SCRATCHED BY A GHOST | The Haunting of McInteer Villa…Part Two

October 10, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– What’s up Ghosties,
welcome to tonight’s video. I’m so excited because we are
here at the McInteer Villa in Kansas and we are here all night long. This place has been a host to
a lot of paranormal activity. The reason this mirror creeps
me out is because if you take your picture in front
of it sometimes apparitions will appear in the background
of the photo with you. It’s almost like somebody
was down here and counting the number of days they were here. It’s like they were locked
in here, it’s so creepy. (eerie ghostly music) – [Micheal] You guys! – [Kayla] Yeah? – [Micheal] The clock is going off. (grandfather clock chimes) Why has it never gone off any other time? – [Mark] Micheal, it’s 10:04. Last time we heard that noise it was 9:04 but it wasn’t that loud. – [Micheal] It went off
completely this time. (static) We split up for a little bit. Kayla, Joy, and Mark are
downstairs in the basement. Right now, I’m on the second floor and I’m in the library or the study. I have my dowsing rods with me. We’re gonna try a dowsing
rods session in here to see if anything will
communicate using these. If there’s anybody in this room with me, can you cross the rods to
let me know that you’re here? (footsteps) Thank you. (footsteps) Just a lot of noises coming around me. Can you uncross the rods if you’re here? Thank you. Oh, my god. (eerie gong sound) I just have this weird feeling. Can you cross the rods if you
used to live in this house? Thank you. Can you uncross them? Can you point both rods in the direction of the room that you’re standing in? Are you over there? Cross the roads if you’re
standing to the left of me. That crossed real quick. Can you uncross the rods for me? Thank you. Are you a male? Cross the rods if you are a male. Thank you. Mr. McInteer, are you in here? Point both rods to where
you are in the room. (whispering) (static) I’m gonna see if I can
get any EVP responses. I’m also gonna turn the camera around because there are a bunch of different cat toys in this house. Just little round balls,
but if you touch them or move them they light up. I’m gonna point it at one of the balls to see if we can get some
interaction with that to see if Mr. McInteer will light
up the cat toy for me. – [Micheal] This ball in front of me, it’ll light up if you touch it. Just touch that ball for us and let us know that you’re here. I think you made it light
up just a second ago. Can you do it again, please? – [Joy] He moved it. – [Kayla] Yeah, that was moving. – [Mark] It was rocking back and forth. – [Kayla] Was it me walking by? – [Mark] Try it again.
(footsteps) – [Kayla] No. – [Micheal] And it didn’t even go off when you stopped by it, it
didn’t even light it up. – [Kayla] No, that wasn’t us. Move the ball! – [Kayla] (gasps)
– [Micheal] Whoa. – [Kayla] Thank you so much!
Thank you. Oh god, my heart, ow. – [Joy] That is so cool. – [Micheal] Thank you for
making that light up for us. – [Joy] It’s moving. – [Micheal] It just keeps
going, usually it only flickers that once and turns off. – [Mark] Yeah, it’ll- – [Kayla] Can you move the ball? Can you move it across the table? – [Mark] It’ll light for- – [Kayla] Can you make the ball roll? – [Micheal] Something
keeps playing with it. – [Kayla] Do you know how to move it? – [Micheal] Roll the ball on the table, roll it towards us or towards me. I think it’s trying to,
it keeps hitting it. – [Joy] It’s amazing. – [Kayla] You can use our
energy to move the ball. – [Joy] My camera is going in
and out of focus really bad. Really bad, I feel pressure in my head and it keeps sounding like
there’s a popping sound in my head from pressure. – [Micheal] I have like
a heaviness in my chest. – [Joy] Feels like there’s
is fingers at my temples. There’s not literally
fingers, but like pressure on my temple and I keep
hearing a pop adjustment sound. Like in my ears or something. – [Kayla] I want to sit down. – [Joy] The pressure changed
in here like crays just now. – [Micheal] Cross the rods. – Something is touching my knee. – [Micheal] Something,
he says something else. – Something literally just
started touching my knee. – [Micheal] Can you point to
where you are in the room? Point both of them to where you are. – Can you uncross the rods
if you’re over here by me? Something just tapped
on my- I’m about to cry, I’ve never felt anything
like that in my life. – [Micheal] It’s almost
like it’s not responding anymore with the spirit rod. – Literally, something just
tapped all over my knee. It literally was like… on my knee. Like a fucking finger. I have never felt that before in my life. I just started shaking so bad. – [Kayla] Oh my god.
