Senior Spirit: Dave and Margo Zentner

October 13, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Hi, I’m Margo Zentner. I’ve been a long time UMD fan. Used to work here. Now I just come for all the fun. Dave Zentner. Class of ’59. Margo and I settled in Duluth, raised a family and have maintained a close relationship with our campus, the University of Minnesota Duluth, our entire lives. We were married when Dave was a junior. Didn’t plan on staying and by the time he finished his senior year, we thought yeah this is a pretty good place, we’ll stay here. And we’ve never been sorry. I felt it was one of the most important times in my life to grow as a person, to discover and reinforce who I was and what I wanted. And the people that were here were people I could trust. The people we have today are people I trust. From our administration to our coaching staff, those are people I believe in and I believe they really do dedicate themselves to making that freshman a better person when he or she graduates in four years. I really believe we’re dedicated to that. Getting emotional. But … stuffing that emotion for just a minute, that’s what makes us tick. When I hear the Bulldog fight song and the marching band comes out You know … this gets big. I think we just enjoy it all, like Dave said. We enjoy meeting the athletes and seeing what they accomplish. It certainly keeps us busy We like to become children again. And cheer for our team and maybe get mad at the refs for a minute or two. And we joke about that and certainly we want to win that game. But it’s inextricable in our lives to separate the game from the pride of the institution. They’re there. In, I think, just about every breath that we take.