Shubharambh – 23rd January 2020 – शुभारंभ – Full Episode

January 27, 2020 0 By William Hollis

The girl who
was with you in the temple. What was she doing? You don’t care, do you? It’s not even a day… …and you are… I cannot believe… …that you could do such a
thing, Raja. You are in
a hospital, stay calm. Nothing was easy for me. Relationships are meant
to be made and not broken. Lies and betrayal
shouldn’t be involved. Lies and betrayal have taken
place from both sides. Listen to others, sometimes. Maybe then you’ll understand. You should give a second
chance to relationships. When I came to meet you,
I wanted to tell you… Get these prescribed medicines. We’ll talk later. What are you doing here? Do they get a taste of your humanity
exclusively? – Calm down, mom. What are you doing here? Come out. Listen, do we look foolish to you? What is this new drama for money? We didn’t let you meet Raja,
so you started this new drama. Excuse me! Stay within your limits. Just because we are
not saying anything… …doesn’t mean… …you can say anything you like. What will both of you say? Be quiet. Let me talk.
– What is this, dad? Chhaganbhai, Raja… …is very naive. Don’t try to trick him.
– Excuse me… …if you think having
money is enough… …then that is wrong. You ask for dowry and
then act all nice. Take him with you. We haven’t forced someone
to stay here. – Listen! Why are you so agitated? We have not done anything wrong. Your son is calling us thieves… …and cheaters, is that right? You have lied all your lives. Even if you are right… …then tell me, where
did she get hurt? Tell me. Dad, I think… …who knows they may be
faking it and hospitalized her! Listen, if you say
anything about my mom… …then… – I will keep on saying
it. What will you do, hooligan? I will get you admitted in here.
– That is what you know. Have you ever done
anything good in life? You don’t feed me,
why would you care? I will slap you and
then you’ll know… Hold on. Listen to me. You will understand… …when I get down to
the business of explaining it. I am sparing you
due to your age. Otherwise…
– Calm down. Stay calm.
What are you doing? Talk to us like humans. Why are you fighting
like animals? Gunvant, you talk to him… …about what you wanted to.
– Sure. Just tell me clearly… …how much money will you
take to end this drama… …and get out of Raja’s life? Done? For you, everything starts
and ends with money. You are always talking about money! Obviously, dad. It looks like he has put
Raja on the market again. The last time you sold him
for Rs. 5 million, right? What is his price now? Or have you planned to take
a dowry from someone else… …and pay us?
– You hooligan… Does the truth hurt? Or did it tarnish
your reputation? Uncle, calm down.
– Let me talk. Let me talk to him. Talk to me.
– Calm down. I am talking to him and not you.
– Listen to me. Let me talk.
– You… Hey! It is time to show who I really am. Let me talk to him. Talk to me.
– Yes, I am talking to you. Chhagan,
I am talking to you very politely. I am being respectful, but
you are being rude to me. You are misbehaving with us. I am folding my hands
in front of you. I will even touch your feet. Please maintain
the dignity of the hospital. You are just pretending
to be polite. Now listen to me. Don’t try to intimidate
us with your wealth. How dare you touch my uncle? Uncle, are you okay? Son, let’s go from here. Take me away from here. This is enough now! If you say anything about
my uncle and my family… …then I won’t spare you. How dare you touch my dad? How dare you threaten my family? Ask your dad. He was insulting us and
raised his hand on my uncle. So, your uncle has
dignity to protect… …and my dad doesn’t
have any respect! I won’t tolerate it if someone
raises his hand on my uncle. My uncle means the world to me.
Understood? I understand. Your behavior clearly shows… …that nothing is left
between you… …and my family. Don’t worry. I will courier the money… …you spent on my mom. Let’s go, dad. Uncle, let’s go. Rani, you are sitting
here since very long. It’s very late now. Listen to me.
Go home with dad. I will stay here.
