Soul Out | True Scary Ghost Story | Paranormal

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

dear audience the story that I’m about
to narrate is based on true experiences the author has requested the names of
the people and most places to be changed so their identities are protected but I
have heard their story which is the first of many tales to come many times
and it has always given my inside horrible twist I know the author
personally and believe everything other than the names and exact localities in
this story to be accurate let me know what you think and if the similar
occurrence that ever happened to you Soul Out Angie Kane’s story back in 2015 I had
a fallout with my mom so I moved out despite the fact that I was broke I
stayed in a studio apartment not far from a cafe where I worked, it was a
small white room without a window but a little ventilator on top of bed this
room could be suffocating at times the lighting needed serious work – but I
rarely stayed there anyway one night I couldn’t sleep so I looked at my phone
it was about 1:00 a.m. without any expectation i text my best friend Jan
she lives across the country but we still chat almost every day surprisingly
turned reply right away I figured couldn’t asleep either so I called her
I told Jen that I wanted to die she asked me calmly if I fought with my mom
again was I lonely was I depressed but I couldn’t find the answer I just felt
empty I didn’t feel anything really no love no
hate no sadness I only had an expanding void in my chest there was no logical
explanations for this but all the the emotions that I have ever known were gone
I had no desire no will no fear I wonder if this was depression maybe I had never
talked about it but anyone but I had been feeling like this for about a week
now the only thing that made sense was to stop breathing I thought life was
purposeless the reason I even called Jen was because I wanted someone to know what
was about to happen maybe I wanted to disconnect with everyone who could
still matter could I still care I don’t know but ultimately I wanted to go away
I didn’t have a reason to be alive tired of breathing and needing to stop
existing then was always the calm and reasonable one she told me to take a nap
and things would be different when I woke up I said maybe I hung up the phone
and stared at the ceiling it was dark and quiet and I was tired enough to
sleep now while I was drifting into the slumbers something yanked me from the
bed instantaneously I was shocked and became wide awake at
that point my instinct told me to hold the sheet tight I stiffened and fought to
be the thing that was trying to snatch me from the bed I heaved my voice a lump
of silence my body drenched in fear on top of me a big shadowy figure was
determined to pull me off the ground it had no face no essence
just a dull aggressive mass that grabbed me so absolutely I fought tooth and nail to
stay where I was I didn’t know how long had a wrangle with the apparition but
gradually it succeeded I felt myself in the air floating and jerked harshly by
that thing I knew it was struggling to take me as much as it was hard for me to
resist it I panicked because I was losing right then I turned my head and
he saw my body on the bed sleeping then I gasped and somehow snapped back to
the bed sweating tensed exhausted I couldn’t be sure whether I had been
dreaming or had I experienced something but I had never been so terrified in my
entire life I was scared to close my eyes or even to open them thinking the
same thing might happen again so I slept on my side and hold the bed tight
I shivered afraid and mortified but then I realized that I felt something to be
honest I didn’t think of dying at that point that dark figure took over my
thought and for the first time in a while I felt something familiar and home
it was fear and he crawled all over my skin I feared death more than I had ever
felt before could death be so horrifying and violent
before the night that I was grabbed by a mysterious dark figure I had never
thought about paranormal thing in fact I thought the topic was stupid and many scary
wife tales were invented to scare children
and meant to entertain the parties the day after my horrifying experience I
called my friend Jen and told her about the whole episode how I was pulled by
something and saw my own body on the bed
she told me that could be because I was stressed and had little sleep she
asked how I was feeling and I told her that I was scared I was nervous the
whole morning but gradually eased when I was surrounded by many people I was
working in the cafe so it was occupied and somehow forgot about the dark entity
afterward I came back to my apartment and when I closed the door the
horrifying ordeal came back to haunt me I didn’t want to stay alone but I
couldn’t go home because the heat between my mom and me by the way I
should point out that my mom is from Thailand and because the way she grew up
she can be very superstitious my big sister kid brother and I grew up
in the Bay Area but we travelled to Thailand every year to visit my mom’s
side of the family my mom is very old-fashioned and strict and these were
some of the things that contributed to our disagreement to be honest I did
think of her a lot today but because of our issue
I’d rather figure everything out myself I called some friends in the area and went
out unfortunately nobody was available so I roamed around until it was late I
hoped that I would be exhausted enough to fall asleep without having to be
worried about that thing I got to my apartment around 1:00 a.m. and crashed
on bed with my back against the wall I still slept on my side and grabbed the bed
tight in case anything happened I was really tired and afraid at the same time
which really frustrated my body slowly I was drifting in and out of sleep and
then I saw the air darkening in the middle of the room my heart began to
race because I knew so well but it might have been I blinked rapidly as the
apparition sharpened little by little it took form big dark and intimidating
and for some reason this time I know that it was a male because of how
masculine the thing was it didn’t touch me but stood firm and solid about three
feet from me and like before it had no face no detail just a dark scary thing I
froze in fear my heart already is sprinting out of control I dug my nails into my
palm to see if I was still awake and it was I couldn’t scream or move not that I
was unable to but because I chose not to if I moved the dark figure might react I
was afraid that it would jump me and try to snatch my soul again so I stared at
it and remained still as much as I could hoping that it would pass and fearing
that I would have a heart attack at the very same moment from considering dying
I was terrified of it because if I die it would have me so I had to stay in
fight in the morning I walked up drained and desperate I thought of my mom I knew
that my adamance might get me killed I packed and left but instead of going
home I went to work first the cafe I worked at was small but had
enough customers to keep me distracted I didn’t tell anyone about what happened
last night but I anticipated going home to see my mom and for once I might
listen to the superstitious advice she had to give in the afternoon when the
cafe had gone quiet my friend Nate who was working in a restaurant next door
showed up and asked me where Jen was we’re friends from high school but Jen
had moved to Florida I told Nate that Jen was probably at school and I had
talked to her yesterday Nate said it was weird because he saw Jen moments ago
behind a counter with me I was known for having OCD and I was very
particular about my station Jen was the only one who was allowed to mess
with it so if someone was behind a counter with
me it had to be Jen I confirmed that I was alone the whole time and then he looked
at me vaguely we passively concluded that he might have mistaken I didn’t think
much about it until I was wrapping up my shift and a little kid who was with her
mom screamed out of nowhere she couldn’t stop yelling and said that the woman was
scary she pointed at the space next to me which basically had a menu board and
some arts behind it her mom was quite embarrassed and they left right away
after that there was no other customer just me and two of my co-workers who
were really spooked by the whole thing in that moment I realized that there was
something really off here I didn’t see anything or felt anything around me but
Nate and that little girl seemed to suggest that that there was someone with
me strangely they both saw a woman but a thing that had been bothering me was
definitely a male I was so scared now and had a lot of questions so when I was
off my shift I went straight home that night was the
beginning where my life took a dark turn I didn’t believe in Supernatural before
but many strange episodes happened to me since the dark figure first appeared I
had discovered my unorthodox past which I hope to share with you soon by the way
life is precious and I learned this in the terrifying way please be grateful
for your friends and people who care about you take care and stay safe love you Angie