Sensor Activity Analysis | Focus Issue: Malfunction or Ghost? |  Real Paranormal Activity Part 72.1

Sensor Activity Analysis | Focus Issue: Malfunction or Ghost? | Real Paranormal Activity Part 72.1

August 11, 2019 69 By William Hollis

hey guys today I want to do a breakdown an analysis of the recent Paranormal Activity video that I posted now personally in my opinion I don’t think this particular video has a huge amount to actually analyze I think it’s fairly self-explanatory now if you’ve followed me for the last couple of months you already know that the activity in the house has been pretty repetitive I mean it starts off downstairs here making its way upstairs then it comes in here and makes a bit of noise and it’s my ongoing theory that they’re doing this to try and communicate because in here is where I do my sessions I usually have the LED speaker and the psb7 setup on the coffee table are pretty much at all times so that I can just come in switch on and anyway I go and this particular a lot of activity I don’t really think sort of deviates from at all you hear the noises on the stairs you see the door swinging at the enters the room the LED motion sensor goes off the k2 meter is definitely picking up on something as it walks into the room you can still hear the footsteps and the creaks and then it sort of starts playing with the power Aram now I think it’s interesting that it happens in a sequence because it shows a level of journey happening there so the led motion sensor picks it up which it will do to pick it up before the k2 meter if it was sort of near the doorway then you know it’s within its range the LEDs flick on then it comes into the room the k2 meter starts going off and it’s while that k2 meter goes off that you catch the EVP now the EVP to me is interesting because it’s not really audible that you can’t really hear what’s being said and the reason I think that’s interesting is because I’m not there to tell it speak into the red light or you know really project your voice or give it some kind of instruction that the EVP ricotta’s there as far as didn’t know it could just be a box on the desk like it has no idea it’s been recorded and so that to me could be the reason that it didn’t come through very clear it’s like almost like it was talking to itself and you know I mean it just happened to be picked up on the recorder and then as it makes its way across it sees this new device that’s playing with it realizes it’s lighting up and making all sorts of noises which I apologize for another power M is an irritating sound I did actually dip the volume when it happened just to give you guys a break from that but then it started playing around with that for a while realize that communication wasn’t happening it wasn’t getting my attention and it sort of died off now it is interesting to me that like this type of activity I get asked all the time how do you sleep through this kind of thing and generally speaking I don’t sleep through it as much as and just sleep again after because it happens for such a short period of time it’s not like you see that two-minute segment where there’s there’s a lot of noise and obvious activity it’s not like it’s like that for hours generally when you see a two-minute segment that’s the two minutes where something happened the rest of the night was fairly peaceful like generally speaking it just it doesn’t go on for for a long time and on this particular occasion though if you if you read the description on the last video or if you follow me on social media you’ll know that I was actually away that night and the night after and I’ve been communicating that day which is why I left the psb7 and the led motion note the LED speaker on on the coffee table and right as we’re about to leave I just thought I’ve got to set up some cameras so I stuck one in here still come at the top upstairs and I just threw a couple of devices around like the Kay to me if anything comes near it lights up it’s great for that leading motion sensor again self-explanatory and I just thought the power room is something that this new spirit hasn’t really had a chance to experience I don’t use it a lot so I thought I’d put that on there and just see see how they reacted to it and it got some really good responses so I’m not at all disappointed with that and as far as the analysis gold I mean that is pretty much it like I say to me it seems self explanatory because of the journey they’ve been making the last couple of months but the one thing that sort of came out of it was this this question of why was the night-vision camera going in and out of focus when when the ghost was coming up the stairs now my question is really easy that it was a paranormal occurrence and it was trying to focus on a ghost or is it a perfectly natural camera malfunction essentially now I had the camera set to all so there is there is every chance that it’s not picked up on either a better does top right corner where you just can’t see it or it’s trying to focus on another point in the video and it’s just it’s dipping in and out the only redeeming factor for it being a paranormal occurrence is the fact that those footsteps on the stairs at that point and this is a thing that I’ve seen across hundreds of videos really and people get very excited when the camera starts dipping in and out but I think there are a few things personally when I see it that I think about before calling it paranormal like this one I’m probably more inclined to say yes that was paranormal but this is my thought process in deciding that so one of the first things that I analyze in this type of video is what else is going on in the frame like the obvious subject in my video was the stairs in the bottom of the stairs and you know I mean the focus was on that for the majority at the time but you’ve got to take into account that tiny sliver of doorframe like the bedroom door frame to the bottom left that in itself has potential to confuse the camera especially when you take into account the infrared light which the way it’s spread means the doorframe in the walls are much brighter than like the bottom of the stairs even though that takes up the majority of the frame the fact that the walls are better lit would confuse the camera like the camera itself does it doesn’t think all it sees is contrast and bright spots and it pulls focus to them thinking that must be what they want to focus on that that’s the way it works and so the fact that they were better lit was one of the only things that didn’t make me jump on it and say this is a hundred percent paranormal I kind of sat on the fence but thing that swayed me towards it being paranormal it’s just the sheer timing of it the fact that the footsteps sounded closer to the camera at the time it’s like dipping in and out for me kind of just pushed me over the edge now he did dip in and out a couple more times during the night when no other activity was going on the no footstep so you know mainly this is why I can’t I can’t 100% commit but just the timing for me was significant in swaying me a little bit in that direction you often see the same sort of issue we like when when it’s wide open spaces and the camera hasn’t got a particular subject to focus on you see it dipping in and out because it’s searching for something that’s just not there there is no contrast for it to to palter and especially in night vision because the contrast is low anyway you shooting in pitch black it’s slightly soft the focus in night vision and this is just not bright in general so it tends to confuse a camera so I am interested to hear what you guys think I ever thought while prepping for this analysis and I was thinking would we assume it’s a ghost if it wasn’t a particular paranormal based video like if I was doing wildlife video or something now shooting at a night maybe trying to capture a fox or something like that and the camera started pulling in and out would we jump to our this must be a girl so would we just sort of blame technology I can’t believe it’s going in and out of focus how rubbish I just think it’s interesting that we kind of apply the subject matter to the video regardless when it could have just been a perfectly natural occurrence so let me know you guys think about that I do think it’s kind of interesting and was that guys that’s pretty much it so thank you all so much for watching and as always opposed any not activity as and when I get it