SPIRIT THE ORIGINS || Spirit the Stallion Family Tree #1

September 17, 2019 0 By William Hollis

hey buddy I’m statistic and welcome on this new series today I’m gonna present you a series I created on spirit the stallion of the Cimarron this series is a narrative serie just like The Lion King family tree and is gonna present you my own version of spirits the family tree I hope you will enjoy it and let’s start Once Upon a Time in the Americans Plains a group of wild horses and happy Native Americans these mystics were the perfect symbol of freedom they were like the princes of wide west of the length but one day new people arrived on these lands they were looking for those little yellow works they named gold and the more they were finding gold and more of them were coming on the lens some of these men found out that the Milton and of course being able to take this Orson was like a way to show that dominance on the Native Americans but also on all the provincial living on the Americans names little by little the members in the booth of mist and trees and this is Hal Nita rata scar and Haley got captured saying all this can add the colonists were doing on their lens the me work people trade their gods for help but they remind for a while if the gods stay silent the great eagle spirit heard them and soon he would send help Rita got renamed Jessie and after I think she got both by a farmer to use her as a workhorse but she wasn’t strong and well tamed enough to actually do her job correctly and too proud to sell her the farmer left her in the stable was Barney enough food this poor girl began to lose more in more ways to the point that one day she died from the lack of food wata but renamed by the man who stole her from her original owner this man was a traveler and happy the Newton was great because these horses were fast as fast as the wind but traveling from town to town was not so good especially when some of the villages were infected by different sickness one day after traveling to a town infested by the plague Wendy got sick very sick and her owner sick as well decided to abandon her into the woods weak and sick the white mare passed away a few days later ska become serious and was trained to become the main horse of the colony of the part of the army that the earth was spirited and really hard to tame after a while he ended up by obeying the man though he never forgot about his lands and his lost freedom one day as his regiment was attacking a Pyrrhic evil a series got shot by a stray bullet injuried and unable to run as fast as used to the : l left him in the burning delay running away with another horse trapped Cirrus perished in the flames the last horse Arun II didn’t really get a name he been offered to an old soldier who had were cheered after getting injured in the fight was to thank him for his hard work in the army but it was also the only thing the man had he didn’t have a house didn’t have a wife or children and quickly he lost himself into alcohol he started to treat his horse badly and one day I only found a way to escape no way for the foreigner soldier he would let his horse escape so he aimed his gun and shot the animal until this one fell down on the ground dead after checking their hearts the great ego spirits understood these horses have always been faithful to their native lands and for that the grid eagle spirit offered them a second chance to come back to life to save their lands and to protect the wild animals from the colonists the Aussies accepted their first mission would be to find each other to form the group of four protectors each of them would have special power linked to their death they didn’t know they would become legends and the terrors of the humans after finding each other the horses began to destroy villages to scare people to make them leave little by little the humans call them the four horses of the Apocalypse ska was nicknamed walk because everywhere he was going the ladies were destroyed just like when war happened his power the fire where his protector side was awake his hair turned into flames and his king will a Dracula KOCO 10 him anything or anyone in touch were set in fire he was really feared little got the nickname of family because everywhere she was growing a warm of insects were following her destroying eating all the food and cultivations of the colonies creating a huge wave of family when her protector side was away a big white color form was growing on a rug just like the family running in the world who hata was also very feared named pestilence by the Union this white horse was bringing the flag in every villages and town she was passing through a lot of people were getting sick to the point they were dying from when she was in a protective mode the haka was surrounded by Green Smoke reminded of the sickness and finally the last one the most feared one was how he got the name of death because it was the last thing the people were seeing before dying because it was seen as the most little horse I only became the leader of the apocalyptic horses everything it was touching or looking at were instantly dying his protector mark i woody has his hair looking ghosty and a white smoke was following him for weeks the four horses scared and killed people in order to leave and never come back and for a long period of time when they were not in the apocalyptic form the forces were looking like normal wild horses but they were ended immortals they could decide when they wanted to transform or they were automatically transforming when they were first one day after attacking we took him back with another male she was hurt seeing that I will he got upset and told me to never bring moto ocean they had a leader and once this mission would be a complete the great Eagle Spirit would come back to take them to the afterlife they couldn’t create a group ahead that was not the object here in fact by a lowly certain pissed off attitude cab arrived and listened to the leader he quickly stopped the brake horse they were there to save the land and to protect weaker and more and this man was hurt with the support of Lita and wata scoffers OD to accept this mare until she started of course we didn’t Prince Diana but he didn’t really have the choice it’s how she joined the four apocalyptic horses without knowing what they were a few days past and by traveling with horses shy discovered they were adding to their native lands called the Cimarron she asked her the one she was the closer to if she could come with them to the scenery it was easy to tell that SCAP had a huge crush on this mare so he accepted without even asking Ali about it the litter noticed the crush the two horses were getting on each other and this really annoyed him a few times he told Skaar not to fall in love with she’ll remain what it was it was war the apocalyptic horse didn’t find out about this information of course ska didn’t listen to ally you wouldn’t tell shy about their protector side little by little Rita and Greta agreed with the leader having sky fell in love with shy was dangerous and stupid because this love wouldn’t last one day they would have to go and shy wouldn’t be able to follow them but the more his comrade were telling him not to do something and the more Scott was doing it it couldn’t help you he was really in love with her and she loved him back a13 the brown horse is never gone before love it’s a few weeks before reaching the Cimarron that owl they discovered something that would wreck his friendship with cow this was the first episode of spirits the origins and I hope you enjoyed it if you did please leave a like just so I know you enjoyed it you can also tell me whatever you want to tell me in the comments don’t forget to share with your friends and if you are not subscribed to my channel yet please subscribe today also don’t forget to smash this notification bell because I want to hear it ring so loud this was the Cystic on the first episode of spirits the origins I hope you enjoyed it and I’m gonna see you soon guys for another video bye bye and take care [Music] [Music] you