– No, Utsav. You go home with dad. Besides, only one person
is allowed to stay here. It would be better
if I’ll be around… …when mom needs
something at night. You take dad home safely.
– Rani. Is Vrinda okay? Okay.
Let’s go, dad. ‘We didn’t get the lottery money.’ ‘Now we’re being blamed
for asking for a dowry.’ ‘We booked the tickets
for Switzerland… …thinking that we’ll
get Rs. 5 million.’ ‘I made the plan
for the robbery.’ ‘I had given Utsav
the safe’s key.’ Give her all the prescribed
medicines on time. Bring her back for a dressing
the day after tomorrow. Let’s go, mom.
– Okay. Rani, should we visit the
temple before going home? Are you crazy? You’ve just been discharged
from the hospital… …and you want to
visit the temple! Rest at home quietly. Rani. I really want to go there. The temple is on the way. Okay, but only for five minutes. You know that I have to
be at the court at 11 am. Yes. Let’s go. Rani, can we sit here for some
time? I have a headache. Okay, mom. Sit down. What happened?
Are you okay? Yes. Rani, go back to Raja. Mom. What are you saying? You know, they are trying to
annul our marriage, right? Rani, just obey me, dear. What is it, mom? What are you saying? You know that
everything is over. Listen to me. You may take God’s
blessing, if you want. I will wait for you downstairs. Rani, Raja lied to you. He did not marry you
for the sake of a dowry! ‘What are you doing here?
Come out!’ ‘No, I will talk right here!’ ‘Raja, you did not speak to… …your mom since two days.’ ‘Are you so worried
about your other mother?’ ‘She is not any other mother.
She is Rani’s mom.’ ‘So? Who is Rani to you?’ ‘Everything is over!’ ‘Why did you lie
if you did not… …want to end
this relationship?’ ‘Why did you lie that
you demanded the dowry?’ ‘In fact you were absolutely
unaware of the money.’ ‘I was out of my mind!’ ‘I was out of my mind.’ ‘I believed Utsav!’ ‘It was me who
demanded the dowry.’ ‘You took the
blame on yourself.’ ‘Raja! They are taking
undue advantage of you.’ ‘Rani is taking undue
advantage of you, too.’ ‘They are all trying
to implicate you.’ ‘Mom, I only do what
I feel is right.’ ‘I don’t care… …what anyone else does.’ ‘Raja, why don’t you understand?’ ‘I am talking to him.’ ‘Do not interfere.
I am talking to him.’ ‘That sounds like Hitank to me.’ Raja did that to
support his mother. Just like you did for Utsav. Which means… …that day Raja
wanted to tell me this. He tried to tell me… …that even at the hospital. Rani, Raja is a nice guy. Such people are extremely
rare in this world. Do not let him go
away from your life. But this is about his
family, mom. You told me that marriage is not
just between two individuals… …but, it is between
two families. Moreover, whatever
happened between us… In fact, after what
happened at the hospital… …I think everything
is over now. It cannot be rectified now. Rani, it’s okay if two… …families don’t unite. But I want… …both of you to re-unite. It is impossible, mom. Everything is possible,
if you just believe. If your love is true,
everything is possible. If you own your love,
everything is possible. Everything is possible,
if you respect each other. The families will unite… …if both of you are together. I have told you the truth… …you should have known. It is for you to decide now. Rani, think wisely. It will be 11 am in sometime. Let me take the
blessings of Lord Shiva. I will pray for you both. ‘First of all, we didn’t
receive the lottery amount.’ ‘Moreover, they are
blaming us for the dowry.’ ‘We booked the tickets
to Switzerland thinking… …that we will get Rs. 5 million!’ ‘If he had not
signed the papers… …it means that he had
feelings for you.’ ‘What is this?’ – ‘It is a notice
to annul the marriage.’ ‘Nothing was easy for me.’ ‘Relationships are meant to
unite, not to be broken.’ ‘We need to give a second
chance to our relationships.’ ‘When I came to meet you,
I wanted to tell you… ‘Raja did that to
support his mother.’ ‘Just like
you did for Utsav.’ ‘Why did you lie that
you demanded dowry?’ ‘Do not let him get out
of your life.’ ‘When I came to you
to tell you this.’ ‘Why did you lie when you
already knew about it?’ ‘I wanted to tell you this.’ ‘I wanted to tell you.