It’s all red right there. – [Joy] Yeah, that looks
like a scratch or a scrape. – [Kayla] That is exactly where I felt like I was being tapped on my knee. – [Micheal] It’s right here,
right there, you guys can see. That’s where Kayla thought she
was being tapped on her knee and now-
– [Kayla] (sighs and laughs) – [Micheal] It’s red, almost
like it was a scratch. – [Kayla] Oh, my god! – [Micheal] And the whole
time you were sitting there, you said it felt like something
is tapping you your leg. – I can’t believe that just happened. That’s not even a scratch,
that’s like a red mark. There’s no scratch line, that like a- – [Micheal] You said it felt like somebody was tapping on you. – It felt like somebody right
here was going… on my knee. – [Joy] It looks like a
scrape, like a burn scrape. – Yeah.
– [Joy] Type of thing. – [Micheal] Is there more?
– Yes. – [Mark] Hey, look, here. If you pull over here you can see better. – [Micheal] Oh. – [Kayla] I have scratches
all over my freakin’ knee. – [Joy] Oh god. – [Mark] You see that, is it showing up? – [Kayla] What was that? – [Mark] Micheal’s keys. – [Micheal] Hold on, where is it? Oh yeah.
– [Mark] Right there. If you pull it away from your skin, it’s a little easier to see. Right there, one, two and three. And if you pull this over
here there’s, hold on- – [Kayla] I got-
– [Mark] One there. – [Kayla] I got fuckin’ marked. – [Mark] One.
– [Micheal] Yeah, those right there it looks- – [Kayla] And this burns when I do that. – [Joy] That’s how it
felt whenever I felt like I got scratched but-
– [Micheal] That’s weird. It almost looks like it burned you. (static) Okay, so we going down the hall to one of the far bedrooms
on the second floor because at one point
the lady that owns this had caught a shadow figure
while using a laser grid. And so since I have a laser
grid, we’re going to use it in this room here to try and catch the shadow figure that
she saw and hopefully, we’ll see something tonight. – [Kayla] Hopefully – [Micheal] All right, so we’ve
got the laser grid set up. Right now, this is almost
exactly how she had it, I think. We’re trying to look at her Instagram to see if we’ve got the same angles. But I think this is how she had it set up, so we’re gonna turn all
the light out now and see if we can get something to
walk through the laser grid. Shaun or anybody else
in this house, Goldie? Can you walk in front of
the laser grid for me? – [Mark] It won’t hurt you. – [Micheal] It’s a good way
to show us that you’re here, because if you walk in front
of it we’ll be able to see you. Could you walk in front of these lights, make some footsteps? (eerie ghostly music) Come in this room right now. – [Joy] It went down.
– [Kayla] Hmm. – [Micheal] I was just
about to yell at his too. – [Kayla] (laughs) Can you turn it off? – [Micheal] You gonna have to do better than a couple of knocks, I
want you to open the door. – [Joy] Do they get brighter?
