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Drawing Emotion in Eyes – Demon Slayer Masterclass. [Kimetsu no Yaiba : 鬼滅の刃]

Character design is tricky business. WIth countless anime and published manga series, how can artists still create original works with a fresh spin, whilst staying in the rigid yet relatable framework of contemporary anime style? A character’s traits, personality and position in the narrative can be reflected in their design. Authors do this through tweaking…

By William Hollis November 27, 2019 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ANALYSIS – Main Menu & Dashboard Breakdown + Spirits?! (Nintendo Direct)

What’s going on everyone, Ash here and as you might expect, we’ve got the ol’ Analysis Machine working overtime today to go in-depth on the hidden details and secrets Nintendo stashed away — either intentionally or by accident — in this morning’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. In this video, I’ll be taking a closer…

By William Hollis November 17, 2019 100

Spirit Chaser [Scribble Kibble #35]

Scribble Kibble is a show about animation. You want to watch something awesome? Let’s watch something awesome. Go here. Once again proving that animations made in order to graduate from college are the best. Really. Watching this is like watching the inner workings of an artist’s mind. Maybe you know what I’m talking about –…

By William Hollis October 25, 2019 100