Real Ghost Stories –  Storytime on Ghostly Chills Podcast Ep03 “Tami’s Paranormal  Experiences”

Real Ghost Stories – Storytime on Ghostly Chills Podcast Ep03 “Tami’s Paranormal Experiences”

November 3, 2019 1 By William Hollis

And I live in Bellingham, Washington. Been
here most of my life. I have always believed that we have a higher power, and I know we
have guardian angels. I’ve always had somebody watching out for me. My dad passed when I
was 3, so I was blessed to have my own guardian angel. When I was in my early thirties I was
in a rollover car accident the only spot in the vehicle that wasn’t completely crushed
was where I was sitting, and they couldn’t believe that I walked away. It was ironically
on the anniversary of the day that we buried my dad. I’ve made random statements, like
conversation with family about things that, and predicted things in people’s lives and
didn’t even know I was doing it until down the road apiece, and we went back and said,
“You said this. Do you realize you said that?” So I try not to try not to do that
anymore [laughs]. My experience though with the paranormal as far as the spirit world,
I got divorced when my son was a year-and-a-half, and we moved in and lived with my grandmother,
who lived in the same house that she was raised in. And she and my and her sister had lived
there most of their lives — all of their lives. My great aunt, who was one of my dearest
friends, passed away in February of 2003, and my son was born nine months to the day
later. I had been trying to get pregnant, and we’d given up, so there you have it. So
when my son and I moved in with my grandma, we went to bed and at night he would say his
prayers, and then he would wave to the corner of the bedroom and say, “Night night yadie.
Night.” And I’m like, “Who are you talking to?” He’s like, “The yadie mommy! The
yadie!” Like there’s a lady, and he said, “Yeah. Say night night!” OK, I said, “Good
night Auntie Pat.” Cause he was waving to the corner where her room was. My son never
met my aunt. She was born after she died, so this went on just about every night, and
about three months after we moved in with my grandma, she had this hall table in her
living room that had family photos, and she would rotate them around. And we were on our
way out the door, and he stopped and grabbed a picture and went, “Mommy it’s the yadie!
It’s the yadie!” And it was my great aunt. So, I knew — I knew she always was with
me, and not just reinforced it. Because what 2 year old is going to make that up? So, flash
forward to a year later. We moved into our own apartment over in Brenton Court, which
is over the old mine shafts, so when we first moved in there, I’m a candle person, and
I had all these little candley things and little doodads on my walls, and things, and
I would come home, and stuff is moved. And I’m like, OK, “Come on. Nobody should
be in my apartment but me.” And he’s not tall enough yet to reach where these things
were that were moved, so I started putting like a nickel or a quarter under things, and
I would come home, and the candle holder was moved. Like I can visibly see things had moved.
So this one night, I’m sound asleep in bed, and you know how you wake up because you feel
something? Well I woke up to see this apparition. Blue and green are my colors, and this tall,
thin man in a — in a vest with blue and green stripes — pinstripes on it, and he
had no face — but he was leading my son from the hallway that went into the dark living
room. He was guiding him, behind him, to my bedroom, so he had turned him around and was
guiding him back to me. And I laid in my bed, and I watched this being walk my 3-year-old
son to my bed. And as soon as I took my son’s hand, he disappeared. OK, so thank you, cause,
you know, who wants their 3-year-old to wake up by themselves in the dark? So about three
weeks later, I’m sleeping, and, again, I can feel something. And I wake up, and there’s
a woman in an old fashioned pin up apron with her hair up in a bun and blue and green stripes,
and, again, no face, standing at the foot of my bed. And I startled a little bit, and
she went away. And two nights later, I’m sound asleep, and I woke up, and the same woman
is standing right beside me. So I — I — it was unsettling, cause someone was in my room,
but I was never scared or worried, because they didn’t — to me they seemed friendly.
I mean obviously he led my son to me, not away from me. So about probably two or three
months later, I told friends my story, and they kind of, “Ya, sure, right, whatever.”
And I’m like, “No, really, I’m not kidding.” And we were down at the swimming pool at the
apartment, and this lady that lives there said, “Oh yeah. There are beings here.”
She said, “My towels get moved all the time, and my shoes, they take them from the front
door and put them over on the carpet. Off the off the walkway and onto the carpet.”
So there’s clearly — And she said, “But what I did was,” she said, “My mom told
me to say a prayer, and tell the person that, you know, you’re free to go back, or to move
on to your next step. And so that’s what I did. I went back to my apartment, and I said,
“You know, I’m not sure who you are or why you’re here. I thank you for the things
you’ve done for us, but I hope you can help someone else.” And then I never saw them
or heard from him again. So three years ago, I started working at a cemetery and I was
in the office and there’s this doorbell chime that all it plays is “bing, bong.” Nothing
else. And co-worker was in there with me, and we were talking, and all the sudden, the
chime went off and started playing Jingle Bells. And ironically he was joking with me
about, you know, “We’ve been here two months now. Have you seen any ghosts?” And
we were laughing, and the doorbell chime went off and played Jingle Bells. And he’s like,
“Did you hear that?” I said, “Yeah, did you hear that?” And he said, “Yeah,
and I am out! I’m leaving.” And I’m like, “Nooo, come on. Are you kidding?”
So he left, and I told my boss, and she’s like, “No, come on. You’re playing games.
They’re just messing with you.” Bla, bla, bla. Well he told her the same thing. He’s
like, “Nope. Was standing right there. No one was anywhere near that doorbell.” So
we took the doorbell off the wall and tested it, and truthfully the only thing that it
plays is “bing, bong.” It does not play songs. You cannot program it to do anything
else. It plays “bing, bong.” So, we both heard Jingle Bells, clear as you please, so
it was crazy. I’m open to whatever God and the angels bring into my life — I always
have been. And I’m grateful for that. I — I just try to have an open mind. I think it
would be selfish to believe — and sad — if this was our last and final destination. Open
your mind and your heart, and listen to that still, small voice within. It’s telling
you something. And those little, quirky things or that Deja Vu moment that you have, that’s
probably someone from your past that’s passed, just letting you know they’re thinking about
you and sending you their love and — and good karma and good energy. Say thanks and
accept it, and be good to yourself.