REAL Paranormal Videos! Unexplained Tower Activty on Tape! (DE Ep. 28)

September 21, 2019 0 By William Hollis

I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. We are standing outside the courthouse right now with the
tower on top that everyone in town recognizes. And there is a poem outside this prison that
says the prisoners used to look at the tower, because they knew every time it chimed, every
hour, either they were a hour closer to freedom or a hour closer to death and people report
paranormal activity every time the tower goes off and we are going to stay out here tonight
every hour to see if we can catch something. (Chime) “Our cameras died man and something
just went by me. I’m not s**ting you.” “What happened?” “Look the camera is out, it had
seventy minutes on it, it’s dead.” “It’s got no juice?” “No juice.” “Look at mine dude,
mine was one hundred percent, nothing, and look at my arm dude, something went by me
and soon as the cameras went out.” “Try turning it on right now.” “It won’t turn on.” “Dude
you had full battery on.” “Yea, it had seventy minutes on it.” “Push power” “Mine had one
hundred percent.” “It won’t turn on!” “Look at mine dude, it’s on, off, on, nothing! I
had a hundred percent! I was taking pictures over there, you saw me!” “Wow” “They went
out dude and something went by my arm dude, it went through me and it was…I can’t explain
it! It felt so f**king ugly. Excuse my french man, it felt so ugly!” “When did your camera
turn off Roger? Just as soon as I set it down and the bell started going off. I set it down
to point to my.. I had this set over there by the doorway. I looked down it was out.
I closed the screen and I flipped it back open and it didn’t come back on, and so that
means the battery is dead. Next Monday on Dead Explorer, the final episode from the
Gonzales County Jail. Make sure you subscribe for more Dead Explorer.