Real Ghost Caught On Camera ? 5 POLTERGEISTS Caught On Tape

September 1, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Top 5 Ghosts Caught On Camera : Poltergeists
Wikipedia defines a poltergeist as “a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for
physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement or levitation of objects such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors.”. In this video we’ll check out 5 videos of
supposedly real evidence of poltergeists caught on tape. The Slamming Door The slamming door started out as a combination blog and Youtube channel by a man in Poland. On the channel, he documented what he claimed was activity by a poltergeist caught on camera in his home. At first, there were relatively unimpressive
posts of some objects moving around, seemingly on their own. But then this post: As to be expected on the internet, people
were very skeptical. So “TheSlammingDoor” channel began to record with multiple cameras, documenting the strange occurrences simultaneously from different
angles. After a year of posting videos of strange
phenomena that he claimed were ghosts caught on camera. The Youtube account “TheSlamming Door” suddenly stopped posting. This was his final video: So were these posts of a real ghost caught
on camera? Or just a hoax carried on way too long. You decide. The Thing On the Stairs
On the Youtube channel Chasseur de Fantomes, a French ghost hunter named Jerry posts videos of his paranormal investigations. In this video, he’s exploring a house where
a father took the lives of his wife and two children, before taking his own life. After climbing 2 sets of stairs into the abandoned house’s attic, Jerry attempts to communicate with the ghosts via a spirit box, but then
he hears something else that draws his attention away… something is moving on one of the
floors below. Now there’s something else in the video that even Jerry didn’t notice. It was pointed out by Youtube commenters. As Jerry makes his escape down the second flight of stairs, he briefly pans his camera back up the stairwell behind him. It almost looks like a child is standing on
the stairs watching him run away. So, real ghost caught on camera? Or just a stair banister caught at the right
camera angle. Let me know what you think down in the comments. The Barmby Place Ghost
As a teenager, Adam Mawson realized that there was something just a bit off about his family
home in Yorkshire,England. The house was built over a cemetery, and at
the end of the road, there was an industrial building where 14 people, mostly children,
had lost their lives in a devastating fire. Beginning in 1991, young Adam Mawson began
to document strange occurrences around their home, encounters that he believed to be real
ghosts caught on camera. Late one night, while hanging out with his
brother and a friend, they hear a mysterious banging sound. The disturbing pounding noise seems to actually
come from inside the walls of the house. Months later, Adam catches a truly scary video. He puts a camera just outside his bedroom
door, and sets it to film down the hallway overnight. The next day, he’s shocked when he reviews
what he caught on tape. Adam Mawson filmed a scary ghost video that
still remains one of the most popular supernatural videos on the internet. So, are these real ghosts caught on camera? You decide. Adam Mawson says that this paranormal activity
continued for 7 years, until he and his brother were adults, and then suddenly, mysteriously,
it all just stopped. Perhaps creepiest of all, Adam says his parents
still live in the haunted house to this day. Something In the Attic I found this next video in an old post on
a private paranormal message board. The video poster claimed that they often heard
strange banging sounds coming from their attic, but whenever they went to check, there was
nothing there. The person was asking for advice on what to
do about the sounds. Now, this video is so extreme that it seems
like it would have to be fake. Maybe just someone looking for attention. However, it should be noted that this video
was posted as unlisted on Youtube. The original video barely has any views and
you can’t access it without a direct link. So, it seems the poster wasn’t looking for
attention. So is this a real ghost caught on camera? Is it a poltergeist? Or just someone with too much free time and
a friend doing gymnastics in their attic. Let me know what you think. The Thirsty Ghost
The Oxxo convenience store in downtown Tlaquepaque, Mexico seems like a very unlikely place for
a haunting. However, workers and patrons at the store
claim to have had many ghostly encounters at the roadside stop. On some occasions, the bizarre paranormal activity has reached such extremes that it has scared both workers and customers right out of the store. So is this a real ghost caught on camera or
just some loco convenience store workers pulling a prank? What do you think? That’s all for this week. HUGE thanks to Edu for once again providing Spanish subtitles. Be sure to check him out on Twitter at edubsas. Now, whether you believe ANY of these videos
are real or not. I have one parting questions and I’d love
to read your answers down in the comments. Do YOU believe in ghosts? If you DO believe in ghosts or if you DON’T,
let me know why.