Shubharambh – 6th December 2019 – शुभारंभ – Full Episode

December 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Stay happy. No matter if anyone
remembers or not. How could I forget? Today it’s my Raja’s birthday. May God bless you with
all the happiness! Wish you a very
Happy Birthday, Raja. Thank you, mom. Why is Asha venerating Raja? What is it today? Oh! Oh, God! Please forgive me
for I am silly. It’s Raja’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Raja! Not like that. Have more. Today… …I say this
with utmost honesty. Like every year,
even today my heart… …is feeling heavy. When I realize that you… …are no more with us. ‘This day is not
just a happy one… …but a sad one too.’ ‘Raja was born today.’ ‘It is the anniversary
of the store too.’ ‘It was today when… …you left us forever.’ Do you know how lonely I feel? You just left off. Wherever you are, just keep… …blessing your… …Raja from the heart. It is his birthday today. Did you see that, mom? Look how sad uncle is! He will starve the entire day. Therefore, I don’t like
celebrating my birthday. I can understand it, my child. I did lose something today. But you were born
on this day, right? Happy birthday. Stay happy. “Neither father nor brother!” “Money means the most!” One, two, three. Oh! There were five notes of
Rs. 2000, right? Where are the other two notes? Who robbed at home? Keisha! I’m sure she is behind this. She has become
extremely audacious. Raja, take this money. Please do buy
something for yourself. No, mom. What will I do
with this money? – Raja. It’s your birthday today. Just buy whatever
you want, okay? Do you remember! How your dad… …on your birthday… Mom! Fine. I’ll keep it. Please don’t be upset like this. No. One more thing. I have prepared your
favorite dessert. Eat it before you leave.
– Fine. Stay happy! Mom is too much. ‘Mr. Mehul is going to
give me 2000 bucks.’ ‘If I don’t work
according to him… …he will not give me
money and I need money!’ Mehul! Mehul!
– ‘Yes, Raja!’ Did you give Rs. 2000 to the
girl who posed as the mannequin? Oh, God! Mehul!
– Good that you reminded me. Just do this.
Keep this with you. I will be late to
the store today. You give it to her, please.
– Hey.. ‘I gave Raja the money.’ ‘The balance amount goes… …into my secret box.’ ‘I will not let that wicked… …woman know about it.’ Who is robbing in this house? ‘I have not seen the face yet.’ ‘Let me make a veil.’ Uncle Nattu. Yes.
– Please come here. A girl will be
here to meet Mehul. Just give this to her and
tell her that it’s from Mehul. Okay?
– Okay. A delivery is pending.
Let me check that. Fine. – Please don’t
forget to give her! Hey! Mr. Vikram, how are you?
– I’m fine. How about you? Kids, what are you doing? Uncle, did you see my footwear… …over here?
– No. Why are you taking revenge? I am going to buy shoes for mom,
and now my footwear is missing. I can’t find it at all. Where did it go? What will one do with one footwear? But who this belongs to… …cannot go anywhere. I should… …leave it here. Whoever this belongs to,
will take it. Nice, you have made
good people too. Whoever left the footwear here… …I thank him. Excuse me. Who are you here to meet? Hold on. Here. The drawing is really nice. Inform Mr. Mehul. Sure. Raja made this. Thank you.
– Okay. Hurry up. This heel-cure too. It is pedicure.
– Okay, fine. Click a picture
and stop correcting me. Pout. It has been three hours. She is getting ready as if she
is attending Mehul’s wedding. What are you doing? This is my everyday hairstyle. Make the other style. It is tong, mom. Whatever it is. Do that. ‘Kirtida!’ ‘Kirtida!’ Yes! You’ve been getting ready
since three hours. Come… Wow! Both of you are ready on time. She is late. Kirtida, let’s go. How will it do if
we reach late for… …the 25th year
anniversary of the shop? My hairstyle is pending. What? Let’s go. Keisha, get your mom’s footwear. Get up! It is done.
– I want to change my hairstyle. Do that on the way. Keisha, hurry up. Here, mom. Wear it. Come on. I can’t slip me feet into it. What do you mean? Did your footwear shrink
or did your feet swell? Hurry up! Keisha, help her. No, it’s small for my legs.
– Push. Why are you rushing it? Are you missing a
train or something? It’s done. Let’s go.
– It’s done. Let’s go.
– Oww! What happened? It broke.