– Why did you lie?’ ‘I came to ask you… I just can’t understand. Lord Shiva, get me out of this. Miss. I’ve been hungry from the
past couple of days. Can you buy this? Come on. I will give you some food to eat. No! Just buy this. Even my brother is hungry. It’s not costly. It costs ten rupees only. What is inside the packet? ‘Look, your shoes are
made of gold now.’ ‘Lord Shrinathji has
decided our fate… …even before us.’ ‘Today you are
standing beside me.’ ‘As my wife.’ Where did you find these? Rani, I didn’t steal them.
I found them… …near the temple. Please buy them.
They cost only rupees ten. My brother and I can satisfy
our hunger by buying some food. ‘Hey. These are Raja’s clothes.’ ‘Where should I keep mine?’ ‘Yes, mother.
You can talk to her.’ ‘Rani! It is your mom’s call.’ ‘Yes, mom.’ ‘I’m busy right now.
I will call you back later.’ ‘Bye!
– Why didn’t you speak?’ ‘Raja, this is filled with your
clothes. Where should I keep mine?’ ‘On this side.’ ‘No!’ ‘On that side.’ ‘No!’ ‘On that side.’ ‘Whatever you feel is right.’ ‘And now,
It doesn’t matter to me.’ ‘This is all ours.’ ‘I want to call mom. Can I?’ Raja! Yes, uncle. You need to reach the court at
11 am. Look at the time now. Hurry up.
– Yes, I’m coming. Hey! What happened, Raja? Are you alright? Yes, uncle. I have never been to the court. Hence, I was a bit nervous. What are you saying? You shouldn’t be nervous. Be relaxed. If there’s something… …you can talk to me.
I will come with you. No! I will manage. Are you sure? I can understand you, Raja. It’s impossible to… …break any relationship… …for those who consider
it… …as their priority. I always prayed to
Lord Shrinathji… …for your stable… …relationship. And look, what has happened? But they say… …whatever happens is for
the best. We are no one to decide our fate… …and relationships as well. You have to move ahead in life… …leaving all the worries behind. You will meet the lawyer
outside the court. But don’t pay any heed to them. Let people give you suggestions… …but you should do
whatever you wish. Hey, no! Raja. You should… …take Darshana along. The more the merrier. It will keep you strong. Okay.
– Go on. Rani. Have you thought
about it properly… …that you want to patch up? Yes, dad. So, you will tell… …the truth to Raja. I can’t begin a
relationship based on lies. I must tell the truth. You are right. We will what’s to
be done with Utsav. What happened, dad?
– No, nothing. It’s nothing. You… …pack your bags.
You will get late. Dad, I will leave now. Are you hiding
something from me? What’s the matter? Tell me. My dear, it’s nothing, really. After you tell the truth… …the blame on Utsav will stay. After thinking about it,
I’m a bit… Dad, speak frankly. Frankly, I mean… My dear, you know that… …the police around here… …is looking for a chance
to put Utsav in jail. If you tell the truth… …they will put Utsav in jail. For the rest of his life… …our lives… …will be spent in
fighting the case. That’s what is
bothering me a bit… Never mind. We will see about it. Dad, why must you bother
Rani with all this? Rani, you don’t worry about me.
