Real Pararnormal! │ Extended Haunted Jail Videos! │ Ghost Rewind #4

August 30, 2019 0 By William Hollis

I’m Alejandro. I film paranormal activity.
This is Ghost Rewind. Hey everybody. This is Alejandro, the Dead Explorer. Today on
Ghost Rewind I’ll share new footage from Episodes Twenty Four and Twenty Five which were filmed
at a haunted Texas jail. This is Alejandro and we are here at the Wilson County Prison
in Floresville, Texas and this place is a concrete HELL. There are signs of graffiti
all over the walls, of people losing their sanity in these spaces and the activity here,
people report voices, being touched, and we are here to see if we can prove it. As most
of the original followers of Dead Explorer know, back in 2012 I used to make much shorter
videos. These two combined are about six minutes long, which is about as short as any of my
paranormal investigation videos get nowadays. But for a long time these were my two favorite
episodes because we caught some interesting activity on film. At this point, you can hear
an EVP responding to my counting, by saying “come here”. Nne, two, and three. “Come here”
..and three “Come here”. “Come here” “Come here”. I feel tingling on my arm. Are you
trying to contact me? Are you? Are you touching me right now? Are you touching my arm? Did
you touch my shoulder? Looking back, I really do think I used the best footage from the
paranormal investigation, but there is a lot of footage from the history of the jail which
I never used. Yea. I’m really pumped. Can’t wait to get in here with the lights out. Start
banging around in these corroded old prison cells. See what we can capture. It’s like
a drawing of a VCR and TV. That’s some prison self-entertainment right there? I guess, behind
you is. That’s his gun collection. Yea. You know you are really really bored and prison
is not a place you want to be when you drawing yourself a television and VCR. Well everything
in here is really really heavy. So if we hear like anything slamming or a lever pulling,
I mean it takes a lot of effort to that and there is only four of us and we are by ourselves.
If we hear that, you know that’s a big question mark. Right here these are the caretakers
of the Wilson County Prison. They actually do weekend tours of the prison, which I believe
are about two dollars, which is pretty incredible for 2014. There were a lot of people who watched
episode twenty-five and thought that the gentleman here with the cowboy was a ghost. If you look
at all the comments in the comment section of the video, but he was tagging along and
pretty much just watching the investigation all night long. Before we investigated, they
even gave us a whole tour, as you can see here I almost knocked over those pictures,
and they take really good care of the house were the warden used to live. When you look
in here, remember this functioned as a jail eighty-seven years, so anything you see in
here, it isn’t exactly like how it was at any point in time because there were different
people in here. There were different families. Different sheriffs. The sheriff lived up here.
What we have in here now is things that over the years people have donated, let us use,
things like this. For example, this is the I.D. Flores Rexall Drugstore. That was a big
big drugstore in this town. You don’t see them much anymore, but the Rexall Drugstore
of many years ago had a lot of them and all of this is paraphernalia that came from that
drugstore. The man is long gone now, but his daughter lets us continue to do that. This
is the kitchen. This is an outside door. One of the things, the sheriff’s wife would be
preparing food for the prisoners. How would she know? They tried to keep the door between
these two sealed. What the deputies would do, they would say okay, let’s say we have
six people in there. Than we could do it this way. She would know she would have to fix
for two, six people, plus her family. This people are incredibly generous with their
time. I’ve actually spoke to this gentleman a couple of times in the last year since the
investigation. One last shout out to Shadowlight Paranormal, who arranged this investigation
in September 2012. You can visit them at That’s it for this episode of Ghost Rewind.
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