REAL Paranormal Activity Part 1

August 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

what did you think it is I mean do you think it’s like a ghost and see like what he seems to think the house is haunted yes for a while a friend stayed a couple month ago it might been last year and she stayed downstairs on my own and she refused to stay down again because apparently the chair your son lived by itself and sweet I didn’t believe right I was a ridiculous so as a joke mean Daryl decided to stay downstairs and set up the camera in the corner yeah and then we set up a little experiment where we put the chair in the middle of the room put coins on each corner just so that were slightly overhanging so that if the chair moved kind of fall off and we no one woke up with something that happened anyway we woke up and nothing to change you know the coins are still on it so I just put it off in the story and then recently my brother and Esther and Emma have been hearing noises and claiming things have moved about there it’s obviously you it wasn’t nice I mean get out get out get out GG oh my god oh my god so as an experiment I’ve decided sell some cameras and microphones around the house leave them filming through the night and see what we can pick up right it’s a enter in the morning after Scholl and I’ve collected the footage from the cameras around the house and I noticed one or two things during the night the living room and camera caught what appeared to be a knob traveling towards a doll now at first I just assumed light reflection a little bit of a lens flare whatever but then I check the hallway camera at the exact moment the object the door and disappeared and the odd thing towards the stairs now it’s unlikely if it came from any particular light source that the source of light will be able to get run to the front of the house you know I cast the same reflection in the same place it came through now I’m not saying this is necessarily proof but it’s definitely a step towards what we’re trying to look for the honest thing I can think to do is leave the cameras rolling tonight and see if anything else happens you modern people it’s now 10 to 7:00 in the morning I have to get up for uni and about three o’clock last night we have quite a bit of noise from downstairs so I set an alarm and I decided to get up slightly early so I can go down and see any changes all check everything out before and it was had a chance to move it really and yeah so let’s go look I’m sorry about the quality of the image Newton ears gain because of the light basically see right so yeah not really sure what to think wonderful my brother came down last night and there you know what I’m just gonna go wake him up right I’ve just looked over the footage and things I’ve got quite interesting I have just watched my living room chair move across the room by itself adjust a little bit and then stop that’s not normal by anybody’s standards now someone like this is easily writable you could fake this it could have been my brother you could have put the clip on my computer I don’t know and I’m not going to take it solid evidence just yet unless you know I see it firsthand I will keep the cameras rolling so please you know keep checking back and I’m sure if it is real we’ll cut much more interesting stuff you