– What? My slipper. Your slipper?
– Yes. Sit down. It’s seems, it’s a bad day for you. Not a single pair of
slippers fits your feet. I didn’t get these slippers
made in my grandpa’s factory. Now I need to buy a
new pair of slippers. Why? You have already
many slippers at home. You go and get another
pair of slippers. Leave your phone.
– Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know that I wear
new slippers with new saree? Asha may like to wear old
things, not me. You go to the shop,
I’ll get a new pair of slippers. Hitank! Get the car. ‘Mehul, you know that
I love only you.’ ‘But mom was asking… …if I like Raja.’ ‘Please, if you don’t ask
my hand in marriage soon… …then mom will get me married… …to Raja.’ What is all this? Leave me, Raja. Don’t you know,
there’s a veneration today? Where did you bring it from? It’s banned here in Gujarat. You will be jailed
if anyone sees you. You don’t bother me.
Just leave from here. Uncle won’t spare
you if he finds out about this. Come with me and wash your face. And give me this glass. This needs to be cleaned too.
Come with me. Darshana, you’re here? Raja, I need something from inside. What do you want? I need that material
for the veneration. You go, I will bring that. You go. Mehul is standing there.
He will give it. Mehul,
please give me that basket. Darshana, you go.
Suresh will bring it. You go. Raja, it is required right now.
– Yes. Suresh, you take it. You go. We are coming. Darshana. Please go.
The basket will be there. Okay. Anything else?
– No, you go. I’ll get the rest. Careful. See. What if Darshana had seen you? Why you… Mehul, there’s a veneration today. Aunt said the family
of your prospective… …bride is coming to meet you. What is going on? Marriage!
Marriage! Marriage! Mom is bugging me and there…
I don’t want to get married. Fine. Don’t get married
if you don’t want to. Now tell me,
how will we get out of here? If someone sees you… What will uncle tell everyone? Show me another pair of slippers.
Something good. Yes, bring it. Don’t you have good
quality slippers? Mom, you have already browsed
the entire shop. Please hurry! What do you know about fashion? It’s the 25th
anniversary of the shop. So many people will be there. What will people say if I
don’t wear matching slippers… …with the saree? They will say that
Kirtida Reshammiya… …has lost her fashion sense. Come on, show me more. Oh dear!
– Sorry! Are you drunk? Watch your steps! Was I supposed to
fly above all the… …things you have
spread on the floor? Arrogant girl! Mom, what are you doing? Hurry up!
It’s time for the veneration. Priest, is everything ready? Quickly,
give these stuff to the priest. Yes. The sale will start
after the veneration. So today I have invited
some special people. Mr. Dinesh! Welcome! Mr. Gunwant.
– Hello! Hello!
– Please come in. It’s very nice. Hello!
– Hello! Come, dear! Mayuri, hello! Hello! Asha.
– Yes. We intend to get Mehul
betrothed to his daughter. Is it? Please come. Mr. Gunwant, please come.
Let’s begin the veneration. Yes. Keisha, call Hitank
and ask where they are. Ma’am, here is its pair. Are you sure its price is Rs. 4000? Actually, its price is
Rs. 10,000 but with discount… …it will cost you for Rs. 4,000. Okay. I will buy it. I will pack it. Mom will be very happy
after seeing these shoes. Let me pack it, ma’am. Please come. You don’t have any slippers
that would suit me. I will adjust with it for today. What have you done? Hitank, give him the money. Let’s go. We are getting late. Dad.
Call isn’t getting connected. Not an issue. Please offer the garland
to Lord Shrinathji. No! Priest! Raja, must do such
an auspicious task. Asha. Where is Raja? Brother, you should do
such an auspicious task. No! – You have managed the
business since so many years. It’s enough that you asked
for Raja. Please go ahead. No, Asha!
– ‘Please make it quick.’ ‘We are running out of
the auspicious time.’ Please do. Hail, Lord Shrinathji! ‘Hail!’ Who kept… …the liquor bottle in
the veneration basket? No idea, sir. I had brought the flower
basket from the warehouse. Who was there in the warehouse? Tell me, who was he? ‘I was there in the warehouse.’ This. Take this. Please make my bill too. Ma’am, something is written
on this note of Rs. 2000. It will not do.
Please give me another one. ‘Sejal, I love you!’ Hey, this is my money! This girl is a thief!