REAL Paranormal Activity Part 2

August 17, 2019 0 By William Hollis

well welcome to part 2 of my paranormal investigation if you haven’t seen part 1 I suggest you watch that now I’ll put a link in the description it really sets the scene and shows what we’ve been doing here if you have watched part 1 you will know that I did not show Roberts reaction to the chair moving that was because my laptop of course died and what the footage was lost well after I uploaded the video I found the footage back on my harddrive so here it is it reported from last night at the end the chair movement [Music] you [Music] it was like you was it that did you see me oh it’s it’s fake below and as you saw I mean come on be honest honest with me now y’all the other one is controls the camera area spend three weeks since they allotted part one and we have heard nothing the weirdest thing that’s happened is with awesome jewelry big whoop nothing the last thing we were caught was the ghost doing his little walk on day five seems to me like things again back to know right I’ve managed to get Jake down for the weekend is coming to stay for a couple of days and should be quite interesting because last time you stayed he didn’t sleep at all claimed yet a lot of thumping scratching and footsteps in the hallway outside so out of curiosity I’m gonna see if I can convince him to join me in a little ghost fun on the night Jake is really superstitious and terrified of anything ghosts related well all willing we should be in for an interesting night it’s just a stove or not did that happen was I made up for this Rhiannon yeah she actually stayed over yes and she claimed that they check any state don’t say is just to prove that nothing happened that actually happened yet my you do why doing this that’s proof enough if a girl stay down yeah she’s not a life that she wasn’t frightened that’s the thing just stand there Jane crying so she felt an old person so this this is truly not fair you know yeah but the thing is Jane like I felt the camera and I filmed for hours and calm nothing that night at all right so that disproves it does it well yeah it did not talk in your on now if this story is real this doesn’t sound good much is this is it just no seriously I’m not sure state about over years and years ago yeah freefall year ago so why you doing this you keep bullshit you keep saying that you’re not gonna do everything they’re doing the funny clearly are you do everything there and if this is real let’s just go very violent very nasty so yeah but the thing you’re worried about is paranormal activity was a film okay you’re playing it exactly like these happen if this girl did actually do it if I fucking came down and did that this house