Real Life Vampire: Vampire Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood, Twilight Style

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

COMM: Vampires have been the subject of books and plays for centuries. Today, these scary
fictional characters appear in countless movies and hit TV series. But one woman from Pennsylvania has taken her vampire obsession further. 45-year-old mum-of-three, Julia Caples, has been drinking live human blood for over 30
years. Julia: I know for a fact that there are a lot more people out there who drink human
blood than you could be aware of. Your neighbour could be a blood drinker. Ariel: I don’t agree with it! COMM: Julia’s daughter, Ariel, struggles with her mum’s gruesome practices. Ariel: You are literally by definition a leech and a parasite. COMM: Her fascination with blood began as a young girl during her first kiss. Julia: I kissed him really hard and I bit him on the lip. It was my natural instinct
to bite him because for some reason, I associated that sensuality with blood. Needless to say, he never kissed me again. COMM: But Julia was hooked and wanted more. As time went by, meeting fellow vampire
fanatics became easier. Julia eventually married her ex-husband, Donald, in a vampire themed
wedding. Donald: We had a special ceremony and it happened to be in a graveyard. When we made our vowels,
we consecrated our love for each other by sharing blood. COMM: But when they’re 11 year old son Alexei arrived, the couple decided one of them had
to step away from their bloody lifestyle to ensure he had a balanced upbringing. Donald: I did, so she didn’t have to. COMM: But despite their careful parenting Alexei is starting to notice his mum’s strange
hobby. Alexei: It’s kind of weird. Starting to think she’s a vampire. COMM: Julia’s eldest daughter Ariel also struggles with her mum’s ghoulish practises. Ariel: I don’t agree with it and you know I don’t. Do you wanna be a vampire? You are
literally, by definition, a leech and a parasite. Julia: Absolutely, that’s correct Ariel: And why would you be proud of being that? Julia: Because the people that I take from want me to do that to them. Ariel: It doesn’t matter if they want it. I find it rather disgusting to begin with. I am absolutely afraid of losing my mum to
her lifestyle. COMM: Regardless of the criticism she faces from loved ones and strangers, Julia says
she’s careful. Julia: They have to get blood tests, you know, to make sure they’re not carrying, you know,
blood-borne diseases, or you know, aids or HIV or any of that. COMM: Doctors like haematologist Steven Gruenstein, advise against drinking the blood of others. Doctor: There has been a resurgence of cult drinking blood vampirism. I would never encourage
somebody to drink human blood, in fact, I would discourage absolutely. COMM: But the health risks aren’t enough to deter Julia, who drinks blood as regularly
as she can. Julia: So are you ready to go? Wesley: Absolutely Julia: Cos I am really thirsty. COMM: So what drives Julia to continue her bizarre practice? Is there a secret property
to blood that makes vampires age more slowly like in the movies? Julia: My ageing process seems to be outwardly much slower than people who don’t drink blood.
When I feed off a person and drink their blood, I feel stronger, I feel healthier, I feel
empowered, I feel more beautiful than any other time. I’m also extremely healthy – I have no health problems. I have an abundance of energy all the time. Thank you so, so much. Thank you. I appreciate it, thank you.