
that everybody’s asleep and then let’s wake up the next morning you know beyond
this well I hope it’s back up before we leave because I don’t want to carry all
this stuff down them stairs I came up all these stairs last time I
walked up five flights because there was like two so I definitely walked all the
way yeah so I was walking up the stairs and one of the people from the wedding
was walking up with a couple beers behind me and I wasn’t going fast enough
a long time not like but I did wait it was until the fifth like the fourth to
fifth light that my like legs started doing like I could feel the lactic acid
building up in the tops of my thighs oh my gosh how many more steps is it yeah
especially after when you walk three miles today already you know but it was
funny he’s like it seemed like a good idea yeah so there’s this cleaning lady
downstairs and I don’t think she’s ever off like I’ve seen her like every time
period like in the afternoon in the mornings in midday like I’ve seen her
and I actually looked at Sean like what about five six o’clock I’m like see her
right it’s just weird that like normally there’s like shifts
and I can’t like pick pick out a shift for her she’s like here all the time and
she’s always in the same area see her right chief our mumble hello you’re
yapping in my ear yeah so the point of that whole rant you
didn’t even bring the on volition the Ovilus I would be okay with using this
late at night I’m not good with you doing the sb7 just
gotta be respectful of other guests who actually might be sleeping through this
so jess is here and says hi hello Jess yeah so luckily before the power went
out my phone was like almost dead anyway so I plugged it in running down the
battery well thanks for coming in you need to get a couple hours sleep Murad
it’s got to be up at 4:00 a.m. for work and it’s midnight there I think you need
a nap take a nap thanks for stopping yes thank you you have a good day at work
yeah just says it’s weird seeing you teeth streaming at this time I know this
is strange for us gestures you just came in we got a text about why are you gonna
tell my sister who’s staying below us yeah Hey our powers out is your power
out there you know and it’s actually it’s actually kind of cool to do an EVP
session when the powers up cuz you’re not hearing like fans so we did about a
half-hour EVP session and played some of the back we don’t and then of course I’m
up I’m up now I have a hard time getting the sleep
unless I’m really exhausted and I could just fall asleep just sitting somewhere tonight so let’s go yeah we know we
don’t go live yes I do yes I do cuz Maria gets chatty when she’s tired I
think the beginning of the EVP session she was going on with this dissertation
I said we shut up so well across the river in West Virginia they got power
cuz I’m just surprised that they’re out for like two and a half hours and hopefully nobody got hurt true but none of the lights like along
the river are on either like I noticed like on this side they were like those
security tape lights that were so why are you guys up can’t sleep I
know that it’s morning there already there’s some it’s just getting to be justice just an insomniac oh man yeah I
get that from time to time too she’s like out seven eight o’clock
she’s like depending on the night sometimes okay chief armor bull says
can’t sleep I’m a night owl well see this is this is the thing with us –
Maryann is definitely definitely a morning person and I’m definitely a
night out I hate mornings I have been working in education for
this is my 29th year where you have to be there seven thirty seven o’clock in
the morning and I hate it I hate it’s not natural to get up to it and rush
rush rush rush rush get to work so I’m low cranky until probably 9:30 10
o’clock and I got a couple cups of coffee and you know but recently I’m
gonna start you’re starting to turn me into a morning person
after what almost 30 years so I get a little tired bout 7:30 8 o’clock I’d
like to come home from work and take a little nap and like when I get home I’m not tired
yet but if you’re taking that sometimes I’ll be like you know what I’m gonna lay
there and take a nap – you good sometimes you gotta take that little nap
and like be the next thing you know it’s alright we’ve missed the whole night
yeah starting over it’s a good thing we don’t have children yeah telling her teacher yeah I can see
sometimes like will fall asleep and you’ll wake me up at like eight nine
o’clock and you’re like are you are you gonna make me something to eat tonight
mm-hmm just says that could be falling asleep all day long on my feet even the
ones it’s 10:00 p.m. I wake I look at you okay
I’m uptown no coffee no nothing I’m ready to go that’s good do something
that’s there’s no power I don’t know Friday’s get a little rough
come Friday night after five days of seven to seven two three four five days
Street this Friday I was I was going on a gentleman because we were coming down
we shot down here after the after work we came straight down from work we
didn’t go home wasn’t a bad drive down no it’s pretty straight actually yeah
you might be driving home straight shot but not the PA West Virginia going guys
ever driving on the PA Turnpike you know it’s a workout especially from
Youngstown to about Hershey all right well let’s just do a recap for
what are we recapping okay so we’re down in Marietta Ohio this weekend on our
haunted travelers adventure we actually have some companions with this Marc and
Julian are down here Joanne is Marian’s sister and Mark is our future
brother-in-law actually they’re getting married October 5th so they wanted to
take a little trip before they got married and so we decided to come down
for the weekend and go to hit some haunted places and we’ve done a bunch of
Tours we started counting up maybe we’ll work on that here a little bit how many
different places we get we have a few more to hit tomorrow we do have our new
website out there are honey travels calm which is a blog website and this trip
will be on there so what we do a post when we take it to a while after we get
back from taking a trip with kind of recap all the new places we’ve been to
or places we return to is gonna be on there
it’s gonna be kind of like an index for me mainly so I remember to go back and
then each place if we have enough individually like this trip – we did it
a ghost walk Friday night with a bunch of places so they won’t be like full
week videos the cover will do like you know X amount of haunted locations and
Marietta type thing and because we don’t have enough we didn’t go like the Anchorage we went to we
actually went inside that building and did a tour in there for like an hour
right the castle we did that the mortuary museum did that where else we
go so we’re getting about four at least four locations that we have enough that
we can do a full week of you know the three videos the other ones locations
we’ll do like a compilation or break it up you know and we call those our
drive-by videos and those are the ones where you see it’s like we’re in the
studio and we’re talking about it and here’s the there’s a little bit of the
history and then we show some pictures a little bit of footage and then we’re
talking about it where it’s not the full narration yeah
because we actually been we drove by we stopped outside here about those on
either ghost tours or like we won we did Toledo we went to one four or five maybe
six Victorian Canadian which says there’s
like five people in the back alley across from me just drunken to the tea
loud even more thorough well that’s exactly we didn’t want to do that wait
so we didn’t do a recipe seven or anything we didn’t want to be like those
people and bother our neighbor neighbor or anything like what we want to thank
you guys for coming and hanging out with us on this video and until next time
thanks for watching