Get it? You just think about
your marriage. Go and tell Raja the truth. I must pay for… …my mistakes. I know… …the means were wrong… …but… …I swear by mom… …henceforth… …I will never do anything wrong. I will try to be a good man. So, you go and tell
him the truth. No matter what you say… …one must pay for one’s
mistake, right, Utsav? But going to jail is
not your punishment. Your punishment is
that due to you… …I will be called a thief
in at my in-law’s house. Your punishment is
that due to you… …I will have to live a servile
life at my in-law’s house. Your punishment is
that due to you… …I will be called names
in at my in-law’s house. One must pay for one’s
mistakes, right, Utsav? Rani, look… Don’t say that. I beg you. Please tell them the truth. Please, I beg you. No, Utsav. Since you want to mend your ways… …so I must hide this. You have sworn by mom. See that… …you don’t break our
trust henceforth. I know the truth about Raja. But, I will not tell
the truth about me to anybody. Whether he stays in a
relationship with me… …or breaks it off. Don’t you worry. I will get you a
divorce within a day. By the way, annulment
cases don’t take much time. I have good contacts over here. Yes. Just say… …what I say. Raja. Can we talk for a few minutes? Excuse me. Where is your advocate? You can’t talk to my client… …without the court’s permission.
Okay? I don’t need anyone’s permission
to talk to my husband. Raja. This is all I expect from you. Whatever happened
between both of us… …is wrong. But…
– Don’t fall for her words. Opponents often play such tricks. Please come. Uncle Chirag, wait. Let’s go. Tell me. What do you want to say? Raja. I don’t want… I want you to forgive me. I feel… …we can give another
chance to our relationship. Why? Till yesterday, you didn’t even
consider our relationship as one. What happened today? Today, I learned the truth
about you. Raja, now I know… …that you lied to save mother. Because you aren’t a person… …who values money
more than relationships. I know very well… …about your intentions… …and compassion, Raja. What about your intentions? Yes. I lied to save mom. Did you also lie to
save your brother? Sometimes, tears don’t
convey the truth, Rani. So you must tell the truth. Tell me the truth. ‘If you’ll tell the truth… …they’ll put Utsav in jail.’ ‘I swear by mom… …that henceforth… …I won’t commit any misdeeds.’ ‘Lord Shrinathji,
this is the last time I’m lying.’ ‘Please forgive me.’ Tell me, Rani. That wasn’t a lie. It was the truth. Yes, Raja. I married you only
for the sake of money. I told Utsav… …to rob. Yes. This is the truth. I know that my family members and
I have committed a huge mistake. Give me an opportunity
to correct my mistake… …by reconsidering
our relationship, Raja. Please. You know the truth about you. But do I have any reason to… How do you have these shoes? At the temple…
– This is the reason. This is a very significant
reason, Raja. I had also accepted the fact… …that we can’t be together
now. But Lord Shrinathji… …didn’t want me to lose. When I found these shoes today… …I came to know that… …there’s some miraculous power… …which is trying to
save our relationship. You often say… …that if we have faith in… …Lord Shrinathji, he surely
performs some miracle, right? Today,
I don’t want to question him. That’s why I have
come directly to you. Raja, I promise you. I will never make
such a mistake again. I promise you! I want to forget
about everything… …and start over again
with honesty. Can you forgive me… …and give me
a second chance? Please, Raja! Guddi! What are you doing?
Those are expensive colors. Paint properly. If you spill any,
I won’t get you another set. Paint properly. Asha! What are you getting
so happy about? Have a ‘laddoo’. It’s delicious. Kirtida. How would I know
what you’re getting… …so happy about? Now both of us… …are on the same side. I want the same kind
of happiness that you do. I thought I should
offer you a ‘laddoo’… …and double our happiness. Take it. Eat it, Asha. You won’t choke on it if you… …eat a ‘laddoo’
prepared by me. Kirtida. It is to be noted… …that we may share
the same dream… …but we will… …never be on the same side. Darshana is here! Raja must also have arrived! Raja has arrived! Uncle.
– Raja! Have you ended
your relationship with Rani? Come here!