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The Making of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

SETH GRAHAME-SMITH: People say, “Oh, vampires are trendy,”but they’ve been trendy for me since I was about three years old.DOMINIC COOPER: It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard about, read or seen.BENJAMIN WALKER: It’s all geared to be extremely authentic.It’s so much fun. It’s guerrilla filmmaking at its best. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: You readitand you…

By William Hollis February 14, 2020 4

Paranormal Presidents Preview

I’m Mike and I’m Wendy from the podcast See You On The Other Side and the rock band Sunspot. Now, the presidential election is over, and some of you are very happy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! and some of you are very sad [ crying ] but there’s one thing that everybody can agree on and that’s the…

By William Hollis October 16, 2019 0