– [Mark] Yeah. (unexplained knock) – [Micheal] I heard that. – [Joy] Who’re the other names? Anna, I think, Alice? – [Micheal] Alice and Goldie. – [Kayla and Micheal] (gasps) – [Kayla] Alice? – [Mark] That was me, sorry for it. – [Kayla] God (laughs)
– [Joy] (laughs) oh my god. – [Mark] Sorry. – [Micheal] Paint me like
one of your French girls. Ew, not with your legs
open, you whore (laughs). – [Kayla] Spreading her
legs like a ho’ bag. – Drop down, spreading-
– [Micheal] Right now (laughs) Ho’ we. (laughs)
– [Mark] Ho’ we. – Ho’ we Adventures. – [Mark and Micheal] (laughs loudly) – Ho’ we Adventures on PornHub. – [Micheal] Does anyone
want to hook Bloody Mary? – I’ll play Bloody… – [Joy] I’ll play it. – [Micheal and Kayla] Laughs – [Joy] Cut, she need some coffee, stat! – [Micheal] I already played
once before by myself. I was playing with myself in the mirror. – [Mark] (laughs loudly) – [Kayla] Micheal. – [Mark] Have sex, will you, Micheal? (simultaneous conversation) – [Micheal] But I’ll play it again. – Played it with myself
in front of the mirror. – [Micheal] Uh-mm. – [Joy] I’ll do it, I’m in. – [Kayla] We’ve all done that before. (simultaneous conversation) – [Micheal] Yes, Joy is
gonna play, anybody else? – [Joy] We did at the
the Bellamy mansion too. – [Micheal] Yeah, we played it in tribute to Britney last time. – Yeah we did. – [Mark] What? – [Joy] She’s like the queen. – [Mark] Oh in tribute, oh. – [Micheal] She’s the
queen of Bloody Mary. – I know the first Bloody
Mary video I ever did I cried at her and I- – [Micheal] Should we play
Bloody Mary for Britney? – [Joy] Yes. – Lets play Bloody Mary for Britney! – [Micheal] Britney, we’re
playing Bloody Mary for you? – [Mark] Charity drive. (simultaneous conversation) – [Micheal] Okay. – [Kayla] Is it supposed to be dark? – [Micheal] Yeah, the
lights are supposed to be- – [Joy] What would Britney do? – [Micheal] What would Britney do? There, that looks good. – [Kayla] It’s Britney bitch! (singing rock base sounds) – [Kayla] I feel when I meet Britney, that’s music’s gonna play,
she’s gonna get out of the car and it’s gonna be like
(singing rock base sounds) (laughter) – [Mark] If she doesn’t roll
up with her fuckin’ Segway and those sunglasses and say that- – [Kayla] Oh, my god, please. (laughs) – [Micheal] Aright, Britney, we’re playing Bloody Mary for you. Are we gonna say it three
times or fives times? Cause there’s two different ways to play. – [Joy] I usually say it three, but- – [Micheal] All right,
let’s do it three times. – [Micheal] One-
– [Group] Bloody Mary (laughs) – [Micheal] Great, we fucked
it up already. (laughs) – [Kayla] I’m looking at
your lips so I was waiting. – [Micheal] All right, on
the count of three, ready? One, two, three. – [Group] Bloody Mary,
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. – [Micheal] Should we try
Candy Man while we’re at it? All right, Candy Man three times. – [Kayla] Okay. – [Micheal] One, two- (laughs) All right, let’s try Candy Man. – [Kayla] Okay. – [Micheal] Count of
three, one, two, three. – [Group] Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man. – [Kayla] (whispers) Get
your hand out of your pants! – [Mark] I got an itch
on my balls, I’m sorry. – [Micheal] Ew! – [Kayla] You can hear your
hand inserting in your pants. – [Mark] I’m sorry. – [Micheal] God, demonetized. – [Kayla] I can’t bring
you with me anymore. – [Mark] It’s hot in here I’m sorry. – [Joy] We need some
hand sanitizer. (laughs) – [Mark] I’ll wash my hands. – [Group] Candy Man, Candy
Man, Candy Man. (laughs) – [Joy] I’m sorry, I
just, I can’t help it. – [Kayla] Okay, we’ve got this one. – [Group] Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man. (eerie music) – [Micheal] Was it always open? – [Joy] No. – There is somebody living in the walls. Just one note, can you
just play one note for us? So we’ve got the Ouija
board (clapping hands) and we’re gonna use it. We’re gonna see if we can get it to move. – [Kayla] How many spirits
are there in this house? (ghostly mumbled voice) Five? (eerie low base music)