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THE DITTO – Movie Trailer

-The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie. -Shut up! [wind whistling] -We found something in the ice. We think it’s been here for over 100,000 years. -Like a really old Popsicle? -Yes. -What flavor? -I’m gonna take a tissue sample. -You sure that’s a good idea? -Nope. [drill whirring] Congratulations, everybody. This…

By William Hollis December 6, 2019 100


This video can hurt the sensitivity of the youngest-This video contains no special effects, no staging and no complicity.-I made this paranormal investigation with the help of my pendulum to discover this place with many spiritual energies.- Any broadcast, exploitation, resale, even partial of this video and its contents without the agreement of its author…

By William Hollis November 21, 2019 2

Demon creatures

Alien caves do not look the same in real life as in the movies. Alien demon lizards may have the same appearance. They may be lurking in cave walls or ceilings The alien lizard unites two demon features: demon dragon and lizard: the result is alien lizard alike in movies. And it’s saliva is corrosive.…

By William Hollis October 25, 2019 2