Power Season 6 Episode 13 Review – Tommy Saw The Shooter And Ghost Is Officially Dead –  Quick Recap

Power Season 6 Episode 13 Review – Tommy Saw The Shooter And Ghost Is Officially Dead – Quick Recap

January 21, 2020 59 By William Hollis

telling Governor hopeful and nightclub
owner James st. Patrick some wonder if councilman Prashant Aid will take his
place Howard episode 13 it’s all your fault
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post comments they should have just named this episode is all about Tommy
Tommy councils Christmas and goes to California and for all of those who’ve
always said that my predictions are never right them chickens coming home to
roost right now because we said Tommy was going to be going to California and
my live stream this week he went we also mentioned about that earring that the
lucky that Tasha lip at lakeisha’s house was she killed and y’all said it was
never going to come up that came up in this episode too and i will announce the
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you felt about this particular episode and how you think things are going to
shape up going forward in the future this just tells me honey that now that
Tommy’s in California he’s definitely going to be in a spinoff
yeah for sure now we all thought that the spin-off might include
Tariq I don’t see it including to read but for sure they’re gonna have time you
had the very least and one of the spin-offs that they’re gonna do and you
he can carry your show yeah yeah you can definitely carry a show
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